Call of Duty dev hiring for "fresh new aural experience"

GameSpot: "Sledgehammer Games seeking Assistant Dialogue Specialist to help create new sound experiences for upcoming project."

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Donnieboi1994d ago

I hope Sledgehammer stays away from COD. I hope it's a new IP. Seriously, they totally botched MW3. Worst maps, spawn points, and unbalanced weapons I ever seen in a COD game. I quit COD cold-turkey after that one.

ape0071994d ago

agreed 100%, MW 3 is totally uninspired

Septic1993d ago

It was. The maps were horrible. Not one was memorable. The guns were OP beyond belief and they made it easier to quick scope! It felt fun for the first hour but I quickly realised how bad the game was overall.

NarooN1993d ago

MW3 is the worst CoD ever made. My friends and I were talking about that yesterday -- one of our friends is a hardcore CoD nut, and even he said MW3 was a POS. Dunno what they were thinking with that game, lol.

Iltapalanyymi1993d ago

lel its just update for cod #34322623 generic tacticool brown fps shooter all over again with "new" features and guns and maybe 2 maps.

oh come on people. cod is shit.

NarooN1993d ago

Agreed mostly, but CoD isn't tactical at all, haha.

lucidity1993d ago

If people are hired specifically to work on dialogue, why the Hell is it so consistently terrible

Master-H1993d ago

No please not Sledgehammer guys again , at least Blops 2 is tolerable , MW3 was a poop stain in the cod series

famoussasjohn1993d ago

It literally was. Everything was brown in that game. Every map. Brown.

longcat1993d ago

they spelt "oral" wrong

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