Mark Cerny discusses the “Road to the PS4″ live at Gamelab 2013

The annual Gamelab conference got underway yesterday in Barcelona, Spain – bringing together some of the biggest names in game development to share ideas and discuss the future of the industry.

Among the speakers is PlayStation 4 system architect and Knack creator Mark Cerny. PS Blog is happy to be able to livestream his presentation, titled “Road to the PS4″, starting at 11.00am BST/12.00pm CET.

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Arai1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

Skip to the 12:45 mark for the start of his session (though it's being live streamed right now).

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Walker1671d ago

Mark Cerny, My MAN <3 !

mayberry1671d ago

I cant wait to play his "Knack" game! Looks very time consuming.

M-M1671d ago

He did say the main story alone without all of the side quests is about 10 hours.

stage881671d ago

Just watched it live. It was very good.

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