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Submitted by Abriael 962d ago | rumor

Picture of a PS4 Bundle with PlayStation Camera and Knack Leaked

A mysterious picture that portrays very similar elements to the contents of the PS4 box, but seems to add to the bundle a copy of Knack and the PlayStation 4 Camera has surfaced. (Knack, PS4)

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BattleReach  +   962d ago
Knacky Knacky Knack
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iGAM3R-VIII  +   962d ago
lol true say
blitz0623  +   962d ago
If true, probably a $499 bundle which still gives more value than the normal Xbox One bundle, though I guess it costs MS more to make a Kinect camera... ah who am I kidding, it's Microsoft - it's all about greed.
MuleKick  +   961d ago
I'll take the Ultimate bundle:
PS4, PSV, Camera & Watch Dogs.
Make that $700 and Sony, you have my money!!
Donnieboi  +   962d ago
I want a Silver or Grey PS4, so it kinda reminds me of the PS1 that my sister passed down to me. What a magnificent system THAT was! JRPG's galore!
I_am_Batman  +   962d ago
I'll probably get exactly that bundle + Watchdogs or Killzone - or both.

Edit: Oh wait it's with the camera? I'll get the one without it.
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RedHawkX  +   962d ago
knack gave me a big mac attack!
Why o why  +   962d ago
darthv72  +   962d ago
now this is what Im talking about
the full package right there.
imXify  +   962d ago
Put this against the Xbox One at 500$ lol.
Transporter47  +   962d ago
I think they will do just that.
Abriael  +   962d ago
This bundle may very well never be. There are several rumors floating around about camera bundles being scrapped, so this may be just a relic of that, who knows
wastedcells  +   962d ago
Probably an amazon or GameStop bundle. Maybe a Black Friday bundle. But I doubt this is what rumour say is something they ditched at last minute to come in at less then X1. Sony was never one for launch bundles.
onyoursistersback  +   962d ago
@ retailers they should place both consoles side by side....
BitbyDeath  +   962d ago
Might get this bundle if it comes to Australia.
Devilbringer  +   962d ago
Switch out Knack With Infamous Second Son, and i'll buy it
HemDeviance  +   962d ago
I was under the impression that Second Son wasn't coming out until 2014... I agree with your statement, however.
PeaSFor  +   962d ago
Q1 2014
RedHawkX  +   962d ago
get knack first and infamous second, son!
I_am_Batman  +   962d ago
You don't want Knack? :(
RedHawkX  +   962d ago
i want knack knacks!
Devilbringer  +   961d ago
Don't know about Knack, looks kinda silly for my taste og game, but maybe i give it a try i just borrow it from my friend! . last week, that joke would be funny :P
RedHawkX  +   962d ago
Noooooo!!! knack is like crack for gamers. you will get addicted!
JetsFool3500  +   962d ago
Then The Camera Would Be Pointless
6DEAD6END6  +   962d ago
I wonder how much it will retail for, hopefully $499 lol.
My_Outer_Heaven  +   962d ago
If that becomes a real bundle I hope its less than $499 just to bitch slap MS again but I doubt it. If the camera costs about $84 and the game about $60 then a $499 price point is very compelling still.
Abriael  +   962d ago
The camera is $60, so it's entirely plausible.
Ju  +   961d ago
$499 sounds realistic, $479 would be nice, incl. a PS+ voucher. Could add some more PSN freebees to make it more attractive.

But, still something I'd go for. I want a camera you'll get a game for "free" (sort of). I have PS+. And I want the other games (2 or 3) anyhow. Nice bundle.
My_Outer_Heaven  +   961d ago
Playroom should come with the camera because it looks like a really fun, show your friends type game.
PositiveEmotions  +   962d ago
jcnba28  +   962d ago
Does anyone know if that line on the ps4 lights up? And is it on all the time or is it like the Wii where it only flashes when you turn it on or insert a disc?
My_Outer_Heaven  +   962d ago
It certainly looks like it lights up... but even if it doesn't it still looks pretty slick. It might be a semi-transparent blue plastic with a white LED behind.

The DualShock 4 has lights for inbuilt Move functions so having a blue light strip on the machine would certainly match the controller.

PS4 is a beautiful modern looking machine! It kinda reminds me of a snazzy gaming laptop.
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showtimefolks  +   962d ago
can we use our bluetooth pulse headsets with ps4?
Abriael  +   962d ago
The pulse is 100% confirmed (by Yoshida) the Pulse Elite 99% confirmed (by Scott Rohde)
JRH7783  +   962d ago
Yes, you can use them. I don't know if I want to get whatever official PS4 bluetooth headset they release or just stick with the official PS3 bluetooth headset.
level 360  +   962d ago
Just bought a Pulse Elite tincan with The Last of Us game but am sure it will also be compatible for PS4.

Sony for sure will simply roll out updates for Pulse Elite on their PEM ( Pulse Elite Manager ) app.
ScamperCamper  +   962d ago
Looks good. If you fake that, then I say get a life!
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   962d ago
Ill skip the Camera
killerips   962d ago | Spam
kingPoS  +   962d ago
What if...
you could take 3D video & pictures. It's a stereo camera right?
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elhebbo16  +   961d ago
yea but if I recall the two cameras do two different things (one measures something while the other does something else). I dunno I could be completely wrong
yami930  +   961d ago
Im waiting for a bundle with the PS4 Camera and this would be perfect if true. For those of you who would have taken another game, its understandable, but I think Knack is the perfect game for Sony to throw in because:

1. Its a new IP and Sony would want to push it to being successful
2. Its one if not the only E rated PS4 exclusive game shown so far (being touted as the PS4 Crash Bandicoot, with Mark Cerny behind the game)
3. Being a single player experience, it can be played right away (no PS Plus or anything additional outside of what is provided in the bundle is required)
4. Its original and Sony would like to show diversity within its game library (and what better way than to demonstrate something new with a platformer anyone can enjoy thats a launch title?)

If this was to release at $499 it will be awesome, saves $20, its very great value and will make Xbox One seem low in value and / or overpriced for what your getting (even though Microsoft claim they are over delivering with their Xbox One price). The only thing that would have made this PS4 bundle %100 perfect is if there was at least 30 days of PS Plus thrown in and then it will feel complete, either way I would love this bundle to be real!
strigoi814  +   961d ago
Skip the camera, change the headset and get a pulse elite headset then grab the launch games
naiyo  +   961d ago
Does Knack use any type of motion controls?
vazurahan  +   961d ago
LOL! XBOX ONE probably won't do this since they don't want to show off the power brick.
satam55  +   961d ago
Mmm-hmm. I speculated on a couple messageboards that I think Sony will release a PS4 bundle with the PS4 Camera, an option of "Knack" or "Driveclub", & a free 30-60 days PS+ trial for $500 to attract the family/broad mainstream audience.

Looks like I was right.
shuuwai  +   961d ago
Compositing image, Photoshop. First, the camera what a cut and paste with a mask on the on ps4 console hardware. Second, the case image was 3d tilt and paste. A site that just wants hits. The Site riding on the ign's news on cam was taken out of ps4 bundle. Yet sony shoot it down.
LordofPwn  +   961d ago
it's legit. found on Sony's servers
o-Sunny-o  +   961d ago
Can we use my old camera for PS3? Too many bundles I don't know what to get!

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