Bill Gates May Have to Testify In Xbox Fire Case

Paul McDougall writes: "The lawyer for the family of a teenage girl who was horribly burned in a house fire allegedly sparked by a faulty Xbox game console is threatening to have Microsoft chairman Bill Gates testify about the safety of his company's offshore manufacturing practices.

Attorney William Tinning said in a letter to Microsoft last week that he would seek 'an apex deposition for Mr. Gates given his worldwide speeches about the inadequacies of capitalism and the need for his Warren Buffet-funded charitable trust to bridge the gap.'

Microsoft has denied responsibility for the fire.

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decapitator3643d ago

Billy G testifying ? Sup ?

MrWonderful3643d ago

as much as i look down on M$ gates has nothing to do with this so why bring him in. greedy ass people always lookin for a easy way out

actas1233643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

How do u know he has nothing to do with it?
There is a high possibility that MSs senior management knew of the hardware problems before the machine was released but underestimated the damage and the risk associated with it in order to beat the competition to the market by a year.

Kaz Hirai3643d ago

Emperor Kutaragi, we must stop these BEASTS! After 2008, the Xbox 360 will be nothing but a distant memory! Nazisoft will rot in HELL where they rightly belong!


iAmPS33643d ago

I am surprised if she is the only customer who got "burned" by Nazisoft.

Millions and millions of gamers every year suffer from this decease called XBOX/RROD, they should have a special label on the product:

"ATTENTION, it's not advised to use this product for more than 5 minutes. EXTREME OVERHEATING is inevitable."


Sir Ken Kutaragi 23643d ago

With your expertise King Kaz;) i'm 100% sure you will destroy those xBox Lemmings and
that thing called the xToaster 360 oh i mean xBox 360!!! ;-D
by the end of this year;)
+Your spot on iAmPS3;)
+The xBox360 Label should say -
'ATTENTION:This product is SOOOOO last-gen'! ;-D

PimpHandStrong3643d ago

welcome to America

i would say its not really the family that is greedy! Do you know how much you pay a Attorney?

im sure it was the familys fault anyway. They should have bought a PS3


codeazrael3643d ago

well, in looking at the silver lining, this girl owned a 360 was burned, if she owned a ps3 she probably would've jumped out of the window from boredom.

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The story is too old to be commented.