PSU Feature: Cosplay: The good, the bad, and the ugly

PSU writes:

"Cosplay, otherwise known as "Costume Play," was a phrase coined for individuals who enjoyed creating elaborate costumes in order to portray their favorite anime, videogame, or manga character. The phenomena that started in Japan has done nothing but grow exponentially with each passing year. With the success that it has been, it has slowly overflowed across the ocean and took residency in the United States as a slowly growing fad.

With the increasing fanfare of the Anime culture in America, it seems that the cosplay scene has grown with it. There has slowly but surely been a growth in interest so much so that it has called for huge conventions to spur up from both the east coast and the west coast. Outside of conventions aimed directly at cosplay, you'll find the hobby being displayed at anime conventions, comic conventions, and even gaming conventions. As great as all of it sounds, sometimes people just don't understand the intricacies of what makes cosplay so magical and worth witnessing.

The only issue revolving around this pop culture happening is the blatant disregard of actually mimicking a character you can pull off. Due to this, America has been home to some of the worst, funniest, and even saddest forms of cosplay worldwide. Of course this epidemic isn't only limited to the United States, it does happen elsewhere, just not as often as it does here. "

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predator3706d ago

im sure ive read this but it was gamesradar or gamedaily that did it, im sure this is a blatent copy

Charlie26883706d ago

The Gundam one its just TOO epic XD

but its a close call between that one and this one

for THE most Epic Gundam Cosplay EVER

Dannagar3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

No! Wait! I have a winner check out this baby:

Aaron_V6673706d ago

The tifa girl was amazing. I thought it was a cgi mock up at first. What a stunning looking women. BTW i am talking about the tifa winner.

Sheddi3706d ago

wow the girls were hot (the winners)

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The story is too old to be commented.