State of Decay refused classification in Australia because we'll all take drugs, oh no "State of Decay is an open world zombie survival horror video game where you control a group of survivors, gather supplies, build a base and stable community, form relationships and simply struggle to survive the undead hordes. It’s not exactly drastically different from what have played before in this country [Australia]. So what was the ban over this time? Overt violence? Sex? What is it?!"

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Shadonic1995d ago

Man that sucks, there's been people from Australia pleading for this game to be released down there.

NihonjinChick1995d ago

Man, this seems to be getiing more ridiculous by the minute. They ban anything and everything there. I feel bad for the Aussies.

R1V3N1995d ago

Try being from here, I love my country but this pisses me off immensely and i wasn't even intending to buy it. They recently gave us R18 classification here so this apparently wouldn't happen, seems as tho they did it just to keep us quiet, because nothings changed

Mounce1995d ago

I felt bad for them because of the spiders

But this is just cruel.

Bigpappy1995d ago

Government babysitting the adults? That's when you call an election to show them where the real power lies. People get in office and start thinking you put them there to micromanage you, because you have no concept of right and wrong so you need their help.

Real super hero syndrome.

Pisque1995d ago

I think censorship is dangerous. If the government of governmental institutions can censor "unwanted" videogames, what's going to be censored next?

SideShort1995d ago

Oh the usual.. CIA sponsored drug rings and greedy banker bailouts.

ufo8mycat1995d ago

People will just have to import this illegally or create a fake US XBl/PSN account.

If the Australian government doesn't want people importing games illegally, then don't ban it. Simple

PIayStation1995d ago

Take a good hard look at the future of gaming. In the next coming years you wont be fighting over who has the best console... youll be fighting to just get games in general. Change is coming

Pozzle1995d ago

So we finally get an R18+ rating....and it does absolutely nothing. :(

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