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PS4 architect explains PS3's 'weak' launch and 'primitive' development environment

PlayStation 4's lead system architect Mark Cerny has admitted that PlayStation 3 had a "weak lineup" of titles available at launch, while explaining the difficulties the hardware and software teams faced in the build-up to PS3's release. (Mark Cerny, PS3, PS4)

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TrevorPhillips  +   796d ago | Well said
I'm truly happy that he took over the PS4! It is friendly development, powerful and so on. Thank you Mark and the team at Sony for the tremendous work.
alb1899   796d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(20)
RiPPn  +   796d ago
@alb1899: Like Microsoft's launch is so much better? Both are fairly weak from a first party perspective. And Sony was far from boring, they showed a lot of diversity especially in all the indie games they showed with titles like Octodad and Transistor being some peoples best of show. Also Sony isn't done as they have said more to be announced at Gamescom and TGS.

I think you just got overly excited by teaser trailers to games that won't be here for another year and multiplats that will be on the PS4 as well.
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alb1899  +   796d ago
Is not trolling man, maybe is true that SONY will reveal more titles before launch but until now I don't see what to buy first day.
From Microsoft I will buy just Titan fall and Battle field (Batlefield is not exclusive) maybe Forza too, but I don't like kill zone so i will wait until infamous is out......is just my taste, don be aggressive with me! ;)
Unicron  +   796d ago
Titanfall isn't a launch title though. It's late 2014 iirc
BlackTar187  +   796d ago
360 fans just last year would say xbox never shows stuff that isn't out with in the year. Now like 50% of their titles they showed have no release date or are late 2014'ish
pixelsword  +   795d ago
@ Unicron:

Then it is a launch title (heh, heh, heh...) :)
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awi5951  +   795d ago
The 360 lauch wasnt weak at all on day one. I got condemned criminal origins, Project gotham racing, geometry wars, Graw one that never came to ps3, Elder scrolls oblivion came out the next month, Call of duty 2, perfect dark zeros multiplayer was fun for 32 players on console/ and Kameo was a fun kids game. And burnout revenge was at launch or close to it. I had all those games in the first month of 360 launch i didnt have anywhere near that many on PS3 launch.
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hellvaguy  +   795d ago
Ps4 has low end laptop components (except for overkill on ram).
dontbhatin  +   795d ago
Idiot comment of the day right above me guys!
jeffgoldwin  +   795d ago
Really they are kinda mid-range laptop components, but maybe considered closer to low end in 6 months from now when it launches.
Hicken  +   795d ago
No surprise to see jeff supporting someone else saying something inane and ridiculously, obviously wrong.

Since you decided to throw insults around in PM and then block me, jeffgoldwin:

Considering you still haven't actually said anything worth paying attention to...

You know what? On second thought, you don't have to say anything more. Your insult-filled response, devoid of anything remotely resembling an argument based on fact or any sort of evidence, says all I need to know.

For future reference, though, you should try a little harder to not just GIVE the discussion/debate/argument to the other person, as you've just done.
pete007  +   795d ago
Ps4 is a supercomputer!!
It ll be the first console To have a statue and maybe a boulevard's name!!
Dont speak the truth man, it hurts bad!!!
dredgewalker  +   795d ago
So find a low end or mid range laptop with PS4 parts and build one. The stupidity of some trolls amaze me to no end.
hellvaguy  +   795d ago
I already bought a gaming laptop last year that has faster specs than consoles + a ssd hard drive, so why would I build a slower one? I do like x86 and the new controllers though.

As usual I see Hicken on here stirring up things and being a sarcastic jerk as usual. Nothing new there.
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first1NFANTRY  +   796d ago
The first step to moving forward is admitting you have a problem. I respect Mr Cerny and clearly Sony def made some mistakes with the ps3 launch. Looks like they've corrected their wrongs with the ps4. We could have a ps2 reincarnation on our hands here. I'm just excited for next gen.
Cro_Gamer  +   796d ago
Though the success of the PS4 is inevitable, I highly doubt it will be close to the sensation that was the PS2.
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miyamoto  +   796d ago
Gaming Has Become More Bigger than Just Gaming
PS2 x 2 = PS4

Mark Cerny knows his stuff.
An American who found success in Japan
He has a good grasp of the east and west
He has been at the beginning of it all
His experience and knowledge of video gaming is unmatched
He made his own video game arcade hit at the age of 16

The Japanese rock star engineer culture of Sony has long been gone since 2008
Ken Kutaragi's hardware centric reign has ended
Now Mark Cerny's software focused reign has begun

And now Kaz Hirai is elevated to god status XD
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MWong  +   796d ago
You won't know if the PS4 will be the console sensation like the PS2 until 2 years from now. As it stands now the PS4 is on course to have a phenomenal launch like the PS2.

I am glad they went to a more universal architecture. It makes things a lot easier for game developers, allowing them to allocate their resources better. Kudos for the powerhouse that Sony created, can't wait to get my PS4.

I am still interested in seeing how "cloud computing," is really going to work still.
wolokowoh  +   796d ago
Proportionally, it will probably not be as dominant. However It could still hit 150 million because the market has grown and continues to grow.
scissor_runner  +   795d ago
There is no ff7 game incoming.. I'm expecting a ps3 launch again.all of songs heavy hitters got over hyped and under delivered this gen. The perfect score ruined a lot. It actually cost more to compete on the ps4. The cost savings to develop isn't there any more.

We will see though.
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Anon1974  +   796d ago
I've never understood this idea that the PS3 had a weak launch. A week launch compared to what? When you look at the numbers, despite the PS3's high price point, the console was selling almost on par with the PS2's launch numbers for well over a year until the recession took hold in 2008. That's where, when you line up the PS2 and PS3 sales figures the charts diverge.

It's really quite incredible when you think about how expensive the PS3 was at launch. And no one wrings their hands about a "weak" Xbox 360 launch, but the PS3 outsells the 360 by over 3 million consoles in it's first 2 years compared to the 360's first two years, and it's launch was "weak"? I just don't get what people base that on. Sony's initial sales projections were off, as were the 360's, and needed to be revised downward at the start, but to say sales were weak...compared to what? That other $600-700 console that hit the market?
maniacmayhem  +   795d ago
I guess you would have to ask this Sony guy who actually admitted to the PS3's weak launch as did every other game analysis and journalist at the time.

I'm sure you won't get the answer from us N4G posters. Even though I'm sure you would get some arm chair details.

I myself have no clue but the launch was definitely not as successful as the PS2's. I can only compare it to when myself and friends were all out in packs trying to get a ps2 compared to not even trying or waiting for the price to go down when the PS3 launched.
andibandit  +   795d ago
Back before we knew much about ps3, wouldnt you have expected the ps3, to do even better than it' predessessor?. Also the ps2 was so popular i think most people expected the ps3 to send ms crawling out of the console business, ....but we know that didnt happen.
Anon1974  +   795d ago
The Sony guy said no such thing. The Sony guy here said the launch lineup was weak. But look at the sales anyway. You can say the PS3 launch wasn't as successful as the PS2 launch, but the sales say it was pretty damn close despite the PS3's price. So if you're not basing the "weak" launch thing off sales, what is it being based on? That's what I'm curious about. It's not like the sales numbers are secret or anything. Anyone can go to Sony's Investor relations site and look them up.

The PS2 10.6 million consoles in it's first 5 quarters. The PS3 had 10.4 million in it's first 5 quarters. Now there's maybe an extra month there where the PS3 was available, but still, we're looking at each console hitting 10 million in a year and a bit. So it's pretty clear the PS3 didn't do too badly, even if it didn't hit PS2 numbers, so what the hell was everyone on about at the time? It didn't hit expectations, but that's not the same thing as a "weak" launch when you compare it to other console launches. And these are Sony's numbers, not some made up, fan site crap.

This guy never says in this article that the PS3 launch was "weak". He says the launch lineup was weak. So why the misleading headline? Again, it's just an example of the media continuing that "PS3 weak" launch myth, based on god knows what, while the 360 which had a far worse launch by comparison receives a complete pass. There's really no comparison when you look at the PS3 launch and the 360. The 360 has been handily outsold head 2 head ever since it had competition.

I guess if it bleeds, it leads, and Sony's downfall with the PS3 was being parroted over and over again despite the actual sales figures. It just looks like hit mongering, and it's still going on. How many articles did we see about what a weak launch it was, or how Sony was doomed with the PS3, or what a dismal failure Blu-Ray turned out to be, etc..etc?
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JackBNimble  +   795d ago
was he not talking about a week launch for ps3 tittles/games?
insomnium2  +   795d ago

"I'm sure you won't get the answer from us N4G posters. Even though I'm sure you would get some arm chair details. "

LOL so official numbers are now arm chair details? Do you have any idea how ridiculous you sound here?
It would be fun to see you try and counter darkride's comment.
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spunkee311  +   796d ago
I really didn't have an issue with the launch of PS3. Resistance and Motorstorm kept me quite busy.

My only issue, is that not all PS3 games had trophy support from the beginning. It was an after thought and then added on 2 years later. And most developers didn't go back to do a trophy patch for their games.
Good_news_every1   796d ago | Spam
WolfOfDarkness  +   796d ago
I heard PS4 will be released on 30/10/2013 .

Is that true ?!
wolokowoh  +   796d ago
Nothing confirmed. Also a rumor going around about November 14.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   796d ago
Rumor mill, They prob. won't announce til august,. many believe they want a 2 week head start on M$.
gta2800  +   796d ago
That release date would be awesome considring my birthday is October 31st :)
kenshiro100  +   796d ago
You were born on Halloween? xP
Utalkin2me  +   796d ago
No he was born on the 31st....duh.
RedDeadLB  +   796d ago
So, when kids come to your house on your birthday, do you give them candy or do you get candy?
WolfOfDarkness  +   795d ago
GameSpawn  +   795d ago
October to November window is likely with Sony if their past consoles are any gauge. There just is not finite date yet which I'm guessing Sony will withhold until the VERY last minute, likely TGS.
LarVanian  +   796d ago
As well as game development issues and a heavy amount of negative media geared towards Sony and the PS3, I think a lot of people just couldn't stop comparing the PS3's first year to the Xbox 360's first two years. That's one reason why certain individuals didn't think the PS3 had a good first year. I however had a blast with games like Resistance, Motorstorm, Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank and lots more. And from then on it just got better!
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Jdoki  +   796d ago
Yeah, both 360 and PS3 had good launches in my opinion.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   796d ago
No console has launched with this many games, in the first year, -as this console launch.
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khowat  +   796d ago
I think Sony is really the only company who's got it down when dealing with your customers and your devs


take notes
DoubleM70  +   796d ago
Sony capitilized off of Microsoft mistakes at E3. All the PR Bullshit.
XtraTrstrL  +   796d ago
I never understood Sony's way of thinking with PS3 and 3rd party devs and multiplatform games. The whole idea of leaving them in the cold, like they're the enemy or something. The fact that they couldn't see they were only hurting themselves and the PS3 in the end was dumbfounding to me. Mark Cerny is the King Midas of gaming, everything he touches becomes a memorable hit. On the PS4 he kept the idea of having the strongest console hardware on the market, made it infinitely easier to program for, and is working in unison with AMD and ALL developers on APIs to help produce the best results possible. Sony's 1st part teams will also share new tools and coding ideas with other devs, which should help jumpstart things leaps and bounds.
ded1020  +   795d ago
Iuno. I guess it just comes down to first parties not having the same draw as third. But I absolutely think it was first party devs that turned the PS3 around. Their exclusives are almost always the first thing I hear people mention when they talk PS3 vs 360. I sure as hell don't want them to go away or be made irrelevant because they do the same things as yearly multiplats.
WorldGamer  +   796d ago
This sort of candid conversation is why I think Sony will do very well with the PS4. Nothing like learning from your mistakes and using those lessons to drive you forward.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   796d ago
experience is the best teacher,. Learning and being humble of your mistakes, will only make you stronger, and wiser.
(instead of blaming your customers, cough,DRM and supposedly making the console shittier, by taking out family share even with digital games.)
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XabiDaChosenOne  +   796d ago
Sony admitting their mistakes and learning from them. I wish Microsoft would come out and explain the RROD fiasco.
maniacmayhem  +   796d ago
Why? It's long over and in the past. And something tells me even if they did you wouldn't believe them or say it's a PR stunt.

If you really want to know the RRoD fiasco, google is your friend.
XabiDaChosenOne  +   796d ago
With rumors of yield issues from reliable sources my question to you is what information do you currently posses that makes you so confident it won't happen again? Keeping things buried in the past is not proper preparation for the future. I think that Microsoft giving themselves a reminder of their past mistakes will ensure they are less likly to repeat them. This goes for all companies and their respective past mistakes as well.
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Summons75  +   796d ago
Ummm they did.... And have a 3 year warrenty for all models since and including launch models. Sony is still denying the ylod issue which has decreased but still sent most of their launch models to their death real fast. I like ps more but the ylod was and is ridiculous. Hopefully that doesn't happen with either system this time.
alb1899  +   796d ago
Microsoft just admitted that were wrong about what customers wanted and changed, what else do you want?
They just changed everything they were fighting for because of customers.......what else should them do to be recognize as a listeners?

They explained everything about RROD and gave us 2 years of warranty........what else do you want?
#9.2 (Edited 796d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(11) | Report | Reply
XabiDaChosenOne  +   796d ago
They changed what they were fighting for because of preorder numbers, consumers were critisizing their policies since the Adam Orth ordeal and they still were planning to go ahead with their policies.
"They explained everything about RROD" link?
Marked  +   796d ago
Sorry home slice. Microsoft would have left that train roll on throught to the new disign of the 360, if congress didnt step in and ask them why their product was seeing a 42% fail rate. They came to agree, instead of financially hurting a large american company, it would be adequate to extend to warranty by 2 years.

Your blinders need adjusted my friend. You sound like a repeat offender...a fanboy who has refused to see the truth for the past 7 years ;)
#9.2.2 (Edited 796d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(2) | Report
alb1899  +   796d ago
The truth that i see is that you think SONY is different than Microsoft......they both are companies that has as objective money, power, growth but you talk as if SONY is foundation to help the poor gamers of the world.....wake up!

Both are the same, they offer products for the same reason.......to get rich.....but thi is me thinking.....,.you can think.......WTF YOU WANNA THINK!!
Marked  +   795d ago
You are ridiculous -_-.....
maniacmayhem  +   796d ago
You truly believe from "rumors" that MS would repeat a RRoD episode with the new X1?
Also Phil Spencer has already said that there are no yield issues. Of course you won't believe that but instead will believe the "reliable rumors".

And how is it buried in the past? They fixed the issue with the new jasper boards that continued on to the slim model.

Fixating on the past leaves you unprepared for the future. Ha! I can be a poet too.
XabiDaChosenOne  +   796d ago
Did I say another RROD episode was going to happen? Nope. Am I naive enough like yourself to imply that it is impossible, given the information we have on the console concerning short supply and yield issues? Nope.
Oh, Phil Spencer said it wouldn't happen again? That's cool, I remeber a couple MS reps claiming the RROD fiasco wasn't true when the 42% reports were coming in. Guess I should have taken their word for it. Oh oh and didn't Major Nelson say that the DRM in the Xbox one was irreversible since the console was built around it? Guess I should have taken his word for it also.
"I can be a poet too."
Nope, but you can continue to settle for being an idiot :-)
maniacmayhem  +   796d ago
And you can settle for only looking at the bad side of anything that isn't related to Sony.

Listen lets not kid ourselves, you are a huge Sony fantool. Anything and everything MS would or could do you would spin into a negative which is exactly why you are bringing RRoD up which hasn't been an issue in damn near 5 to 6 years.

You believe the negative rumors but dismiss the other positive rumors.

Sony also had their share of technical troubles. They were even brought to court for their technical issues of the PS2. Yet, that didn't deter you from getting a Ps3 now did it? Also Sony never spoke on YLOD and the many times an update broke their system...but now you want MS to explain RRoD. Even though they extended their warranty for an extra three years and provided free fixes no questions asked for anyone who did have the problem.

In 2013 with a new system being released and no sign of RRoD on any of the newest 360 systems you personally want them to explain to you RRoD.

And if you won't even take Nelson's or Spencer's word about the other issues then why would you even care or listen to what they had to say about RRoD.
XabiDaChosenOne  +   795d ago
Well I'm sorry for being such a big meany to MS and drones such as yourselfs who would rather put on the blinders and not look at MS and Sonys statements with objectivity and take their PR statements as the holy Grail of knowledge. As Mr. Iwata would say, please forgive me. See unlike you I'm not going to sit here And defend the PS2 and PS3 hardware problems (even though their failure rates were well within the acceptable percentage for an electronic device). I could honestly care less about MSs 3 year warranty since
A) they would not need one if their console was not a poorly manfactured POS in the first place
B) they didn't do it out of the kindness of their heart, congress had to step in and force them to do it.
Add all the lieing they love to do multiple sources leaking yield issues, I don't think it's irrational to be cautious. But you're obviously going to enjoy the console no matter what so....enjoy!
#9.4.1 (Edited 795d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report
DoubleM70  +   796d ago
Sony should do the same thing. It was a Ton of first generation PS3 that were faulty to. The GPU on the PS3 mother boards were over heating causing Redlights. Microsoft did admit they had an over heating issue and paid for everybody that got the red ring. Sony charged 150 bucks to fix their Redlight.
maniacmayhem  +   795d ago
You are right, I will enjoy the console no matter what. And you'll accept anything others will shove up and down both ends as long as it is "acceptable".

And since you don't care about the 3 year warranty and you also have knowledge about the supposed congress stepping in, plus MS lying and fooling us and all these others issues concerning RRoD, again I have to ask why would you ever care about what MS would say about RRoD?

All you would say is it's PR talk, or it's all lies, that some government guy had to step in and force them to say something or my favorite you said above "I don't care".
It would make no difference what MS would say or do as long as you had something to troll on and on about.
windblowsagain  +   796d ago
I thought Resistance and Motorstorm were fanastic launch titles.

I still think Motorstorm looks good even today,lol.
Ray186  +   796d ago
You got that right.
TemplarDante  +   796d ago
Mark Cerny is the man!
Crazy Ken may be the father of Playstation, but this man, Mark Cerny, just saved Sony by making the PS4 the beast it is! Im looking foward to the return of the golden era of Playstation 2, we're going to get all that and more next gen :)
Bonez_VsTheWorld  +   795d ago
Sony should release the ps4 on 11/12/13 I want everybody to think about that that sounds pretty good for a better release date
Hayabusa 117  +   795d ago
11/12/13 for US and 11/12/13 for Europe :P
mippledipple  +   795d ago
I really hope its true that the PS4 will have a better launch than the PS3. I won't go as far as to say the PS3 handed the industry to Microsoft but if the PS4 ends up the same then the industry will completely be Microsoft's!
Thomaticus  +   795d ago
I think that it's going to be hard for developers to continue making games for PS3... at this point isn't easier to develop for the PS4. Bring your games to PS4.
MadMen  +   795d ago
Heres whats funny about this article its 100% right and from the horses mouth. YET

Lovers of their favorite system still deny the launch being horrible and that the PS3 for the first few years was a waste.

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