PlayTM: Splinter Cell: Conviction Preview

PlayTM writes: "The definition of stealth-action gaming, Splinter Cell, is getting a major gameplay overhaul. The last game in the series, designed by Ubisoft's Shanghai office, was relatively received as possibly the worst yet. This time round Sam Fischer is coming back home to Ubisoft Montreal. Drawing inspiration from their recent hit Assassins' Creed, lead producer Mathieu Ferland intends to take things in a new direction.

The ups and downs of this relatively newish genre should, by now, be well known to all gaming enthusiasts. The giddy heights of the early Metal Gear Solid games and the likes of Thief: The Dark Age have been met equally in an opposing-manner by some horrendous fad-like releases which the ever vigilant gaming press quickly recognised as new internments of the gameplay graveyard. Indeed this is a genre which has begun to grate a little in recent years, the novelty of sneaking through shadows and whacking guards on the back of the head (over and over and over again) has worn off, it needs something new."

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sonarus3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

"The control system has had a complete overhaul. Splinter Cell had previously been renown as a game which made use of almost every button and controllable function of the Xbox controller to have Sam use the huge array of equipment available to him. The new incarnation, if we can truly believe this, is only going to use three buttons (not including, we assume, an analogue stick or two)."

Further proof of the game being assassins creed in modern day.

You may continue to attack me for my lack of enthusiasm for the new Splinter cell game. However based on the evidence i have seen, i can already tell I(as in ME maybe not YOU) will hate the game.

Breakfast3760d ago

We'll see...i really enjoyed the first splinter cells for the original xbox, but i havent played one this gen. I use to be hyped for this game, but then it just disappeared. Ill see how demo and reviews turn out

sonarus3760d ago

Yea if they release a demo and i like, i will gladly eat my words

kevoncox3760d ago

Come on man...Give it a rest. You don't have to convince us about how bad this game is going to be.

Personally i wish someone would blend the storytelling( not the actuall crappy story) of MGS and the gameplay of SC and make 1 game because.... Both games suck at different things.

power of Green 3760d ago

Lack of enthusiasm isn't the right fraise more like bias.

I have lack of enthusiasm for MGS4 this is why you don't see me in MGS4 threads bashing as if I would ever touch a PS3 let alone own one. Can you see where I'm coming from when we flip what I said around.

sonarus3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

@mart/power of green we all know you are the greatest 360 fanboy that every existed and congratulations on your achievement.

@kevon cox lol you see. Every time something on splinter cell pops up, ps3 fanboys are always accused of bringing up mgs comparisons. lol its funny that you, one of the big 360 fanboys is the one bringing up such comparisons.

As for splinter cell i honestly can't remember any of the splinter cell stories because they were simply forgettable but splinter cell games were always awesome. I just have strong reservations on this one after playing assassins creed. I have no bias against splinter cell i am a BIG BIG fan of the stealth genre and splinter cell for me was always the next game i wanted to play once i got done with MGS. Both were fantastic games however i always preferred mgs because of its epic nature splinter cell just didn't immerse me as much.

I hope it turns out great really. One can never have enough of a great game however and if it does i will gladly eat my words and purchase a copy of the game. But being a HUGE fan of the stealth genre i just don't see stealth in games like assassins creed where blending in the crowd is the primary means of stealth. I just prefer it the old way thats all. Some say hiding in the shadows is getting played out but why not switch it up like mgs did where you use camo to hide in the jungle. I appreciate the bold step they took in trying to re invent the genre and all but not all steps work out for the best and in my eyes this game is looking like one of those.

power of Green 3760d ago

Devs trying to revolutionize this genre by trying to add very next-gen gamplay shouldn't be ridaculed hence my theory of you looking for ways to hate on it.. Its like being pessimistic because devs for MGS4 brought nextgen gameplay to MGS4 by upgrading the way the game is played(no set camera perspective, full freedom).

sonarus3760d ago

why consistently compare splinter cell and mgs. I am done raining on splinters parade if you mindless fanboys don't want to see my point then fine. MGS took the 3d camera thing from splinter cell just like splinter cell took a lot from mgs, they took the over the shoulder view from RE they are taking a lot of things from western games.

However these are games that have used it and it has worked well. I didn't enjoy assassins creed so UNDERSTAND my impression when i start to see assassins creed like similarities.

They just said you would play the game with only 3 buttons. This isn't fvkin sega genesis. How can you be excited about that. Ubi montreal are very capable devs but they made assassins creed and i didn't like that so UNDERSTAND why i feel i won't like this one and stop being such a blind fanboy.

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crunchie1013760d ago

Every Ubisoft Montreal Splinter Cell has been great, and I'm really looking forward to this one.

And Sonarus - wait for the demo before you judge.

sonarus3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

Every? Didn't they make lost and assassins creed?

@Numark he either edited his post or i didn't read it well. Every splinter cell from montreal has been great i can agree with that because i have played them all.

Numark3760d ago

He said every splinter cell game by them is great.

I ask lost or assassins creed splinter cell?

Numark3760d ago

There is a chance i may pick up this game. However, i need to wait longer and see more information on it.

zypher3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

i must admit, the whole Jason Bourne angle with this game has somewhat thrown me off. to be honest, now that MGS4 has incorporated an over-the-shoulder control-scheme, i'm more interested in Solid Snake's outing than Sam Fisher's this generation. hopefully Conviction will turn out good though, because nothing would be better than having two completely different but equally good stealth games.

LinuxGuru3760d ago

Each splinter cell after Chaos Theory (which I think was the peak of the series) has gotten progressively worse. Yeah, the graphics have gotten a little shinier....but the gameplay hasn't given me the excitement it did since the first 3 games.

LinuxGuru3760d ago

I forgot to edit my post to change each to double agent....whoops

Grown Folks Talk3760d ago

I was obviously mistaken. Even though it's my favorite series, there are 4 currently released games, Chaos Theory is the 3rd, but somehow Double Agent isn't the only 1 after it. Gotta love the phantom, can't reply because I know i'm wrong, disagree.

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