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Xbox One’s DRM Will Probably Come Back

At this point, many people are cheering, high giving, and wiping their collective brows to utter a “Whew, we dodged that bullet,” in response to Microsoft’s stunning reversal of its DRM policies. The people were angry, and it showed enough in public response—and presumably pre-order numbers—that Don Mattrick had to issue a public cancellation of its plans in order to win back some fans, and calm the storm of investors who were likely screaming the background.

So the upshot of this is the gamers won. For now. I strongly doubt however, that this is a permanent retreat, and more likely just a reprieve before the policies—in some new way, shape or form—get slowly re-implemented back into the Xbox One. (Culture, Microsoft, Next-Gen)

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Wizziokid  +   641d ago
MS where very keen on their policies and i don't think they will just give them all up. I could see them re-appearing at some point
abzdine  +   641d ago
as i said before, when they get enough pigeons on board they will reverse policy just like they did last week.
X1 is built to support DRM so no surprise if DRM comes back
aCasualGamer  +   641d ago
I wouldn't go back to Microsoft for taking back their policies and DRM.

They've already shown that they would actually go through with it had it not been for gamers basically boycotting Xbox One. As soon as gamers have bought their console, they will come back with the policies in some way.

Believe you me.
Peppino7  +   641d ago
For some weird feeling... I think they might revamp their policies again when their xb1 consumer base is big enough that people won't have an option.
Manic2014  +   641d ago
if they reverse again the policies once the consumer's have bought the consoles' they will just lose more customers than before and to to Sony for a Gaming device. Most consumer's would trade in the console and it's games to get the PS4. It's highly doubtful that they would return back to the original DRM, Maybe for the console after this they may slowly implement the DRM again but for now, i doubt they will do that.
abzdine  +   641d ago
the best thing is to buy a PS4 and wait 2-3 years to see how MS is gonna do with their policy cause i can hardly imagine that all the money put into the development of a DRM machine was just spent for nothing! i just think of it like this
indysurfn  +   641d ago
Am I the only person that caught this?

Microsoft qoute:'An internet connection will not be required to play OFFLINE Xbox One games'
If they where not trying to fool you it would
read:'An internet connection will not be required to play Xbox One games'. see the difference? I don't care if it drops to 199
It This is what Microsoft meant by they will make this CLEAR. (MORE TRICKY) This could just be a feature on the back of the box.

So if they dont make a offline
box like they have a 'online multi player' capable box on the back of the disc it is okay to still drm you to there hearts are content!!!
Blackdeath_663  +   641d ago
the damage was already done. if DRM comes back it has to be in another form and seeing their focus on the power of the cloud i think that is exactly how they will implement it. running cloud servers are expensive to maintain so game running entirely on the cloud will not be able to be sold,traded in freely in its current form without both the devs AND microsoft who are running those servers taking a loss on each used game. having said that i don't think we will be seeing games like that anytime soon but that is the direction MS are heading at some point we may even see games running on the cloud not because they need to but just as an excuse for DRM.

i think it would be a mistake for MS to make games that run entirely on the cloud and require DRM when the same games can be played just as well on another system without the cloud and without DRM (as in the ps4) MS would be wise to limit this to first party exclusives only should they chose to do so
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RedHawkX  +   641d ago
yep i agree it will come back just like how xbl price went up. you had to pay more for no extra features for xbox live. this is how ms works and if people want to be ignorant they gonna be looking like idiots for buying one.
bubs78  +   641d ago
One day I hope that idiots would learn what DRM actually is and stop claiming Xbox removed it. They only moved the DRM from the cloud to the disk.
Mikeyy  +   641d ago
With this whole cloud business, something is fishy, i'll bet a lot of XBone's games are still labled "Online only" on the box.

otherwise this magic cloud will never get used.
THC CELL  +   641d ago
they will let everyone buy the console and boom got ye
chamber  +   641d ago
They could have a class action lawsuit if they do
humbleopinion  +   641d ago
Not sure if a class action lawsuit will work. Sony gimped their PS3 console this gen and forced away Linux, and yet many fanboys actually hailed them.

The only thing you can do in such a case is refuse any updates, but that means you might no longer be able to play newer games.
Mikeyy  +   641d ago
XBOX's EULA Specifically states you waver any such right to a Class Action Lawsuit.

The've been doing this since the RROD.
Foxgod  +   641d ago
Doubt it, they would shoot themselves with that, and they know it.
Not that it would matter to me, because i was never bothered with having to be online once a day.

But they know it would cost them a major chunk of their fanbase.
Baka-akaB  +   641d ago
i dont share your optimism . "All" they have to do is think hard about some kind of feature that would make it taste sweet for the commmon gamer ... and now they got lots of time to think about it .

And who knows , maybe then it will effectively be a good thing ...
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Hicken  +   640d ago
Knowing how they would shoot themselves didn't stop them from pushing the DRM in the first place, did it?
steve30x  +   641d ago
Just the tought of it coming back is putting me off buying the Xbox one
RedHawkX  +   641d ago
i agree im not gonna fall for ms's tricks like a blind xbox fanboy.
ArnoldSchwarzenigra  +   641d ago
High giving? How do you fail to proofread the first sentence of an article?
Jinx78  +   641d ago
How about if they phased out physical discs later on. What effect would that have?
badkolo  +   641d ago
once disc's are phased out for x1 and ps4 they will then both essentially have full drm since its digital, so we are arguing over nonsence now cause both companies will have drm once they go discless.
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greedybear88  +   641d ago
Physical media is here to stay. For example: yes PC gamers have steam, which offers excellent sales etc but there is no incentive to buy console games digitally as they are often the same price or even more expensive than the actual physical copies of the game. Unlike steam where often the digital copies are much cheaper than their physical copy equivalent. Also, you can still go into a shop and buy a CD, even though itunes exists. So why would you not be able to go into a shop in say 5 or 10 years time and buy a game?
indysurfn  +   641d ago
when Microsoft said no one is complaining about steam, when questioned on used games sales it seemed like they where saying steam didn't allow you to sell used games. But they didn't actually say that. Just like in the bible when the religious leaders would intimate. To fool people against Jesus. So did Microsoft. In other words Microsoft tricked you into assuming. Steam DOES LET people sell their games! https://support.steampowere...
Polysix  +   641d ago
Not only wont I buy digital console games (full sized/priced ones anyway) I don't even buy PC downloads of AAA titles. Always physical for me, unless on sale on steam super cheap which makes it worthwhile. I don't see consoles selling games that cheap any time soon so they would effectively be saying to a vast amount of buyers "sorry we no longer have anything to sell you" and we would flog our consoles on ebay as a reaction. It would be awful for ms/sony. It won't happen this coming gen.
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vikingland1  +   641d ago
If they do reverse the DRM policy they better make the games cheaper like steam does. And they had better make it clear to the consumers that buy Xbox One. Or they will have a bigger back lash than what was already seen. I am not going to speculate on whether they will or not.
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TemplarDante  +   641d ago
MS showed their hand....
Sony played theres...
MS folded......Their intensions were made known... and while Sony saved the us in this card game... if given the opportunity, MS still holds the gun under the table to kill the consumer next time.
indysurfn  +   641d ago
don't just agree with templardante give him some bubbles up! you know that Microsoft is on here giving people Bubbles down!
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SjaakHaas  +   641d ago
Ofcourse they will! And so will Sony. That's what grownups call: business!

And if they eventually don't do it, the online passes and always on will return via big publishers like EA, Ubisoft and Activision. When the time is right all corps will sneak it in there. Probably when all games become digital, my guess, 2015/2016.
Foxgod  +   641d ago
A lot of people seem to think Sony is a charity foundation.
but yeah your right, a company will always seek ways to make (more) money.

Shareholders demand it.
Sam Fisher  +   641d ago
Youre right, sony is a corp, but if i had to choose, it would be the lesser evil, which in this case is sony, and always was sony, at least that company tries not to f$&k too much, m$ doesnt hold back, like a fat kid eating cake, they suffered from glutony which all in all is a sin, sinners must be punished :), im not religious btw just thought it was a cool moment
Baka-akaB  +   641d ago
That's a moot and pointless argument imo . Most (i sadly can't say "no one") , dont think that Sony and older videogames involved companies are charity and doing anything without profit in mind .

But there is such a thing as trying to maximise profit while displaying that you care about games and gaming as a whole . Even in an illusory fashion , as staff will obvious changes over years and priority will shift .

And i doubt it will be easy to argue that Sony didnt . They made sure through 3 consoles already , even with some failures , to have ready one of the most varied portfolio of games among first party publishers , and tried to evolve with the gaming world , over just surfing trends (even if obviously they'll follow trends , as seen with move )

Microsoft barely ever tried to hide that their ambition isnt so much about gaming , but getting hold of the living room and the flow of content and entertainment . Doesnt mean they wont and didnt do good too , but you dont get the same sense of involvement in gaming , imo
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vikingland1  +   641d ago
Shareholders demand it, nuff said.
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iceman06  +   640d ago
There IS a means to keep shareholders happy (make money) and SERVE the consumer without trying to gouge the hell out of them. This builds consumer confidence...meaning consumers trust the business...which translates to profit. Both companies know full well that digital downloads are coming, see the Sony PSP Go. However, it's not necessarily where to bus is going so much as it is how smooth of a trip it is. MS is off to one hell of a bumpy ride thus far.
indysurfn  +   641d ago
sjaakHaaS 99% of the time when people use the phrase 'grown ups' to justify or promote a business practice. You can take the words 'grownups', or 'ADULT' out and replace it with the word corrupted. For example we all know that EA is corrupted, and some of the executives at Microsoft are. We don't think of all the other publishers as corrupted, and not every person that grows up gets corrupted. Likewise not every company gets corrupted, last time I checked they are still adults.
Iltapalanyymi  +   641d ago
of course it will what the fuck do you expect. they got the rights to do that too.
ElementX  +   641d ago
MS won't reverse the policy. Consumers would stop purchasing games and consoles and that would be bad for business.
RedHawkX   641d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
iceman06  +   640d ago
By many estimates the profit margin that could be made by controlling used games (which is the real end game), could offset the losses of consumers. At that point it's about risk tolerance. Now, I would agree that this would be a BOLD move that might ruin consumer confidence for future console investment. But, maybe MS doesn't see a future beyond this gen in consoles anyway.
seepamann  +   641d ago
People need to think about that
stage88  +   641d ago
Yet there's still people that would throw money at it. SMH.
greedybear88  +   641d ago
The fact that they even tried to impose the restrictions in the first place is reason enough not to buy an Xbone. Plus no Naughty Dog games unless you go for Playstation :)
SpinalRemains138  +   638d ago
Yeah, I mean you hate to suck one companies ass and all, but ND's games are seriously that good. They are literally interactive movies and they tell a story better than any other development team that I have ever seen in 30+ years of gaming.

They get the players emotionally involved like a great book or film. What they give to us are pure works of art. They are masterpieces.

From the lighthearted adventures of Uncharted, to the more serious/macabre nature of TLoU.

If you have never played any of their current generation games, you are missing the best that the hobby has to offer. By far.
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greedybear88  +   637d ago
Yeh Naughty Dog are awesome. Plus... Sony Santa Monica, Guerilla Games, Quantic Dream, Sucker Punch etc. Sony own some of the best devs in the industry.
Confickercrash  +   641d ago
Someone might bring the 'not everyone can afford high bandwidth connections' argument in here but let's look at it another way. Instead of asking 'can the gamer handle it?' MS should ask themselves 'can we handle it?' because ultimately they're going to have to be connecting millions of high bandwidth users to their Live servers, and they're going to have to do it nonstop for a very, very long time. Something will have to give.
ShowGun901  +   641d ago
dosn't HAVE to be a very, very long time... once the Xbox two comes out, they can just shut off all their servers... then if the always online crap comes back, it'll really be a brick instead of just looking like one lol
grassyknoll  +   641d ago
I'm not sure if it will or not, but Microsoft's term & conditions state they can change at any time. You have to go online to accept them to take off the DRM in the first place. Very shady indeed & not something I would risk.
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TheEvilWithin  +   641d ago
Yea I would not risk spending $500+ on a console if the possibility is still there. I would rather spend my money to buy more PS4 games. :)
Polysix  +   641d ago
Simple rule of thumb when considering whether to buy an Xbone or not: Buy a PS4!
iceman06  +   640d ago
LOL...bubs for the laugh!!!
Crazay  +   641d ago
This article implies that Microsoft is going to use a Bait and Switch tactic which is simply just not going to happen.

Will some of the policies come back? Probably in some way yes but, they'll be phased in and probably just for DD(Digitally Distributed) copies of games which I predict will be made more attractive with a lower cost and for the family sharing that will no doubt be back at some point. I also think that going forward, if you purchase a game through the DD system, there's a very real possibility that title will be available for the next round of consoles that come after these ones (assuming there is another round with a conventional console as we know it today)
Bennibop  +   641d ago
I don't think they baiting anyone but Microsoft makes more money with DRM (as would Sony)so its likely it will be phased in over time rather than the orginal plan it being forced from day one. I am sure in two three years time we see Xbox one with the DRM they originally intended.
Crazay  +   641d ago
I can't see it being that extreme at all. To do something like that would nearly render so many completely and utterly useless.
Bennibop  +   641d ago
They seemed happy to take that chance before! Nothing has changed other than prorders being low.
annus  +   641d ago
Not to sure what the legality of getting people to purchase a console and then change the terms of use of that console for certain countries would be, but I would assume that it won't be allowed in many countries. You can't get someone to purchase a physical product and then make it unavailable to use once they have paid money.
Bennibop  +   641d ago
Microsoft does it constantly by adding and removing/ changing the Xbox 360 dashboard, Sony done it by removing other OS. They constantly change the terms and EULA's.
creatchee  +   641d ago
Changing the dashboard doesn't remove game functionality.
Bennibop  +   641d ago
it does remove features though.
annus  +   641d ago
Adding in DRM that requires you to connect daily makes your console unusable till you connect it again. There is a difference between modifying software and removing the ability to use a product altogether.
devwan  +   641d ago
As soon as we see the xbone being pirated as freely as the 360 then it'll back back in a flash.
No_Limit  +   641d ago
That is saying the rootkit from Sony could come back for music CD. Troll bait article, nothing more.

Xbox One Day One.
SpinalRemains138  +   638d ago
Dancing to Justin Beiber year 3

Brick year 6
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GentlemenRUs  +   641d ago
Well if it does, There will be lawsuits climbing out of M$(greedy) ears!
cleft5  +   641d ago
The problem here is that a lot of people fear that this will happen and I know people are holding off buying there console until they feel confident Microsoft wont do this. I am sure in there Terms of Service they will have the option to bring back DRM. I am sure it wont be word like that, but effectively thats what it will mean. If Microsoft did pull this, they would kill their image. I want to think Microsoft isn't that stupid, but when you look at some of the shit Don Mattrick has said you really have to wonder.
GABRIEL1030  +   641d ago
Sure, but actually MS has killed its own image, comments of executives like Nancy Tellem " Xbox One will be the next watercooler" or the arab guy saying.....


Only the fanboys will buy this console.
cleft5  +   641d ago
Those two certainly don't help, but the worse people for their image is the two most visible ones. That is Don Mattrick and Phil Spencer. Both of those guys just keep saying stupid thing, after stupid thing in such a smug, arrogant manner that it's not even funny.

After Don Mattrick's comments about people who don't have an internet connection can just buy a Xbox 360, it made me want to throw my 360 in the garbage. As of now, I am not even buying multiplatform games for the 360 anymore, I will buy them for the PC or my PS3.

The only 360 games I have brought after that statement is State of Decay and I will buy Fable HD remake if it's good, because I love Fable.
Manic2014  +   641d ago
it's simple if MS do this they will kill their fan base and i highly doubt that they will go for i again, well not this gen but as time will go on they will transition the DRM to the consoles in the next cycle same with sony. Im pretty sure that sony is also thinking about the DRM except they already where to have but turned back after the negative backlash against MS. It seem's everyone here is thinking MS is going to bring the Policies back after they sold around the world but to be fair it can be the same with Sony.

Dont bring that Sony care's about their consumers that's why the nerver put in the DRM features. The reason they never kept the feature was due to the negative backlash. Sony and MS both care about consumers but mainly care about the money they make. They are huge corporations.

As of now all i see is MS backtracked due to the less pre order's being made of xbox one and the negative backlash. MS have a really good console with some very good games and so do Sony, Only difference is Sony has a much stronger image compared to MS due to the recent incidents.
Enigma_2099  +   641d ago
Yeah, I'm guessing first they'll appease the masses so they can move units, then reinstate it in a stealth update, absolving themselves of any guilt of responsibility in the Terms and Conditions text.

And keep your eyes open for the return of EA's Online Pass.
ironmonkey  +   641d ago
Lure the bait and then bam! Drm in your face!.
GABRIEL1030  +   641d ago
For sure, the DRM will come back. The Xbone will reach a large number of consoles sold, then MS will revert to their original idea, because the company wants all Xbone users controlled and paying mandatory the scam that gold subscription represents ( 60 bucks only for the online). Not in vain, MS is investing 700 millions of dollars in the new servers.
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IIZANGETSUII  +   641d ago
If you people think that DRM will be back once they got a large install base....then you are fucking retards, jesus this kids.
Xenokai  +   640d ago
If they do add the policys back into disc based games then ill just sell the system and move to ps4. Wouldn't be hard. Im not to worried, im getting a x1.
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