Keep Pushing Sony, You Haven't Won Yet

Sony and the PlayStation 4 is off to a flying start, but that shouldn't be an excuse to sit back and relax. Keep asserting the PS4's greatness!

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ZBlacktt1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

Because of who does the XBox One not have DRM anymore? Or 24hr online check in? Or a Blu-ray player? Again, say thank you Sony. Why do people write stories just for hits? Whos' selling 4 > 1? Everything we are reading is Sony is pushing super hard to get games and content out as soon as possible. We seen Sony won E3, they won their first PS4 showing of the year. So they are looking stronger then ever.

NateCole1994d ago

We won't know who wins until the end. In saying this though Sony will be off to a flying start that's for sure.

Hicken1994d ago

Yeah, it's not over til it's over. But Sony's is a very good position, right now.

WeAreLegion1994d ago

The problem is that Sony will keep pushing and Xbox will still sell fairly well, no matter how much crap they make gamers deal with. People are idiots.

medman1994d ago

Some people are too in love with their gamerscore to give it up. The achievement chasers seem to value their score more than their own families. Pretty pathetic. I have a 360 and a PS3, and I was sold on Sony and their first party developers years ago. They have games from developers I HAVE TO PLAY next gen. Microsoft, not so much. I'm a bit fatigued with Gears and Halo, and timed exclusivity for shooters does nothing for me, I'm over it. So the PS4 is my clear choice at launch, and I will probably purchase the Xbox One a few years into it's life cycle, maybe when they get more realistic and drop the price.

Akuma2K1994d ago

From here on out Sony is definitely in the driver's seat, all they have to do is keep bringing us the games we like to play and its all far as the article talking about how the Xbox none will be hard to beat in sales here in the united states, that's just a bunch of hype and the author needs to look at the pre-order number comparison.....

35,000+ PS4
6,000+ Xbox1

It's not even september/october yet, best believe those numbers will keep skyrocketing for the PS4.

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