Here’s Six Minutes Of Pikmin 3

Nintendo Japan released a six-minute trailer for the long-awaited Pikmin 3 shortly after the Nintendo Direct which took place today. The video showcases the adorable Pikmin battling against their environment and strategically defeating the many foes that stand in their way. In case you missed the Pikmin Nintendo Direct earlier, you can watch it here.

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DeadSpaced1994d ago

From what I've seen, Pikmin 3 has true potential. I like the inclusion of another game mode; however, they still have yet to include my personal wish: storymode with multiplayer elements.

If there are several people playing as different characters, that opens the game to so many new strategies.

Off-topic: This video did remind me of all the times I messed up and thoughtlessly charged into a new environment. I still get sad seeing the little pikmin die.

_QQ_1994d ago

Pikmin 3 looks like a beast.Here i thought the only good strategy games were on PC,I guess that's just Nintendo for you.

Iltapalanyymi1994d ago

pikmin is for casual babbies. just how can you be hyped about something like this? i dont get it.

Perjoss1994d ago

"i dont get it."

the answer is right there in your question

mcmmaster1994d ago

Clearly you don't understand the brilliance of core game design in one of Miyamotos game's, but If you truly can't see that this game is looking to be one of Miyamotos finest work then you shouldn't really even bother commenting on this game.

Also please elaborate on how exactly Pikmin is for casual babbies? Just as stupid as saying something like Anime is only for Japanese people.

Iltapalanyymi1994d ago

pfft i just dont get the idea for little "UGUU KAWAIII LITTLE WEIRD MEN GAEM LEL XD" i mean, nintendo should really start making new REAL games other than just fucking rehash every goddamn ip they have. i quit nintendo after wii came out and i will never go back.

i just dont like these casual gaems. they are too bland and simple.