Battlefield 4, four months out, already has two DLC packs

Per Gamespot this morning, EA announced details of one of two DLC packs that were first titled at E3. The Second Assault pack will contain four redesigned “fan-favorite” maps from Battlefield 3, enhanced for the next-gen Frostbite 3 engine.

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Hufandpuf1995d ago

Pre-Order the game and get both free. A no brainier if you're going to get the game at launch anyway.

DoubleJumpAUS1995d ago

Fair point, but isn't part of the pre-order controversy concern that DLC is pressuring consumers into a pre-order when they wouldn't otherwise go that way... reflecting the inflation of the whole pre-order scheme in the first place?

Hufandpuf1995d ago

A pre-order is not a guaranteed sale. A person can cancel their pre-order at any time. That's why Devs/Pubs try to lock in those sales by giving "Incentives" to those that keep their pre-orders till launch and attract new customers. I personally do not see the harm in pre-ordering because it ensures the Pubs get paid and the consumer gets rewarded.

And before the claims that devs cut content (some do), DICE wouldn't dare fall that low. For example, the first DLC pack may contain remade maps that could be developed after the game releases because they are busy focusing on the new maps (like how B2K released a month later in BF3).

Now season passes that are bought before the game releases is bullshit because you are buying something you don't know too much about, but at least when pre-ordering you already have a good idea what to expect.

BattleAxe1995d ago

Oh well, once H-Hour comes out on PC, PS4 and hopefully Xbox One, that will be the game that keeps my attention over the long term. All of these yearly release titles can f*** right off.

MikeyDucati11995d ago

Oh that was nice...that was real nice what you did there.

xPhearR3dx1995d ago


I can't say I agree with you on the Season Pass thing for one reason. They never go away. Even though all the Borderlands 2 DLC is out, you can still purchase the Season Pass for $30 and get all 4 DLC's ($40 bought separately) at a discounted price and we already know everything about each one since they're released.

I knew I would buy all the Borderlands 2 DLC regardless as I LOVE Borderlands, so I bought the Season Pass at launch. For me, it's easier. I just download them when they come out at no extra cost and not worry about having the money up front. Then there's always those people who are uneasy about DLC. They have the option of waiting for all the DLC to be released, to see exactly what they're getting. Or purchase each one they like and not get the rest.

If Season Passes couldn't be purchased the day the first piece of DLC was released, then yeah I'd call BS. However, that's not the case and they're available when every you wish to opt-in. For me, that's convenient and fair assuming the price justifies the content.

Hufandpuf1995d ago


I agree and disagree

Season passes are justifiable once they release and you see all the content, but how is it any better than a pre-order? At least even if you pre-order and you don't like the game you can return it and get money back. But with season passes if the content you downloaded somehow turns out terrible or not what you expected, then you're out of luck.

titletownrelo1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

but each game keeps getting less and less friendly. ANd now for BF4, EA is giving early access to M$, and knowing M$ I'd say the early access will be longer than just a week...this accomplishes NOTHING.

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dedicatedtogamers1995d ago

Welcome to the next-gen of EA after they've gotten rid of online passes.

In future news, Mass Effect 4 will lock the final three missions behind DLC codes, but DON'T WORRY! Because if you pre-order and/or buy within the first month, you'll get it all for free. Nothing to get upset about at all, folks.

GuyThatPlaysGames1995d ago

This is ridiculous when the game could easily be released with all this already. Just EA's way to make more $.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1995d ago

I will never buy the dlc to this after they made it timed to MS.. I will vote with my wallet.. BF was born on PC and everything should come to that platform first

REDGUM1995d ago

I thought all games were made on a PC just using specific code for the other platforms?
I could be wrong , but if I'm right, your saying ALL games should come out on PC 1st?
Sounds a little unfair to me.

DOMination-1995d ago

But bf3 being timed on ps3 is perfectly fine?

Xristo1995d ago

What DOMination- said ^

CaptCalvin1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

He's not referring to the fact that the game was developed using a PC, but the fact that BF as a Franchise was born on the PC.

REDGUM1995d ago

Did I misunderstand you? I thought you were talking ALL games not specifically DLC for battlefield.
If its just the timing of DLC you were talking about then I totally agree.

titletownrelo1995d ago


when it was timed for PS3, it only lasted a week. But knowing M$ and how all they focus on is timed DLC rather than exlusives, then they will try to make the early access as long as a month. (like COD)

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MysticStrummer1995d ago

I'm not happy to be hearing about DLC this early.

This actually makes me want the game less.

Hufandpuf1995d ago

The DLC does not release at launch. DICE develops the DLC maps after the game goes gold, this is just the brainstorming stage. For example, B2K Expansion was released a month after the game came out.

MysticStrummer1995d ago

Yeah I hear ya.

I should be used to this kind of thing by now, but hearing about DLC this far in advance of the release really rubs me the wrong way.

TekoIie1995d ago

We hear about 2 DLC packs for BF4 months before its scheduled release... While begging for 2K to just talk about Bioshock: Infinite's DLC packs.

This really is a situation where we cant win dammit >:(

ginsunuva1995d ago

Not only that, but the one they demoed and included in the alpha test package: Siege of Shanghai, is part of the first DLC pack.

So they're definitely working on DLC before release, no doubt about it.

DOMination-1995d ago

Its naive to think otherwise

NavydAd1995d ago


LackTrue4K1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

ok wait, now im lost....its first on XboxOne itsonly for the second one?!?

Utalkin2me1995d ago

You know it is releasing on PC at the same time too.

NavydAd1995d ago

How Do I get both Dlc if I plan on buying it digitally?

Finch1995d ago

I was thinking the same thing. I do have it preordered now, but thought of canceling to go digital. Now I think I have to stay disc.

Unless they offer it to people that buy it day one on digital too then Im sold.

slazer1011995d ago

What I wonder is by buying the PS4 BF4 bundle count as a per-order?

pandehz1995d ago

EA dont push it anymore.

If you think you have a chance of beating cod this year, dlc packs are not the way

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