How Not to Use Your PS4 Camera and Kinect 2

Dave turned to her, looking deep into her eyes. “I love you, always and forever, don’t ever think otherwise, I am yours, you are mine.” He switched off the Xbox with a simple voice command, and concentrated on Isabella. - PSLS

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Donnieboi1971d ago

I know MOST people hate motion gaming, but just out of curiosity:

Does anyone even know exactly what in the world it is that the PS4 controller is capable of? I saw a tech demo

but it seems to be just an HD version of the PS3 eye. Has Sony ever announced exactly what it is that the camera does that improves upon the previous one? Can it do headtracking like some PC games do for Racing, FPS, and Flight games?

Can it do full body tracking? I'm just curious.

ftwrthtx1971d ago

All I've heard is that the second camera gives it true depth perception.

Donnieboi1971d ago

So does that mean it can single me out from the rest of the room or something? What's that even mean? Also thanx for answering.

ftwrthtx1971d ago

@Donnie It means if you are playing a game, then it should know your exact location and distance from the camera.

I know Kinect does this well, and now the PS4 should be able to track you completely, so much better than the PSEye or PS2 Eyetoy.

dbjj120881971d ago

Also curious for exact details.

gamer78041970d ago

It places a glowing blue glare on your tv at all times :(

Ineedtacos21970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

I love how a lot of people (not saying anyone on here, just the internet in general) are talking up the Kinect 2 so much and counting out the Ps4 eye because of the resolution deference. The Kinect as a 1080p(@30fps)camera while the eye has two 1280x800(@60fps)cameras, which at first glance would give the Kinect an advantage but thats not factoring in the capabilities of the two eye cameras combining resolution. By combining multiple low res pictures together its possible to produce a higher res picture, a technique that has been around for a while and yielded great results see here for examples The Ps4 eyes input is twice as fast (for each camera) as the Kinect 2, thus allowing the the eye to take 4x the fps (at 1280x800) as the Kinect does at 1080p. What the resolution increase would be I have no clue but it could potentially be equal to or exceed 1080p, assuming the eye takes advantage of this process.

Donnieboi1970d ago

Nice find! Thanks for the info!

Ineedtacos21970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

I think some experts, not just reporters but actual engineers and programmers as well as other people perhaps Kinesiologist (they study movement) to test the capabilities of the Kinect 2 vs the PS4 eye. Perhaps motion capture experts and professional photographers as well, they might help in giving an in depth analysis and shed some light on not only the caparisons between the two but the unique capabilities of each. Get some real compare and contrast going on by putting them through a battery of test to get down to the meat of both devices.

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ftwrthtx1971d ago

That was an entertaining read. Thanks guys.

mkotechno1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Motion sensors are a huge enemy of true gamers, they just fucked up half of the last generation with MS and Sony following the smell of Wii money and spending tons of R&D and first studios dev time in casual craps... now with XBO the Xbox legacy is simply dead because N O B O D Y wants to play kinect more than 5 minutes in his life!!!!! face it Microsoft!

Remember the 3D trend and how PS4 and Xbox720 was rumored to fully support 3D gaming and stuff, now the trend is gone and nobody gives a fuck about it; imagine a next-gen console totally focused in this outdated trend... sounds stupid right? do you know other outdated trend? motion sensors, TADA!!!!

Waller1970d ago

The Kinect is used for more than motion gaming. My wife and I use it to order around Netflix and the dashboard when we're taking care of our kid or we're in the kitchen and she's in her play yard. The ability to say "Xbox on" and "Xbox off" is honestly a godsend for people like us. I used to be a hardcore gamer back in the PS2 and early 360 days, but now I guess I fall into the "casual" demographic because I started a family.

I also don't remember when "hardcore" became synonymous with "jaded".

mkotechno1970d ago

So millions of gamers must buy an overpriced NSA camera because you "need" to change your TV channel with your voice... yea, seems pretty logical... but I think there is a $99 device that do that, is called AppleTV with Siri.

The point is MS is totally mixing concepts in a weird way and providing a solution that only a small part of its clients are demanding. I can only see it as another Windows8-like fiasco, and another little step to MS bankrupt on the postPC era.

Ineedtacos21970d ago

First of Both the PS4 and Xbox1 full support 3D gaming and movies/tv, it's no longer a "gimmick" a lot of people have 3D capable tvs, most HD tv's today are 3D and have improved on many of the issues that plagued the early HD3D tvs.

Motion control gaming has potential that has not been realized yet, and may not be this generation. The Media Molecule PS4 demo, Crytek's Ryse, Project Spark as well as a few others have some interesting mechanics utilizing motion sensors. The original Kinect and PS3 move were pretty gimmicky and needed vast improvement (which they are doing for the next gen). Its not so much the tech thats the problem, its the games/software that utilizes them that needs to improve. Developers need to learn how to better utilize the technologies in more unique and meaningful ways.

By the way, the NSA thing while it is a concern its not just the Kinect. They are more likely to monitor your phone than utilize the motion sensors on gaming consoles. Your smart phone holds far more data from phone records, internet history, GPS data to personal info such as Credit card data, Facebook/contacts, and calendar info. This is far more information that they can use than what you do in your living and/or game room. Though I do understand the need for personal privacy in your own home for various reasons. The NSA and other agencies are probably monitoring other devices and not your gaming ones (especially now with this whole scandal that's going on).

Waller1970d ago

Is it still cool to refer to the new Kinect as a "spy device"? I must have fallen behind on the times.

Nobody is complaining about the millions of Kinects already sold and connected to Xboxes around the globe. You can't just sit around and be afraid that the government is spying on you; at that point, it really would become "1984". It's the fear that eventually bread loyalty to the state.

And why would I spend $400 on an Xbox One without a Kinect and then buy a $100 AppleTV with Siri? That comes out to the SAME PRICE and becomes infinitely more inconvenient to me as a consumer.

All in all, the Kinect's mandatory inclusion with the Xbox One isn't that big of a deal, but anyone who's making it one is either doing it because everyone else is doing it, or they're the people that would buy a PS4 to "just play games" and then buy the PS4's "eye".

It is called something that does nothing but literally watches.

Donnieboi1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Ummm...I actually believe that things like head-tracking and even eye tracking (both technology is used on pc to make games far more reactive) are good for gaming.

But I don't like it if it goes beyond that. i don't wanna wave my arms at all.

But head tracking can increase the speed, efficiency, and reaction time of a gamer. Imagine having your gun in an FPS game aimed in the 12 O'clock position, while being able to quickly look to your left to see who's there (all without having to move the aim of your gun).

It's hard to explain what I mean, here's a video:

There's no way anyone could look at this and not see the progress it could bring to gaming!

S2Killinit1970d ago

I'll be getting a PS camera for head tracking (: