GameTrailers reviews Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

Is this the Final Fantasy sequel you've been waiting for?

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realistgamer3760d ago

definetly a great prequel to one of the greatest games on earth.

BigPappaPump3760d ago

makes me want to play ffVII agian.

The_Firestarter3760d ago

Of course! FFVII is such a beautiful game. ^__^ I wouldn't mind playing through it again.

Homicide3760d ago

Great game. My favorite PSP game by far. The cutscenes are incredible.

Luca Blight3759d ago

Right now Patapon is still a lot better. However, I think Patapon is the best game on the PSP so I guess that doesn't say much. FF7 Crisis Core is still pretty good though - makes me want Square to remake FF7.

SL1M DADDY3759d ago

Is the best PSP game I have played to this day and that says alot for me. I love GOW but this title is by far my favorite. Siphon Filter was my favorite but this takes the cookies.