The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD is as good as I remember it - MMGN

Ben Salter of MMGN: On the gameplay front, we’re talking about exactly the same game. This is The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker in stunning HD, with faster sailing, and I couldn’t be more excited.

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Tiqila1994d ago

just played through it again some months ago on my cube... looking forward to play skyward sword.

wind waker is my favorite zelda so far.

byeGollum1994d ago

Why is wind waker your favorite?

Tiqila1994d ago

I liked the open world feeling and the sailing. It had better controls than oot or mm and I liked the cell shading visuals because they look very clear even today. I played twilight princess and it looks gritty and dirty.

I loved many of those characters, flying with those seagulls or hunting a kraken in the open sea.

All other zelda games i have played so far were masterpieces too (oot, mm, a link to the past, twilight princess, links awakening), but wind waker is best!

Kinger89381994d ago

Mine too! It was my first one as i didnt play them on n64 but i do remember buying the special edition on gamecube and getting a disk with orcarina and majoras mask :)

Was a very busy time of my childhood

Tiqila1994d ago

I had the special edition too (:

byeGollum1994d ago

Is the zelda series a continuous storyline? I'm considering picking up wind waker HD on wiiU that'll be my first zelda game.

deafdani1994d ago

Each Zelda game is self-contained, but some of them have vague references to other Zelda games.

According to Nintendo, yes, there's officially a timeline that links all the Zelda games (it gets a bit convoluted after Ocarina of Time, where the timeline splits into THREE alternate realities), but really, that "official" timeline was just Nintendo's way to give their fans a bit of fan-service.

When you play the Zelda games, you realize that Nintendo wasn't really thinking much about how these games are connected to each other. So yes, they're all related, but you can play ANY Zelda game and enjoy its story without issues, because they're all complete stories on their own. You won't have any issues starting with Wind Waker. In fact, you're in for quite a ride.