Researchers Show Bomb Defusing Robot Controlled by Wiimote

If you want to make a complex piece of machinery easy to control by a multitude of different people from different walks of life you have to use something that's common to many different groups. The U.S. military has found this common thread for several of its military robots: console gamepads.

Some of the U.S. military's robots are controlled by a gamepad that is very similar to the controller of an Xbox 360. As one of the most popular game consoles around, the Xbox controller is very familiar and easy to operate for a variety of users.

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decapitator3490d ago

This might not..end well.

colonel1793489d ago

love your avatar... hopefully they make an option tu customize the rag dolls as game characters would be awesome...

(off topic i know my bad)

Kojima touches kids3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

This is rubbish. The Dualshock is the worst controller ever. I got one for my PS about 10 or so years ago. I have big hands and am fairly dextrous with my left hand even though i'm right handed and it is completely impossible to get accurate analogue control from it. Not only are the analogue sticks themselves very bad they are poorly positioned.

So despite using Dualshock 1 & 2 for over ten years I have never ever been able to even adjust or condition myself to accept them. On the other hand it only took me minutes to accept the Gamecube, Xbox(both controllers), Dreamcast, Xbox 360, Wii, N64 and Saturn analogue pads as vastly superior.

decapitator3490d ago

Son, it's all about your preference and am all for that but talking down something else that you dont like is just bull. Am sure many people will argue with that comment you just made and they would be right to do so.

Massacre3490d ago

You spot on decap. I most definitely disagree with him. I am more comfortable gaming with a PS3 controller and this is coming from someone who has a 360 as well.

yanikins1113489d ago

Personally i found the 360 controller quite nice, althought I thought the dpad needed to be slightly closer to the left analog stick. I quite like the playstation shape, althought I have problems with the analog increments not being small enough. Gets annoying sometimes. I think you can pretty much adjust to any controller and using controller preferences to rate or compare games is stupid. It's like saying Crysis gets a 9.3 if you use a logitech wireless media keyboard, but if you use a standard Microsoft Cord type, its only a 8.5

ichimaru3490d ago

if i was on the battle field, i would rather have a 360 contoller, DS3 gets too slippery

name3489d ago

Why are they using video game controllers and not officially constructed military equipment

Captain Tuttle3489d ago

Because if a military contractor built a controller it would cost the Army $50,000.

Fux4Bux3489d ago

That's a scary thought.....

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