Sony Is 'Inviting', Wii U Is 'Underpowered'

NowGamer: Dreamfall Chapters could come to next-gen consoles, the most likely being the PS4 and the least likely being the Wii U.

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TheLyonKing1968d ago

Theres something about sony this gen that feels like the ps4 will be something very special.

As for the wii u yes it is underpowered, I beleive it will sell more than the cube but I think it will self just under half the wii at best.

Neonridr1968d ago

50 million consoles would be a great number for the Wii U to hit. No way it repeats the Wii's numbers, or even the 360/PS3 numbers for that matter.

D-riders1967d ago

it wont repeat the numbers because o fbad press the wii u is awesome and isnt being given a chance by a lot of peopel

ThatCanadianGuy5141968d ago

That something would be the Sony dream team in action.

cleft51968d ago

Exactly, it feels like Sony is definitely recapturing the magic of the PS2 era. This is probably going to be the golden age of console gaming for Sony. I normally hold off on buying a new console when it first comes out, but I will get a PS4 as soon as possible. I want to be part of the story that Sony is telling as soon as possible.

Triforce0791967d ago

Wierd because Iwata who actually knows the specs inside out says its a misconception that wiiu is underpowered,plus everyone on this site are shouting the wiiu is underpowered like everyday now since it released,yet Iwata keeps saying its not underpowered,Hmmm let me say Nintendo had real nextgen games running 1080p 60fps at E3 that were built off the wiiu devkits and also were playable,every ps4/xbox1 game were tech demo's and everything weve heard so far is just hype,going off games i say wiiu is graphically above xbox1.

n4f1967d ago

I.. have... to agree with you
1080p with 60fps but no one seem to write about it. but when a generic fps is announce at 720p with 30fps it makes news
people really hate nintendo, but nintendo isnt helping either

Cuzzo631967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

You gotta be shit'n me LMAO!... WiiU more powerful than Xb1?.. GTFO of here lol... Even the specs tell you which is more powerful... Now other than the nvidia dev kits they were using, Ps4 Infamous was not a tech demo lol. Killzone was not a tech demo. I gotta defend the Xb1 on that cuz spec wise the Ps4 is the only console in that class. I think you meant 360 So I will jus pretend that wat you meant. If ur serious man I can see the rage unleashed within you soon. All of N games are like very good indie titles lol. But for 10 year olds. I love me some mario and zelda... WHEN I WAS 8! lol. And it wasnt the fanboys or watever you call them these days but the developers and publishers that said it was underpowered. I mean they are the developers so why wouldnt they know... Get that wii mote out ur azz man and be realistic... If you thought all tha Ps4 games were tech demos then I guess the games speak for themselves ha ha ha... And 1080p 60? Really... The games are not very taxing on the hardware. I doubt mario is gonna ask for 5 gigs of ram lol
Im sorry if you were joking lol

Qrphe1967d ago

What did you expect Iwata to say? Remember when he said the Wii was powerful enough? Remember when he said graphics weren't going to get much over time at the Wii's launch?

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USMC_POLICE1968d ago

I enjoy my Wii u however I think its time for Nintendo to exit home hardware and focus on their software and portable system. I love Nintendo but Mario and Zelda sound better on ps4 or xbone with trophies or achievements.

TheLyonKing1968d ago

If Sony struck a deal with Nintendo to have selfs exclusive, the Internet would explode!

Polysix1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

Yeah! and Nintendo would be more likely to keep it Japanese than sell out to Microderp.

Sony should do some serious investigation into this, at least while Nintendo refuse to make competitive hardware instead of playing a generation behind. What happened to the old Nintendo who made systems as good, sometimes better than their rivals? (SNES, N64, GAMECUBE) - This WII stuff is awful, and has to stop - if they do release another console I hope it's on spec with it's generation and doesn't have a stupid bloody name like Wii.

ziratul1967d ago

It would be great if Sony sold Uncharted, Killzone IP's to Nintendo. This sounds better to me.

vakarian751968d ago

Trophies and Achievements don't make games better and if Nintendo stopped making home consoles what makes you think they'd make games for Sony and Microsoft instead of their handhelds.

USMC_POLICE1967d ago

I said they should stick to handhelds and also become a publisher maybe you missed that part

truechainz1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

I don't understand why people constantly go on about this. The games are there and within your reach. If you don't want to buy the system then you don't get the game. Wii U is the most unique of the three consoles. Does that make it the best? No. But I think if people are going to choose to own only one console for whatever reason, they should stop bitching about what another console does or doesn't have and focus on what their console DOES HAVE. In your case if you want achievements? Go find them. It should me more fun to hunt out hidden secrets and accomplishments yourself then have the developers spoon feed it to you.

Droid Control1968d ago

I must be missing something, Dreamfall Chapters it not Battlefield 4, its not a power hungry game. Why is the weak powered Wii U such a problem?

Its weak, just its not THAT weak. lol

Yep1968d ago

Pretty much indie developers getting full of themselves. They say it couldn't run on Wii U, yet they are looking to bring this game to mobile phones. Didn’t expect an indie studio to pull an EA.

These indie devs may be getting a lot of crowd funding, but they should wave their dicks around a little less. Especially with believing that their comments on the Wii U’s power is gospel enough to upset Nintendo.

Triforce0791967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

Shadow of eternals looks at leasts 3 times better have you seen the wiiu trailer ???? hmmmm,only devs that are fanboys or get paid by sony say wiiu might not be able to handle or game ect,same with EA and DICE.

vakarian751968d ago

I disagree that's the same thing that was said about the Wii and what happened the Wii came it saw and it kicked the ps3 and 360's a##

LonDonE1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

but in all fairness without the fad of the wiimote and motion controls the wii would not have been such a big seller, what else did it offer? seriously? it had about a dozen must own games through its life cycle for the core gamers, the rest was shovel ware, i hate when people cite the wii sales as the deciding factor that it won this gone generation, by that logic call of duty must be the greatest and best game ever created, and the best game this generation!

IT WAS NOT!! sales dont mean anything wins, maybe for the company that made it, but not for us gamers!
In my opinion the PS3 won this last gen, since it by far had the best line up of games, and features, and also sold a healthy amount, even with its high price point!! i am A GAMER WHO GAMES AND OWNS ALL PLATFORMS
and by far this generation i have spent most of my time gaming on my 2 PS3 consoles!

Wii without motion controls was just a game cube on steroids! i don't think it would have done so well without all the casual grannies and women who bought one, and then never touched it again, allot of people have wii but have played it a total of maybe 5 or so times, that is sad but true! it was a fad!
Sorry but its true! for me, total sales are not the only aspect of calculating which console won,sales is about the only category which the wii did well in,IN EVERYTHING ELSE it pretty much contributed nothing to the industry!! the wii u is the console we should have gotten at the launch of the PS3 AND 360! wow that would have been a even more awesome generation then it had been!!

N4g_null1967d ago

Ps3 without cod is just a hard to program ps2... The ps3 saw a similar delay in games simply because the unreal engine could not use a certain spec that fans paraded. That spec became useless to gamers. It did not help games. It actually cuased a few good studios to close, factor 5 was one of them. The ps4 is now a Sony first party machine to me and most third parties are all lame story or hype.

Crysis was suppose to be better tech wise but the game play sucked. If Sony had real game play then I would buy into their hype, if the third parties that follow them understood replay value devoid of trophy hunts and online play I would be excited.

If power is all I'm looking forward to then I have laptops that will out do the ps4 and xbox1. Yet none of those platforms have Nintendo games or pc games that have great replay value. If I have to be excited about power then ill look towards pc gaming.

Another thing is I don't think Mario kart, x or w101 could have been done on the last gen. I mean w101 is crazy and has 5 player co op making it the w505. Bayo is way more crazier than the last one and x is pulling off some incredible things in game with only a gig of ram while displaying to a wireless interactive screen.

I know this has become mainly a Sony site but when you get bored with power we always come back to Nintendo. Sony and the xbox1 are laptops to me at best. I'm expecting jr pc games with no mouse and keyboard support. I will get a ps4 for the next Santa Monica game or god of war. I actually like the look of the ps4. Really slick look. I like the ds4 and I hope the touch pad is used more for aiming so we can get that mouse and keyboard feel back into our fps again.

What baffles me is why is Mario kart 8 so much better than all of sonys attempts with more powerful hardware if you let the fans tell it? I don't play Mario kart for the Nintendo characters I play it for the skill based game play. I'm starting to think the graphic race is becoming more of a problem than a perk.

Then we come back to the tech. Console are about balance. The wii was a Ngc with way better ram. It even had a unified shader operation but it was not the standard solution. Now we are in gpgpu land. The wiiu has one also. Maybe not as many cores but what I'm hearing is these gpgpu are not that scalable right now and gddr ram for CPUs may be mistake for some game types. What 8 gigs does though is give fans a number high enough to get them to buy into next gen.

The problem is only fans will do this. Sony, ms and Nintendo are selling off of brand only. These guys need go to games. Big n popularity online is waning yet the sales tell a different story. Sony will need a little more than hype. They need better game play.

Cuzzo631967d ago

For the love of break dancing satan. You seriously need to take the Nintendo Power shades off man. Xb1/Ps4 laptops?. So the wiiu must be like a etch a sketch or something. Or a litebrite lol.

N4g_null1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

@cuz I have powerful systems and ill be testing out wireless monitor tech because of how successful it works in the wiiu. I been making and playing content beyond 8 gigs of ram. I rock 64-96 gigs of ram with win or unix running off solid state drives. I played real fps in 2001... I also hated most n64 incarnation of Nintendo franchises with things getting better on the Ngc. Yet they wii was when their game play engines where perfected and on the level of their 2d work.

I'll surely try an apu out but from my test ill be spending my coin on intel and desperate nvidia. So far I'm not impressed. Put simply I'm bored of powerful systems unless I'm making content or art. I have laptops more powerful than both the Xbox and ps4. The only thing they can do for me is fix their damn gameplay.

I guess I'm not slack jawed by good graphics since I've been submerged in them since the very first normal map. I will be the first to tell you you guys are only seeing the beginning of graphic tech.

Actualy the wiiu is a great etch a sketch. My Wacom etch a sketch cost $3000 easily and it's not wireless. Yet I buy great game play not oooooh story or wow look at those graphics only. So it's only right I see the ps4 and Xbox as laptops since they simply refused to compete with Nintendo for my money. They refuse to design good game play. Yet my laptops have plenty of classics. So all I see is hardware that is almost 7 years old to me believe me ram can not change it's performance.

I gave Nintendo hell till they finally stepped up and made great games. Sony continues to vomit movie games that you end up watching once. Ms is simply a teller, they are simply here to pay people money lol and make windows. What is sad it's getting harder for me to tell the two apart though latly.

Stop with the Nintendo has been doing the same thing. You sound silly to a real gamer. Sports, chess, etc have been the same forever because they are all good games. Only some one not good at games would think that, read casual gamers.

Sony better prefect gaming and stop playing movie gaming lords. It's lame no one wants to replay that stuff. Doing new stuff when you have not perfected your craft is the sign of a looser. Luckily they have fans.

Cuzzo631967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

??? Well this n4g and you might be some brilliant 8 year old super nerd. Seriously why are you here if ur doin and experiencing great things lol. From your comments earlier you sounded like a mad fanboy hating on Sony. Now your an engineer. Smh... Why do peeps insist on hitting up tech talk and the, "I got things nobody will ever have and do things nobody will ever do. Muah ha ha haaa!", line... I just commented on your comment cuz you sounded a lil off... now I rest my case.



I have only two questions... What the hell did you smoke and can I have some?

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InTheLab1967d ago

Because selling a console at a third of the price had nothing to do with it's success?

And now that casuals have abandoned Nintendo, they're back to selling 20 to 30 million consoles in a gen.

N4g_null1967d ago

When the wii fit bundle out sold the ps3 by double and it actually costed $500+ dollars I wouldn't call that cheap. When you need 4 wiimote plus controllers to enjoy the system it doesn't come cheap. Then we have resort, mariokart, brawl, etc selling insane numbers to cusauls right?

How many over hyped games did you trade in last gen? Only a newb would fall for the smoke and mirrors yet casuals abandon Nintendo? Nooooooo we are all waiting on our games. We are all waiting to try out games. Also only bad games are traded in. Only a casual would trade in a good game or some one desperatly living beyond their means. So who really is the casual?

InTheLab1967d ago

that doesnt change that the base console was $250. you have to buy accessories for all consoles. That's not exclusive to Wii and you dont need 4 Wii motes to enjoy the console.

As for Mario Kart. Children and casuals are the only people that play it. they have multiple Wiis at the salon where my kids get their haircuts.

So Kart sells well but what about Muramasa and Conduit? How about Metroid and No more Heroes? Those games fail because hardcore is not what Nintendo is.

Cuzzo631967d ago

Lol @ the wii fit bundle. Alot of people wanted to get in shape I guess.

AKR1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

Of course it's weaker than the PS4 & XBOX One - But it's nowhere near as weak as the Wii was compared to the PS360.

Besides - the Wii U overpowers the PS360 and has graphically intensive games like:

- Need for Speed Most Wanted U
- Pikmin 3
- Nintendo Land (sort-of)
- Bayonetta 2
- Trine 2: Directors Cut

...all running on the system quite fine.

Polysix1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

Anything comparable graphically to the last of us?

(serious question, as I'm out of the loop with Wii U)

LonDonE1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

the other day on miiverse i asked the same thing, i said, with half the amount of ram of the wii u,and over 7 year old hard ware the PS3 continues to BLOW ME AWAY! what naughty dog have achieved on the PS3 with the last of us, is nothing short of a miracle! its gaming nirvana i tell u! and i asked people on miiverse that since wii u is supposedly more powerful then PS3, and has double the ram, do you think we will ever get a game to the same caliber of the last of us, but even better on wii u?

And typically i was attacked by rabid dog like nintendrones claiming the last of us is nothing but uncharted with zombies! i laughed, because that is the typical response and assumption that a PLAYSTATION hater makes, the last of us only has the facts that it was made by naughty dog, and that its a third person shooter in common with uncharted, NOTHING ELSE! both games are great and are so different!

Anyway i hate nintendrones who think only nintendo is capable of making GREAT GAMES!
This last generation i have played so many great games, which nintendo only gamers call rubbish without even playing, its sad, i just wish the wii u gets more 3rd party support that way maybe we will get something like the last of us on wii u, since nintendo will most likely never make a mature rated game like it on their system, maybe retro should be let off their leesh,and kept from wasting their talents making 2d rehashes, and instead focus on making a new i.p or a metroid prime!

AND NO THEIR IS CURRENTLY NOTHING ON WII U that can be considered to the same caliber with the last of us! my wii u cries for games everyday sigh,!!

AKR1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

The Last of Us looks quite fantastic and a few of the games I mentioned are in par with it

- Trine 2
- X
- Bayonetta 2

..Come to mind. And this is only the beginning of the Wii U's life cycle. Imagine next year and on-ward?

It took about 7 years for devs to get games like the The Last of Us running on PS3 so beautifully. TLoU runs at 720p, correct?

Well so far the Wii U has multiple games running at 1080p at 60fps:

- Mario Kart 8
- Zelda Wind Waker HD
- Bayonetta 2
- Smash 4
- Wonderful 101


- What took the PS3 almost a decade to get, Wii U is almost doing within it's first year. You're foregetting that Naughty Dog had to learn the hardware over the years to get a game like TLoU running so well on PS3.

Seeing that the U is more powerful than the PS3 - you WILL see games that look better than TLoU on the U - it's just going to take at least 2 or 3 years.

N4g_null1967d ago

More important is HD dev time. Also the last of us is only impressive to uncharted fans and it has no replay value. It is movie gaming. Stick to Sony for that.

I'd rather play the last story, X, cgi mariokart, the insane W101. Now when Nintendo makes a last of us... Which is very easily done by hiring any one from a zbrush forum. Then you just need a good story.

Pandora tower, last story, xenoblade do just fine on story.

If we are talking about power then ill still go with pc. I really don't want a heavy rain or a cutscenes metal gear on my wiiu. If your wiiu has no games then you have to blame the gamer for not having a gamers taste in games. If you have another system then why even cry about it? Go buy a 3ds if you need games.

exfatal1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

@Londone link to this discussion please.. we have access through the internet i'd like to see if you were really attacked or just talking outta your ass?

I'll personally say that since Last of Us is at the end of ps3 life and Wii U's at the beginning we haven't seen any games RELEASED that compare to Last of Us, But IMO Monolith X seems to beat TLOU just in terms of scale and graphics, and the game hasn't been completed yet.

ziratul1967d ago

"Anything comparable graphically to.." - We are not from the same world man. real life got the best graphics IMHO but for games I only care about GAMEPLAY!!!!

manaxknight11967d ago

its not only the graphics that makes TLOU great, its the fact that the game is telling a story in a motion picture fashion...its like naughty dog has been blurring the lines between film and games...Nintendo has a different philosophy when approaching game development...hopefully iwata wakes up and considers this type of game play experience so that the Wii U can have its own awesome game.

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Cuzzo631967d ago

@ scissor
See thats the thing. Nintendo dont wanna try anything new. Its been the same shit for 50 years... lol... Sony wants to do things that havent been done. They take chances and it pays off. Hell its gonna always be haters, but blind haters are the worst. I give props where they are due. Have you played TLOU lol. Anyway. One of the best best games ever made. (See how I said one of the best). Anyway. The critics think otherwise ofr TLOU and anyone who played it without a gayfan mentality would feel the same. GOTY.... DNT HATE

BosSSyndrome1967d ago

Nintendo hasn't even been making games for 50 years...

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