Xbox One and Xbox 360 Games Win Big At E3 – Handily Leading All Platforms

Last night, the “Games Critic’s Awards: Best of E3” nominations were announced and Xbox continued to be highlighted as a winning platform, with Xbox One and Xbox 360 leading all platform nominations. Xbox One and Microsoft’s exclusive titles received 11 nominations, the most of any game console. In addition to Xbox One being nominated for top console of the show, the Xbox exclusive game “Titanfall” became the most nominated game in E3 Games Critic’s Awards history ever, with six award nominations.

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Donnieboi1971d ago ShowReplies(9)
Smoovekid1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

Titanfall is NOT an Xbox one exclusive.

So Xbox Exclusives only got 5 nominations.

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dillydadally1970d ago

Not really. MS acts like they won with all their games. The truth is, they had one stand out game that got 2/3rds of their awards. You take out that one game and Sony crushed them in nominations and wins.

BABYLEG1970d ago

^^what was sonys standout game?

nevermind, don't answer that because I'm sure we're into different types of games. You probably play games a 6 year old would love.

Sometimes1971d ago

Well it's not a Xbox one exclusive but it is a Microsoft exclusive

gamer78041971d ago

Its a microsoft exclusive, not sony

Timesplitter141971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

the thing is, "microsoft exclusive" isn't something that matters to anyone. People buy platforms, not companies. In the real world, PC and XOne are two separate platforms that compete against eachother just as much as PS4 and PC

CoolBeansRus1970d ago

Time Splinter you are way off buddy. People buy consoles to play games, they dont want to build a gaming computer.

wastedcells1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

Just like mass effect, Titan Fall will end up on PS. It's EA, come on people. Microsoft may have bought the console rights but for how long and for how many Titanfall games. Anyway, its on PC so it's not an exclusive. Plus what about the steam box, is that a console, will it ever happen? Personally I'm not interested in Titanfall so I don't care but Deadrising 3 is an X1 exclusive and it could be really really good times.

JeffGUNZ1970d ago

Provide the link or stop spewing speculation.

dillydadally1970d ago

Link: http://www.playstationlifes...

It doesn't matter anyway. The MS article is misleading. It acts like they won across the board with all their games, but they really just had one stand out game (from the makers of CoD, big surprise). You take away that one game and Sony would have crushed them in nominee and winner numbers.

Urusernamesucks1971d ago

Neigther was Combat Evolved, and it turned out to be Microsofts flagship franchise due to moving xbox sales.

If tittan fall turns out to be a big success as halo...bybye other platforms.

NeoRatt1971d ago

Titanfall is a Microsoft platform exclusive...

Argue with that...

BABYLEG1970d ago

MICROSOFT got you fools hoping its not an exclusive.

you suckers, I dont care whether its timed or not, by the time you buy it I'll be on to bigger an better things

AngelicIceDiamond1971d ago

Are the fanboys really hurt by this?

That's fine let them express their rage and hate. It absolutely won't change anything.

Just let the hatred fly its ok, get it our of your system.

Flames761970d ago

Every gen the sony fanboys always want a Xbox exclusive game its funny to hear them cry.Respawn has already confirmed its Xbox exclusive and not a timed exclusive.

brich2331971d ago

So Far, TitanFall is a Microsoft Exclusive! And its being publish by microsoft, not EA.

nick3091970d ago

It is called console exclusive, same with a bunch of indies coming to ps4.

redcar1211970d ago

lol its on pc to not ps4 so what you saying

gamer20131970d ago

It would be hilarious comparing the inferior PS4 version to the XB1 version considering Titan Fall takes full advantage of Microsoft's Azure cloud. I welcome a PS4 version. Same go's for DR3.

Manic20141970d ago

it's a platform exclusive meaning playstation or nintendo dont have the game only xbox consoles.

Flames761970d ago

Sure its a console exclusive that can only be played on Xbox.Can you play titanfall on the PS4 or Wii U?Even respawn said it was exclusive to Xbox.

Belking1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

It's exclusive to MS platforms. It hasn't been announced for ps4 so that makes it exclusive. Don't hate.

Smoovekid1970d ago

I said it is not an Xbox one exclusive, learn how to read.

Jazz41081970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

People need to buy Titanfall on xboxone the devs have stated it will be the best of the two versions several times at e3 as the pc is just a port.

1970d ago
greenlantern28141970d ago

Consider the source
Because didn't agree
Said ps4 beat Xbox1
And I don't think you can win at e3 if you get booed at your press conference. Which Xbox1 did when they announced the price

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Prcko1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

Titanfall also coming to pc...

greenpowerz1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

Yes it's on all MSFT platforms. You could use google LOL The article talks about MSFT consoles doing well with games.

This will be what gamers see at game shops in the next almost 2 years, no one will remember the stunt Sony PR pulled off at its presser. DRM memories are already faded.

EDIT Below

Sony fan reasoning. I said the game is on all MSFT platforms and the article is talking about consoles.

WTF are you talking about? Pay this edit no mind if you're as child?

I_am_Batman1971d ago

"DRM memories are already faded."

That may be the case for you but it isn't for a lot of gamers.

AnteCash1971d ago

I will own a PS4 AND play Titanfall....on a year after realese ....on

AnteCash1971d ago

Yea windows is a platform that everybody owns , exclusive my ass.

Besides EA is the publisher so good luck with it staying "exclusive". xD

HammadTheBeast1971d ago

Hey guess what. Mass Effect was PUBLISHED BY MS and still came to PS3. EA's a sellout, don't worry about it coming to PS4.

InTheLab1971d ago

GFWL is MS' PC platform. Not Steam, GoG, Origin, etc.

You don't need Windows to play PC games, dude.

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HALOisKING1971d ago

yes we all know pc is geting a crappy version of titanfall

starchild1971d ago

When has the PC ever had the worst version of a multi platform game?

Even crappy ports like GTA4 still inevitably end up looking better on PC. It just amounts to having to use more power to achieve it compared to better made games.

Urusernamesucks1971d ago ShowReplies(1)
AngelicIceDiamond1971d ago

@Prcko A windows PC to be exact.

Nitropants1970d ago

Will it run on a £500 PC though ;-) think I'd rather get an XB1 and take my family away on holiday for two weeks than spend the cash on a monster gaming PC. Just my opinion though :-)

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greenpowerz1971d ago

Can't wait for CrackDown... They can really flesh out the city with blu ray and the physics will be sick on next gen. People sometimes forget MSFT announced this game during the XB1 reveal in a dash demo.

Smoovekid1971d ago

Kinda late on the Blu-ray.

lastofgen1971d ago

lol, late? what do you mean?

bootsielon1970d ago

It's funny how the fanboy greenpowerz, formerly known as "Power Of Green" and many other nicknames, is now praising blu-ray, after hating on it since the PS3 was revealed.

Prcko1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

2 bad dead rising 3 won't come to pc :/

Urusernamesucks1971d ago

Thats good. Pc gamers dont deserve xbox exclusives when in return they are bragging assholes.