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Miyamoto: Wind Waker’s Cel-Shading Could Return in Another Wii U Title

Miyamoto suggested to Matt Peckham, the interviewer, that Wind Waker-style cel-shading could make its return on the Wii U. (The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Wii U)

Bowzabub  +   660d ago
Kid Icarus comes to mind.
3-4-5  +   659d ago
New IP would be perfect fit for it.
wheresmymonkey  +   660d ago
I kind of hope they use it for a new MEtroid, just because the internet would explode.
Simok123  +   659d ago
kirbyu  +   660d ago
Maybe that's why they made Wind Waker HD.

Now what does cel shaded mean?
ChickeyCantor  +   660d ago
Cel shading : http://en.wikipedia.org/wik...

The term actually comes from the word Cels ( celluloids ). Transparent sheets that were colored and layered against backgrounds to save production costs. It was used for traditional hand drawn animations. Cel shading is thought up to mimick a cartoony look.
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wishingW3L  +   659d ago
graphics that look like cartoons.
CrossingEden  +   659d ago
3d graphics that provide the illusion of being 2d
ultimate ninja storm 3 has THE best cell shaded graphics so far
millzy102  +   660d ago
cell shading is a way of getting more than one colour per pixel by putting 2 shades together on one pixel. the results end up with clear flatter lines and vibrant colours but the end resulting always cartoonist as you can't make realistic textures this way, also even though it doesn't llike it but cell shading is more demanding on processing than conventional programing methods
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_QQ_  +   660d ago
Miyamoto talked about his interest in making a Yoshi game,This look would be amazing for yoshi,plus more yoshi games would be amazing.
gamer42  +   660d ago
YES!!! New cell shaded yoshi game! or new IP, either would make me happy!
NiteX  +   659d ago
Yeah Yoshi, or Kirby would be great.
LonDonE  +   660d ago
JUST PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! DO NOT make the new hd zelda this way! please nintendo make it like the tech demo,sheesh i have read so many zelda and Nintendo fans literally begging to have the new zelda look like the tech demo, google the twilight princess unveil reaction video and listen to the fans cheer and explode! after getting wind waker, which the art style was not expected since nintendo showed a zelda tech demo on game cube kinda like the wii u one, they they shocked and disappointed allot of people, which isn't fair since wind waker was still a great game, but regardless listen to the fans explode after realizing we were finally getting the zelda we all wanted!

I think the reaction for the wii u zelda will be even more great!! since just like the past allot of people didn't play skyward sword due to the cartoon like art style, which again was silly since it ws still a beautiful game, but if nintendo finally make good for the fans, then this zelda has the potential to be like ocarina of time all over again!
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ChickeyCantor  +   659d ago
", they they shocked and disappointed allot of people,"

And most people who actually played it were absolutely amazed at why the art style worked so well.

" then this zelda has the potential to be like ocarina of time all over again!"

Never. OOT was the FIRST 3D zelda out there that did so many things right. It had hardly anything to do with the artstyle. The artstyle was a bonus. One of the early builds meant for the DD addon, had a slightly different style also somewhat better animations that were all cut from the OOT release( http://www.youtube.com/watc... ). People just seem to be making a fuss about the artstyle. Even Though OOT was originally going to be far more than we know.

Windwaker IS an amazing game and it's a shame people tend to ignore it because they went for a specific artstyle. Underneath it all it's a great Zelda experience.

Personally I don't want it to be too realistic. I want to be emerged into a world that is more abstract than reflecting our medieval times.
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CrossingEden  +   659d ago
the tech demo looks dated at this point, realism and zelda don't mix very well because the graphics age way more quickly then say wind waker or skyward sword which both still look better then some 2013 games
mydyingparadiselost  +   659d ago
It won't be the next Zelda, relax. I have a feeling fans will get their realistic Zelda for WiiU but even if it's not realistic it won't be cel-shaded. I think Metroid could be a good fit for cell shading, I've always felt that series has struggled to find a new direction to go in visually.
Thepcz  +   659d ago
hope its the next gen zelda
with next gen cel shading.

i mean, ni no kuni looked amazing, if zelda looked like that it would perfect
wishingW3L  +   659d ago
Ni No Kuni looked good because characters actually looked like human beings but characters in Wind Waker looked like ET the Extraterrestrial.
CaptainPunch  +   659d ago
I love cell shaded games like Borderlands, Prince of Persia, Wind Waker, etc. The art style works really well, if you use it right.
greatcrusader44  +   659d ago
Wasn't the point of remaking wind Walker is because they wanted to use that style for the next Zelda game? That's what was said in the Nintendo Direct that announced Wind Waker HD

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