Metroid II: Return of Samus Retro Review

Mini Fortress writes:

"Like every other Metroid game, you play as Samus Aran, a galactic bounty hunter who kicks a whole lot of Metroid ass. Samus has received a lot of upgrades which make controlling her much more enjoyable than in the debut Metroid game. Samus can now shoot in all eight directions, plus she can duck, both of which are brilliant additions to the overall gameplay experience. Also, Samus feels much lighter when jumping, giving you more control over its direction."

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The Great Melon1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

I loved this game back when I was a kid (and still do). I loved the fact that it's one of those games that just throws you into the world without any directions and says go. I spent a lot of time exploring and drawing maps trying to figure out where earthquakes were triggered in order to lower the lava levels.

Good times...

Horny1995d ago

My first gameboy game. Had a great time with it.

PerryCaravello1994d ago

I renenember that picture from when I was a kid.

..never played it lol.