Prizefight: MacBook Air vs. Thinkpad X300

In the battle for ultraportable laptop supremacy, Apple and Lenovo duke it out.

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Premonition3738d ago

Are people sleeping on saturday? No approvals yet.

thewhoopimen3738d ago

I dunno... I still think the Macbook Air won out. CNET prices the Air out at the end with an external and SSD from Apple's own store, which is admittedly a rip-off. However, if they had priced it out from a third party, it would have been a lot cheaper than the Lenovo. In any case, my argument is that you buy an ultraportable for the props. They're both ridiculously experienced when compared to a standard laptop. If it's all about props, I just don't see people walking up to a Thinkpad and asking to touch it or saying how cool it looks. So... for the geeks out there that want a conversation piece with the girls... get a Macbook Air!~

TheTerminator3738d ago

IDK if this is off topic, but the Sony VAIO X505 released in '04 is thinner than the MBA

Kakkoii3738d ago

Point is?

Are you homophobic or something?

TheWiseguy3738d ago

the reason this comparison is stupid: the higher end lenovo doesnt come with an optical drive for $3100...and still only has a 1.2GHz C2D, no backlit keyboard, no multitouch functions, a small trackpad and a disgustingly bland design.

Air wins.