Don't Expect A Huge Amount Of Xbox One Chatter During Build 2013

Not the star of this dev show.

Microsoft's Build 2013 developer conference is right around the corner, with the first keynote kicking off at 9 a.m. PT/12 p.m. ET/5 p.m. BST Wednesday. While we'll hear plenty on Windows 8.1, there's one area Microsoft won't shine a big spotlight on.

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Supermax1997d ago

Been watching the conference so far very interesting

Lockhart1997d ago

Just seems like they're burying their heads in the sand. I'm a Xbox and Microsoft supporter and I will be the first to admit that the way they are carrying their weight around right now is doing them no favors. Mind you, I feel a PS4 preorder making itself apparent within the upcoming days.

greenpowerz1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

Nah they have to be careful about what they say and when due to their competition *Lying In Wait* MSFT's other products don't really have competition.

HammadTheBeast1997d ago

Yeah. Wouldn't want another 180 after being outplayed by competition right?

greenpowerz1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

MSFT's specs of very old dev kit were already leaked to Sony and Sony matched MSFT's RAM amount. They will not allow that to happen again. Sony dropped the Cell and is simply waiting for ideas from MSFT and trying to top them. Sony tries to bait MSFT into a spec war for this very reason always boasting PS4's specs even though the games on PS4 say otherwise, trying to make MSFT reveal the spec details.

Utalkin2me1997d ago

Wow, i agree with green. They totally have to watch what they say. They have been saying the wrong stuff since showing of Xbox1, which has caused some major flip flopping. Best thing for them to do is shut up, and not tell anyone anything.

devwan1997d ago

What planet does greenpowerz live on? Taking the blind fanboy mentality to a whole new level.

torchic1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )


your trolling has got to an extent where I don't really like coming to the comment section anymore. it's that bad, you spout the biggest load of bullshit I've ever seen on the internet.

specs won't change, WITHOUT A BIG DELAY.

EPiCDiNGO1997d ago

I do not know who is paying you to troll this site but it is clear that you are here to cause confusion to gamers by spreading false information like you have said earlier and in other threads. Do not think this is being unnoticed by people on here.

s8anicslayer1997d ago

@greenpowerz what other products are you referring to? The surface? the Zune? Windows? windows mobile? Xbox division? You tell me which one has no competition or which one other windows for PC can actually be called leader of the pack in overall sales. You are a troll spamming up the comment section of this site

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PositiveEmotions1997d ago

Xb1 is getting less and less attention how sad lol

Yodagamer1997d ago

Like sony, microsoft has to promote it's other products it's not like nintendo where they can focus on games all the time when they have conferences

Pisque1997d ago

Worthless trolling is worthless

UNGR1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

Really? Every time I see somebody bashing one, and praising the other they do just that. They come in a pair, most people don't mention the PS4 without the X1, or the X1 without the PS4. Difference is Microsoft knows how to market, and they know how to market well. Chances are the X1 will do just fine, as will the PS4. Kids trying to predict the winner more than 10 years away is stupid. If you got the games that make you happy, don't bash the competition for fun, makes you look stupid.

And again, they get plenty of attention. No doubt they had a great conference software wise, they fixed everyone's issues with the DRM, used games, ect. What's not to like now? We have two great new consoles coming out, one is $100 more, both have a lot of great games coming to them. There should be ZERO negative attention towards either, they both look great. And if your taking only N4G news into account that would be why the news is one sided, this site is full of PS fanboys, if you've missed that I'm shocked.

PositiveEmotions1997d ago

Im not saying ms wont make a come back but atm ms is not really getting much attention to the xb1 sadly but true.

NihonjinChick1997d ago

"Microsoft know how to market"

Then explain why they failed to effectively explain the benefits of their old plan to the consumers?

UNGR1997d ago


Easy, they reversed the process. And now it's doing just fine. The only people who are still complaining about it are PlayStation fanboys who weren't going to purchase the system to begin with. I wanted an X1 when they showed off all the games, but I was hesitant with the restrictions. Now they're gone, and now I'm getting one, day one. No reason to hate this machine now, every "reason" I've seen is just grasping at straws at this point. Take your crap elsewhere fanboy, you're a waste of everyone's time.

GravelerMagnitude91997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

Microsoft tried to clear the sh** from the gaming community by removing restrictions that majority didnt like, but only because of money.
(those who were able to withstand the sh** now wants to say things like

1. i told you microsofts are betters

2. msoft has better exclusives (is that so?, can you really tell at this moment?)

3. playstation is cheaper because xbox is more worth it (is that the case?)

4. playstation must be paid for online so xbox is the bestestest ( Plus is not equal to live)

Basically, people act like msoft was in the best interest for gamers saying they listened (they didnt listen to us before May 21st)

Its like running back to someone who just raped you a day ago and then they put on a false smile and say "i listened, i will no longer rape you".

If you want to fall into their money trap, you choose.

support a better company's product.

I forgot to say that because of msoft making a half cable box, half game console, multiplatform games will have to stoop to microsoft's level since they didnt build a gaming beast machine like most xbox fan/ supporters wanted.

Yes, its obvious im for Sony, but because i hate Microsoft as a company, not the game developers of xbox

MysticStrummer1997d ago

"Microsoft knows how to market"

"Then explain why they failed to effectively explain the benefits of their old plan to the consumers?"

"Easy, they reversed the process."

You were asked a legitimate question and you completely ignored it, then you called the questioner a fanboy.


Classic N4G

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AngelicIceDiamond1997d ago

@Positive MS can't promote other stuff they have going on now?

The X1 is getting plenty of attention, more so its exclusive games.

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PerryCaravello1997d ago

We wouldn't want to "Step in it" again, would we lol.

Keep it hush hush lol.

redcar1211997d ago

do sony talk about their tv no its a diffrent department

KwietStorm1997d ago

..? Did you mean does Sony Computer Entertainment talk about TVs?

PerryCaravello1997d ago

what does this have to do with sony... lol

you have nothing but sony on your mind


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