Four Reasons the Best Multiplayer of the Year is in The Last of Us

Naughty Dog’s latest blockbuster, The Last of Us, is already receiving global acclaim. SpawnFirst gave out Editor’s choice award to the title, as well as its first ever perfect score. And while the game might be geared toward an emotional single player experience, that doesn’t mean the multiplayer has been forgotten about. In fact, the focused, tactical, teamwork-based online has turned into some of the most fun you can have on a console period.

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Wizziokid1967d ago

My only issue with the MP is when you get paired with the idiots who think they are playing COD and don't work as a team.

Countless times I've been downed and not revived by a teammate standing right next to me, even if the enemy is dead.

Other than that it's a fun experience which is different, currently on week 10/12.

ZodTheRipper1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

Yeah this and the fact that a disconnect makes you lose a whole day (and a lot of clan members) are my only problems with the MP.
Otherwise it's the most intense and addictive online experience I've played in a while.

nolander641967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

Exactly. In Call of Duty a good player can take down the entire enemy team with ease. In The Last of Us, I usually end up saying "OH CRAP! THERE'S TWO OF THEM!!"

svoulis1967d ago

I agree, but I am trying to get a good team of people together to enjoy it.

Goro1967d ago

Best multiplayer of the year is Dead Island Riptide.
I'm entitled to my opinion, Let's see those disagrees! =D

VsAssassin1967d ago

I will disagree since you didn't say, "for me..."; This topic encapsulates the MP of this game being best in this year so I will agree on it! :P

nolander641967d ago

Hopefully you get the chance to play with a few friends in the future. When you go against the people who play this game like COD, you absolutely STOCKPILE supplies.

It's great Naughty Dog didn't just tack on multiplayer to say they did, though.

ltachiUchiha1967d ago

I totally agree with this & while everyone may have a different opinion but id like to point out that gears of war 2 was one of my favorite multiplayer games ive ever played & the old socom games on the ps2 were awesome tactical games that require team work. This is exactly how the last of us feels like they added both those games together but what makes it feel fresh & new is how it makes u have to collect items & craft things while in the middle of the match & doing that just gives u that intense feel that while your crafting something, your hoping someone doesnt find you while your most vulnerable. It just makes it feel more real life like & its tons of fun.

x5exotic1967d ago

I like SP more cuz it has that ellen page ripoff girl, im a fan of ellen :)

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The story is too old to be commented.