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PixlBit | "Since finishing The Last of Us, I’ve been sitting at my desk agonizing over this review. Thinking over my time with the game, I’m filled with conflicting emotions that I now have to distill into something cohesive for you fine readers. To say that this is the most impactful game I’ve played so far this year would be a grotesque understatement, but The Last of Us is not without its faults, and to gloss over them would be disingenuous. I call this “The Reviewer’s Lament”: having to fight the urge to gush for a thousand words and instead give a proper account of my experience with this game. My hope is that, even if it reads a little rough around the edges, it will still be entertaining, which is The Last of Us in a nutshell, really."

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ltachiUchiha1995d ago

My little nephew graduated from elementary school today & we all pitched in & gave him $500 & the 1st thing he asked his dad was or he can take him & his 2 other friends who graduated with him to gamestop. They all go with my cousin & im thinking there all going to just buy a kids game. Guess what happens? They all comeback & all 3 of them run up to me & say look we got our own copy of the last of us & im like shocked because i told my cousin dude u bought 3 of the same game & he said that he told them to buy different games but they all watched gameplay footage from youtube & were all like wow that is cool. I was just mind fu**ed seeing that haha. Also they said the guy at gamestop said these kids know their games & said this was their 5th truck load shipment because of the high demand for the game. Im still really shocked that they all bought TLOU & their freakin 5th graders lol.

lnvisibleMan1995d ago

Great story. Regardless of what genre a game is, I believe if a game good enough it will sell.

So far The Last of Us is my personal game of the year.

awesomeperson1995d ago

Some sour people coming in here and disagreeing.

I'm only 60%ish through The Last of Us right now, and it is really one of the most impacting games I have played. The characterisation and story is done excellently, and even to the small level on how the characters interact is amazing.

I know some of my friends who don't even have PS3s are watching complete playthroughs on youtube, not for the commentary but for the story, that is a testament to how well made the game is.

ltachiUchiha1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

I feel jealousy in the room but hey just had to share with TLOU fans. Im with you mate, this is hands down the best game ive ever played. Naughty Dog keeps setting the standard & always a GOTY candidate. Im proud of them & this is why i love my ps3.


Glad your enjoying it mate & I agree with u. Enjoy the rest of the game.

Inception1995d ago

Before your little nephew and his friends play TloU, i'll suggest you give them a little advice with some brutal / gore scene when Joel bricked the enemies head or when Bill decapitated clickers head XD . Even i got pain when seeing that scene >.<

ltachiUchiha1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

I already told their mom & dad that this game is pretty brutal but then again they played all of the god of war games & gears so they like gore. Feels odd to me because they never had any games this brutal when i was in 5th grade lol. Lucky bastards.

Also warn ppl if u are going to post spoilers mate, not trying to be a di** but im sure some ppl havent played it yet, cheers.

Inception1995d ago

I posted spoilers? You mean when Bill slash clickers head? I saw this scene in gameplay trailer two month before TloU release. Thx for the advice though :)

Well, good job for you if you already warned your little nephew :) . The most brutal game i ever played was Mortal Kombat 2 when i was in 3th grade XD

theDECAY1995d ago

Isn't it rated mature? haha.

ltachiUchiha1995d ago

Yeah but gamestop will sell it to you aslong as there is a grownup with u.

Hanso1995d ago

XD That is awesome
i got my game yesterday and its crazy good
dat proloque O__O

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batbatz1995d ago

this is the first game I have bought this year for the PS3, I expect to buy it again in HD for my PS4

macusa221995d ago

This is the best game I played this year and probably the best game I played this generation. Naughty Dog did a great job with this one. Now I have to wait for beyond 2 souls and GT6

nix1995d ago

most of my friends who finished the game are just confused what game to play next. turns out it has left such a huge void that they can't find a matching game to fill up that empty space.

great game is all i hear from them. my day will come too.

Polysix1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

I've finished it - took me 21 hours lol. Story and acting wise I can't fault it, emotional too.

The gameplay was lacking a bit and didn't feel as involving/addictive as say Uncharted 2, sadly. The UC series did the GAMEPLAY parts better but no doubt TLOU is an epic experience nonetheless.

I always bias towards gameplay over story (call me old fashioned) so can only give the game 8.5/10 and to me it's not the best game of the generation. I don't think there even was a single best game of the generation (but UC2 would be above TLOU for me, it had everything not just story)

I also feel the game was overlong for the first half, dragged out, and some editing would have helped make it impact more. It had peaks and troughs and pockets of sporadic stealth/gunplay that felt jarring next to the amazingly presented story/exploring parts.

I hope they improve the gameplay for any sequel on PS4 if they do one

As for this article, while I agree the combat wasn't done right and wasn't anywhere near as fun as in UC2, I think he has it wrong about the first/second halves of the game - the game improved massively after meeting Bill approx half way through, started to feel more like an *interactive* game rather than one big cutscene. My 8.5 is because of how much better the 2nd half was and how the environments improved a lot, if it had just been like the first 5 hours or so I would have scored it far less.