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5 Last-Gen Mistakes the Gaming Industry Should Learn From

GameDynamo - "The new era of gaming is now upon us. With the reveal of the PS4 and the Xbox One, the "big three" are back in the arena. Each has taken E3 as an opportunity to sway consumers to their side, or lash out in vengeful precision at the competition, aiming to cripple them. With the next great console war looming over the horizon like a billowing thunderhead, now is a great time to look back on the errors of last generation as a warning against the pitfalls which could ensnare either of the big three." (3DS, Culture, Next-Gen, PS3, Xbox 360)

mydyingparadiselost  +   831d ago
I'm on board with this whole list, but I bet all of these things happen all over again. If there's one thing this industry does well its repeat mistakes :p
vikingland1  +   831d ago
Good article, all valid points. Hopefully the points made in the article will be followed through in the next gen.
MikeyDucati1  +   831d ago
Interesting indeed. Though I wished they used the six axis more intuitively. The best example I could think of was Heavenly Sword at the stage where you shot arrows and controlled them with the six axis. That was cool. I play that stage often just for that.
_QQ_  +   831d ago
Paying to play online.
UNGR  +   831d ago
#1 laughably inefficient processing chips.
Fixed! Everyone dodged that mess this go round. This just makes it easy on the developers, and keeps fans receiving ports happy. Glad everyone took the safe route this next generation.

2# Focus on MP that the developers themselves can't bother to focus on enough to make it worth playing.

3# Crappy writers, almost all of my favorite series this generation walked off a cliff in terms of writing. Start weeding out the idiots that couldn't write their way out of a paper bag.

4# Games getting full retail prices that don't have near enough content to warrant a full retail release. The Witcher 2 is worth $60, Call of Duty is worth $10 most, available on the arcade for download. And Call of Duty is just an easy example, so many games this generation haven't come close to being worth $60. We need a price administration board that works like the ESRB. They set the prices, with $60 being the highest they can go. (special editions being the exception, they decide how much the stuff inside the collectors edition is worth)

CLONES! Seriously, can we stop with the way too similar cloning of game formulas? I'll have a stroke if I see another Minecraft rip off.

That's a simple 5, there are plenty of mistakes to learn from this next generation, let's hope they all get fixed. And now for the waiting game.
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buynit  +   831d ago
100% agree with number 4

Not all games are created equal! So not all should cost 60, thats why the devs and pubs have such a hard time with used game sales they simply dont compete! Gamestop make millions if not more off of used games and its not cause every game they sold is great its cause they put it at a much better price to try it out. I must of missed out on so many games simply because its not worth 60 bucks but if it was 45 30 i would of tried them...

I really dont feel all that bad for all devs and pubs cause they dont try to compete.. Look at DD wtf do i still have to pay full retail price when so many middle men have been cut out, no packaging, shelf space, disc etc.. but the damn game still costs the same months later...
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buynit  +   831d ago
Yea what is up with launch games? Its as if these console makers have no clue that their new console is about to launch.. Dont get me wrong you get one or two that are good but cmon...

He left out back compatible games and accesories... Why is it that every gen we get fucked out of our old games i should at the very least be able to play the exclusives from the past gen!
PersonMan  +   831d ago
I hope next gen gets rid of screen tearing for good. I'm sick of most games being released with tearing.

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