GI: What New Worlds We Want To See In Kingdom Hearts III

With the Kingdom Hearts III finally a reality, GI couldn't help but anticipate what Square Enix and Disney have in store for Sora and company. Part of Kingdom Hearts' magic is stepping into Disney worlds and feeling like you're transported back to your childhood. The nostalgia factor fuels the experience, letting your reminisce about these iconic characters and their journey as you're embarking on your own with Sora.

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Unicron1969d ago

More Tron!
ONE Marvel world (NYC, with plenty of cameos)!
Can I get some Incredibles please?
How about a little Wreck It Ralph?

dark-hollow1969d ago

Isn't star wars and marvel owned by Disney now?

pr0t0typeknuckles1969d ago

this will never happen but i want gargoyles.

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