Miyamoto: Wind Waker’s Cel-Shading Could Return in Another Wii U Title

Miyamoto suggested to Matt Peckham, the interviewer, that Wind Waker-style cel-shading could make its return on the Wii U.

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Bowzabub1604d ago

Kid Icarus comes to mind.

3-4-51603d ago

New IP would be perfect fit for it.

wheresmymonkey1604d ago

I kind of hope they use it for a new MEtroid, just because the internet would explode.

kirbyu1604d ago

Maybe that's why they made Wind Waker HD.

Now what does cel shaded mean?

ChickeyCantor1604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

Cel shading :

The term actually comes from the word Cels ( celluloids ). Transparent sheets that were colored and layered against backgrounds to save production costs. It was used for traditional hand drawn animations. Cel shading is thought up to mimick a cartoony look.

wishingW3L1604d ago

graphics that look like cartoons.

CrossingEden1604d ago

3d graphics that provide the illusion of being 2d
ultimate ninja storm 3 has THE best cell shaded graphics so far

millzy1021604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

cell shading is a way of getting more than one colour per pixel by putting 2 shades together on one pixel. the results end up with clear flatter lines and vibrant colours but the end resulting always cartoonist as you can't make realistic textures this way, also even though it doesn't llike it but cell shading is more demanding on processing than conventional programing methods

_QQ_1604d ago

Miyamoto talked about his interest in making a Yoshi game,This look would be amazing for yoshi,plus more yoshi games would be amazing.

gamer421604d ago

YES!!! New cell shaded yoshi game! or new IP, either would make me happy!

NiteX1604d ago

Yeah Yoshi, or Kirby would be great.

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