Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 – the God Of War beater is back & aiming high OPM

OPM: Developer Mercurysteam benefitted from the element of surprise with the first Lords Of Shadow. Even with Kojima (loosely) involved, there was a suspicion that a Castlevania game designed by a team in Madrid, and not Koji Igarashi, would come out poorly in comparison. Instead, we got an epic. It’s a shame that last word has been overused to meaninglessness, because the 20 hours of Lords Of Shadow deserve the accolade – the game was constantly shifting, as Gabriel Belmont’s powers built throughout, before ending with him, humanity all but gone, enshrined in Dracula’s throne.

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panbit862000d ago

Look, i LOVED the first one but let's not be delusional here! It's no God of War...