After The Last Of Us – Recommended Viewing post post-apocalypse

OPM: Finished the The Last Of Us but want more? We line up some films that share some DNA with Naughty Dog’s masterpiece – from direct influences (Monsters, The Road and Children Of Men), to stablemates in mood and themes (things like The Coen’s True Grit or The Last Man On Earth). There’s plenty here to fill the void until The Last Of Us 2.

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Stuart57561757d ago

Superb, Angel of the North looks great. So eerie and atmospheric, great pics.

bigmac1757d ago

Angel of the North, is that a movie? I'm not seeing it on the list.

Stuart57561753d ago

I was viewing another article in another window at the same time, commented on wrong article, my mistake, no movie by this name. Children of Men & The Road are great films though. Apologies.

bigmac1752d ago

Oh, no apology needed! :-)
I was just curious, I love post-apocalyptic movies and just the title "Angel of the North" sounded promising!

S2Killinit1757d ago

Haven't finished it. is there spoilers in this article?

Seraphemz1757d ago

No, just recommending movies that are "like" the Last of Us..

S2Killinit1757d ago

thanks, bubble for the help.

orakle441757d ago

There looks to be no spoilers

Seraphemz1757d ago

I know how you feel... i was scared to click on anything worried that the game would be spoiled...

Happened to me with Heavy Rain...

I actually hurried up to pass TLOU just so it wouldnt be spoiled.

Brasi19891757d ago

Man have I wanted to play this game. Sadly my PS3 died after I finished up Uncharted 3 last January. I've been on the fence whether to get another or just wait for PS4. Tho it sucks the PS4 isn't backwards compatible.

DerekFlint0071757d ago

The Omega Man - 1971 starring Charlton Heston is missing from this last. It's well worth a post apocalyptic watch.

Hazmat131757d ago

Monsters was a good damn movie for its $1,000 budget can wait for Monsters 2. this is my 2nd fav apocalypse (nuclear being first) i love trees growing in roads or grass covering the streets of NY is a beautiful apocalypse.

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