GameTap: Galactic Civilizations II: Twilight of the Arnor Preview

GameTap writes: "Most people associate the word "moo" with the oral utterances of a cow, but a small sect of people, mostly bearded ones who play turn-based games, also think of the phrase "Master of Orion." That was a franchise of turn-based strategy games in which you guided an alien race from one planet to exploring, colonizing, or conquering the galaxy; it's sort of like Civilization, but among planets and stars rather than countries and landmasses. While the MOO franchise has long lain dormant, developer Stardock has somewhat taken the reins with its Galactic Civilizations franchise. The upcoming Twilight of the Arnor is planned to be the second and final expansion to Galactic Civilizations II At the moment, the team is treating this expansion as somewhat of a pseudo-sequel to tide players over until either GalCiv III or Stardock's yet-to-be-named fantasy-based strategy game."

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