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E3 is a wonderful time of year. We’re showered with information and sweet-talked by a number of multi-million dollar corporations all vying for our sweet money. This year was something special though, what with the official large-scale reveal of the two main next-gen consoles, the Xbox One and the PS4. So what to make of the PS4?

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Kingthrash3601970d ago

im happy to say that I preordered my day1 ps4 today XD!!
now its the wait....the loooong wait.

Deividas1970d ago

Thats what Im saying, the wait is the worst part. But as soon as they announce the release date, im so taking the day off of work :)

SniperControl1970d ago

Yeah, same here. Hoping my local Game do a midnight release.

Kingthrash3601970d ago

me too, hell I may take a week for good measure!

THEDON82z11970d ago

Hell Yeah 3 whole days of gaming(+the weekend)will be the order of that day for me!!! Only problem I have is everybody at my job plans the same thing so now I keep a-lot of specific ps4 information to myself( sorry fellow ps4 coworkers,[email protected] that I got get my gaming time in!!!!llol!!!!

And just so people don't get the wrong idea I have a good job, goverment employee!!!!

PerryCaravello1970d ago

Everytime I see this console I want to buy it.

PositiveEmotions1970d ago

Ima pre order mine next week hopefully.

PositiveEmotions1970d ago

Im almost sure gamestop will have a midnight release because theres gonna be allot of games coming out at launch of the console

Deividas1970d ago

My local gamestop already told me they would

PositiveEmotions1970d ago

Than i guess all the gamestop stores might have the midnight release