Who Would Star In A Last Of Us Sequel? Creators Won't Rule Anyone Out

Kotaku - The Last of Us may have ended; the credits may have rolled. But this is a video game! Of course it's not over.

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wastedcells1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

I can see them using Ellie in a sequel. An older Ellie but Joel is done. Doubt we will see him again. I have mixed feeling about a sequel tho. It was such an amazing game.

Mr_Nuts1970d ago

Why not Joel, the lie he told Ellie at the end of the game will come into play in the sequel

ND havent created a game like this with amazing character development only to throw Joel away.

I still think Joel will be back, we'll have more time in Ellie's shoes but Joel will still be there.

I don't know how they will do it but I really want them to come through with that concept art with parts of the UK in ruins. How they get to the UK or why they go there I don't know but I would love if they did it. From London, to Manchester, to Liverpool, Blackpool, Newcastle Upon Tyne then finally to Glasgow.

ArchangelMike1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

^^@Mr Nuts. Dude, don't post spoliers. Not cool man.

GentlemenRUs1970d ago


Game's been out long enough, Play it or face non-spoilers ;)

die_fiend1970d ago


You're reading an article about a TLOU sequel. If you came in thinking there'd be no mention of the ending then you should probably give up on the whole internet thing

Mr_Nuts1970d ago


Yeah exactly what die_fiend says

It's an article about a SEQUEL to a game you havent played, why the f*** would you come onto this article in the first place.

Seriously I don't see the point of adding a spoiler tag to articles like this.

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Timesplitter141970d ago

I agree. TLOU was fantastic and it should end like this imo. Making a sequel would just give the impression that they are milking the franchise.

I think by now ND has proven that they are genius game designers and they should receive some kind of nobel prize or something. I trust them enough to come up with an even more amazing new IP

cpayne931970d ago

I don't see how making one or two sequels could be considered milking. I want their story to continue, Joel and Ellie are just too good of characters to let it end here, and their future was uncertain. I would like them to be involved in a whole trilogy.

Roper3161970d ago

just based on the ending I believe both will be in it at least to start, then theywill go there separate ways ( you will play parallel story lines during this time )and then get back together at the end. just my opinion.


just some thoughts I had on DLC for this amazing game

I would love for 1 of the DLC's to be about Ellie leading upto her getting infected and ending when she initially hooks up with Joel & Tess.

And for another I would like to see the first person who was infected and have it lead upto when Joel initially left his house with Sara & Tommy.

first1NFANTRY1970d ago

Although the last of us ended in a great way I still think there's a world of possibilities for a sequel. I mean ND could further explore the stories of the characters Joel and Ellie came in contact with.

For a new IP they've done extremely well and it would be foolish not to do a sequel sometime down the line for the ps4. Frankly I would love to see Jimmy's journey or the African American brothers.

Benjammin251970d ago

I think the game ended perfectly. It wasn't over the top or cliché, it was done right. If a sequel follows the same characters, I can't help but feel it'll ruin that great ending to a degree. I personally hope for new characters, but I won't lose sleep over it either way.

stage881970d ago

Joel and Ellie's story is done. Adding a sequel would feel tacked on.

New characters is where it should go.

WitWolfy1970d ago

I'd like to see David in the sequel... Not just because it Nolan North, but to see why he is the way he is...

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