Dylan Jobe confirms new PS Store for April

In a response on the Playstation.Blog to user, Dylan Jobe says:

"I know! April is crazy right? New store, new games…
…and GT5 is wicked fun! I've been playing it way too much!"

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sonarus3763d ago

they should just go ahead and include in game xmb while they are at it. Anyway that will be one ps3 complaint down the drain. Assuming the new store is actually good.

Maybe we can keep our fingers crossed for faster downloads too

TheExecutive3763d ago

well, he also says in a response that they are investigating ingame invites for version 1.4. Whether that means sony or just the game is another story.

Lifendz3763d ago

Prolouge, New PSN look, and probably a massive ad campaign. Oh yeah, Dual SHock 3 (which I already have cuz I got me the Japanese version).

Yeah, Sony is trying to put forth a pretty good case for those people going to buy a new console for GTA IV to buy their console.

Can't wait to see which side benefited the most from GTA.

Rice3763d ago

AWEsome.... I was thinking that there gonna do everything at store, in game xmb and home in one package...

PimpHandStrong3763d ago

get a better service

My downloads are slow also but a friend of mine has comcast and its in now way slow.

I pay 20bucks a month for my service and he pays 60

they do need to revamp the store. Its getting to big and even thou i didnt see anything wrong with it for a long time i am now seeing why its so clusmy. They just have 2much stuff now and finding what you want is a bit fukd

crazy250003763d ago

Are fast for me. They go at least 500kb/s with my schools connection. As PHS said, the store is getting bigger and harder to navigate.

decapitator3763d ago

Is is safe to assume that the update will be hitting next thursday ?

crazy250003763d ago

Please, no more rumours lol

Always a let down if we make false assumptions :(

danarc3763d ago

It could be, but I doubt it.

I reckon it will be mid-late April.

I'm sure I read April 15th though.

decapitator3763d ago

Well I ask because there is a suposedly an event planned for next month so it might hit around that time or right after it.

whoelse3763d ago

Since there is an advert on the European store, i think the new look will come next week. But as for America, who knows.

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The story is too old to be commented.