Gaming Culture: Make 1UP-Cakes

1UP writes: "Here's a fun little bit of culinary news to start off the weekend that will give you an opportunity to put down your controller and attempt to pwn the oven. A post at the social site Instructables talks about making tiny, delicious cupcakes modeled after the iconic 1UP Mushroom from the Mario series.

User Nachimir guides us through the process, from making the dough from scratch to baking them into the proper shape, then adding green icing and white chocolate buttons for the toppings. Of course, changing the icing color could make the recipe anything from Super Mushrooms to the Poison Mushrooms found in The Lost Levels. Still, the 1UP mushroom is a classic, and given the name of the site you're reading right now, we had to stick with that one".

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socomnick3709d ago

Those look quite tasty.