Some PS3 Systems Still Bricked after 4.46

While a lot of people are reporting that PlayStation 3 firmware 4.46 fixes all of their 4.45 problems, some don't seem to have been so lucky.

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DJMarty1995d ago

I updated a 750Gb slim PS3 fine.

matgrowcott1995d ago

Was your system affected by 4.45?

DJMarty1995d ago

Nope, I just held off as my drive size was above 500gb.

Runs fine now.

Kanzes1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

I heard it's only affect people who have 1 TB hdd

Crazyglues1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

Well I just updated and it went fine, I got a 500Gb in mine and all is well... and that was on a fat, not the slim..

-But also I never updated to 4.45 so I guess I was just lucky to have missed that one, after hearing about the nightmares that happen to some people..

Hope y'all (people who were affected) can get back up and running soon...

||.........___||............ ||

GameCents1995d ago

I'm gonna keep my PS3 un-updated as I know with my luck I'll end up with a bricked console.

I've experienced YLOD and error e73 this gen, both times mere months of getting my new console. No more.

I can't believe SONY still charges to replace/repair consoles bricked by their firmware.

SjaakHaas1995d ago

I once had a Sony camera wich didnt startup anymore. Even within my warranty i still had to pay $80,- to let Sony repair the damn thing... so i bought a new one (Canon).

I still have my fingers crossed for my 4 year old Sony Bravia TV. Hope it won't die on me or it's off to the store for me to buy an other brand. Sony just has a bad reputation for me if it comes to hardware warranty.

Microsoft on the other hand... i got two RROD 360's this gen, both replace completely for free within a week! And that's in Europe! You can say what you want about MS, but that's what i call customer service!

SegaSaturn6691995d ago

I've had the opposite experience in Canada. My Launch 360 RRoD died 4 days into the purchase and microsoft (dealing with a high volume of faulty merchandise) tried to blame me for the error. I've never been treated so poorly by a company in my life!

vikingland11995d ago

But I thought Sony loves us?

GameCents1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

Sony are better at pleasing the customer when there's no problem.

Microsoft is better at pleasing the customer when a problem occurs.

Take my experiences for example.
When my 360 got e73 I called Microsoft and they sent a guy to my door the next day to replace my console. I was suprised cause I expected to wait at least a week. Also when I had troubles buying Gold via my dashboard, they gave me a free month's subscription even though the problem was my credit provider's fault.

When my ps3 YLOD'd, SONY told me to either ship it to them at my cost or bringing it over myself to their repair centre. . .70kms away from my home.

On the other hand, sony have fed me an unending supply of quality exclusives.

Microsoft have force fed me Kinect -____-

Lone_Man1995d ago

through it on your neighbor(yoshida)

M-M1995d ago

Hope it gets fixed soon for those having trouble.

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The story is too old to be commented.