A Game Director Set Out To Make A Game For His Son Who Isn’t Interested In Games

Puppeteer has a Japanese flair to it since it’s based on bunraku, a form of Japanese puppet theater. In the game, you play as
Spencer from Siliconera:

Kutaro who has been soul taken from him and put into a puppet by the Moon Bear King. The evil Moon Bear King wants to turn Kutaro and other children into his servants, but Kutaro steals his pair of giant scissors and escapes. Puppeteer takes place on a stage, but a big difference is the world moves around him and you can cut parts of the level with the Moon Bear King’s scissors.

How did Sony come up with an idea for a platformer that stars a head-changing puppet?

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Xof1943d ago

That's... That's... I don't know.

Still, the game does seem very interesting. I love games, and I like bunraku theater well enough, it'd be interesting to see how the two combine.

longcat1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

"He was concerned because he has a son that’s under ten years old and they were at home playing games and his son put down the controller and went outside to play with his friends"

Seriously...Father of the year here

In all seriousness he was concerned about what it took to hold a child's attention in today's world

Xof1943d ago

A more charitable way to word things would simply be, "He wanted to create a game his son would love."

Which, IIRC, is the same impetus behind a number of Nintendo titles.

longcat1943d ago is giving a bit more chatter aimed at the family sector thin time around, which is a good thing