The Last of Us Review: Marking the End of an Era with an Amazing Experience [SideQuesting]

Rexly Peñaflorida II of SideQuesting writes:

"The environment is great and the gameplay is extremely unique, not to mention the overall tone of the game through its story and minimal use of music. In a way, the title doesn’t only correspond to the remnants of humanity, but also to the final titles on the PS3. The Last of Us is certainly a landmark title, and it’s something that shouldn’t be missed before the PS4 hits store shelves."

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Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1971d ago

The ps3, s swansong.. what a game

hulk_bash19871971d ago

Definitely a great send off for the PS3. And there are still more games to come.

DarkBlood1971d ago

theres that quantic game Beyond 2 souls which i think is the last main sony ish game before the ps4 releases then its all up in the air after that i guess

hulk_bash19871971d ago

Beyond: 2 Souls
Tales of Xillia
Tales of Symphonia Cronicles
Dragon's Crown
Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD
Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix
Rain (PSN Game)
Gran Turismo 6

And loads of Muti-Plats

so there is definitely still alot to look forward to on the PS3.

DarkBlood1971d ago

yup im getting most of those except gran trainsmo 6 but isnt Rain a ps4 psn game?

LOGICWINS1971d ago

Its the end of nothing. PS3 I'll be alive and well until 2016.