TVG: Wipeout HD - Hands On Preview

TVG writes: "The Wipeout series is synonymous with Sony's PlayStation consoles. Following its heyday on the first PlayStation console, the series' birth on the PS2 wasn't quite as warm. Nevertheless, since 2005 the franchise has made a home for itself on the PSP, topping a list of fairly average launch titles for the handheld with Wipeout Pure, while Wipeout Pulse followed just a few months ago.

In many ways, Wipeout HD is a culmination of what these two titles offered on the PSP, spruced up with sharp HD visuals that at least stretch the muscles of the PS3's fearsome capabilities. There are the same event types on offer, the usual style of tracks, and more or less the same weapon inventory that we've seen previously. These are then packaged into the usual single-player Campaign, an online multiplayer offering, and the rudimentary custom event option."

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