Sony – Why We Are All In-Favor of Your Console

It isn’t just the fact that they appealed to Gamers at E3. It’s the fact that they where the under-dogs for the longest time. Certain mistakes with the PlayStation 3 gave the Xbox 360 an upper-hand last gen but Sony held it through. They continued to provide and waited. They wanted to come back strong. So obviously they held some things out at the Reveal, while Microsoft did not.

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allformats1913d ago

You're all about gamers and games.

georgeenoob1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

Cause it's Sony.

They can release a turd and and the fanboys will still praise it and troll the internet.

Utalkin2me1913d ago

Says the guy that probably had to replace his xbox 360 4 different times.

xHeavYx1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

And M$ can sell an inferior console for an extra $100, force kinect on you and almost force DRM (that they had to reverse because no one was getting their machine) and still 2 bubble fanboys praise the Xbox One

georgeenoob1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )


Actually, I had it for 5 years and it hasn't failed once. This isn't 2007 anymore guy.


Inferior as in more exclusives and a powerful cloud system with 300k servers? And a "forced" Kinect as if it's going to force you to jump around and wave your arms at your TV and no good use of games? Yea, don't be a hypocrite fanboy.

Ilovetheps41913d ago

George, are you still buying into that cloud crap. It won't work as well as you think.

As for Kinect, I hope that MS doesn't do what they did with the 360. They started to make mostly kinect games after a while. Hopefully they don't do that again.

Utalkin2me1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )


I know 5 years ago isn't 2007 it's 2008. In which MS was still was having high failure rates. So if the PS3 was a turd, what does that make the 360?

Launch of systems PS3/360

Ps3 blu ray/ 360 nope
Ps3 free online play/ 360 nope
Ps3 HDMI/ 360 nope
PS3 Wireless/ 360 nope
PS3 Any HDD upgrade/ 360 nope
PS3 Controllers rechargeable/ 360 nope
PS3 3%- failure rate/ 360 nope

SniperControl1913d ago

Exactly like your doing now, irony.

GravelerMagnitude91913d ago

silly George

You and Kinect can tell xbox to go home

Groo1913d ago

I bet you keep buying the same polished turd every year COD... thats all xbots play anyways

Mounce1913d ago

georgeenoob, you're talking about delusional xbox fanboys who should be all but extinct or PC Elitists, right?....


S2Killinit1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

if that is true it is because Sony's reputation precedes them. They never let gamers down and that is not something you can say about Microsoft if you are honest and observant. They didn't stop catering to core gaming in favor of casuals/kinect/applications from the middle of the current generation, and they didn't try to slide anti-consumer policies past their fans. They also aren't pushing for a device that can permanently damage public privacy rights and set a precedent for other companies for years to come. So yeah, I think if Sony has fans that trust them, it is because they earned it. Take a second look at your own comment and honestly ask yourself, why?

DarkZane1913d ago

Sorry, but the exclusives are better on PS4. Not only that M$ have fully revealed everything they had in store at E3 while Sony kept most of what it had back and still beated Microsoft.

Also, 300k servers isn't impressive. Sony will probably have something similar with Gakai.

MysticStrummer1913d ago

"They can release a turd and and the fanboys will still praise it and troll the internet."

...said one of several MS trolls who can't stand Sony but also can't stop commenting on articles about them.

CrimsonStar1913d ago

I agree fanboysm (made up word don't destroy me grammar Nazis) Is annoying , but when u try to point out fanboysm with another fanboy comment you ,lose all credibility .

schlanz1912d ago

"Inferior as in more exclusives"

Uh.. since when does 15 > 30?

You are high if you think Sony, with the largest network of development studios in the world, will let their competition have more exclusive games on their platform.

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Devilbringer1913d ago

Or Better yet, Games and Gamers

macusa221913d ago

Georgenoob, PS4 have more exclusive. I think 20 trumps 15. Basic math. Best way to game this generation is to get both.

Kingnichendrix1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

Macusa most of those exclusives are also on pc? exclusive indeed? as in the xbone 'exclusives'

BitbyDeath1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )


'Our Worldwide Studios team has more than 30 PS4 exclusive titles in development, 20 of which will launch during the first year of PS4.'

This number may include the 2 multiplatform SOE titles DC Universe and PlanetSide 2 but otherwise the other 28 should be completely exclusive as they are only stating Sony Studios.

It also goes on to mention that of the 30, 12 are new IP's, which we already know about 5 of them.

The Order: 1886
inFAMOUS: Second Son
Killzone: Shadow Fall

BitbyDeath1913d ago

EDIT: Noticed i read that wrong, obviously Killzone and inFamous are not new IP's... DOH

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ZombieKiller1913d ago

All formats said it! I have always been a Sony fanboy. To me their system is just....better. Even when people bashed the ps3 in the beginning, I stood by it strong. Had one at launch just like the ps4 when I get one. I stand by what I believe in, and I believe in Sony.

RedHawkX1913d ago

that and because its the best why would someone not get the ps4 is the question.

CrimsonStar1913d ago

I agree Sony is all about the games , but as of right now im conflicted. the xbox has 2 games I really want and the Ps4 has o launch titles I want . I know the PS4 in the future will have more and my favorites such as GOW4 , Uncharted 4 , and a TLOU sequel . I don't want To buy a new console and only play multiplatforms for the first year or so .

MRMagoo1231913d ago

you havent even seen all the launch titles yet they still have more to announce a lot more if what they said was true, MS on the other hand blew their load like a pubescent 13 year old getting touched by a naked 18 year old

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Mr_Nuts1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

because they did something right, we praise people when they do something good

I know some people don't seem to think of it that way and think others hate on MS or Nintendo for the hell of it but out of the big three over the past couple of years Sony has been there for us the most. MS don't care about us and Nintendo don't know what they are doing most of the time

What else can you say really...

No_Limit1913d ago

"Sony has been there for us the most."

ROFL!!! How much is a 32gb VITA memory card again?

mitchell11881913d ago

Enough for me to buy 2 actually. We're not all poor sir. And half the games I have were free from PS+. Just started buying Sony stuff about a yr ago but so far I'm satisfied. =]

Blankolf1913d ago

Lol let me guess, and you won't buy a PS4 because 32 gb VITA memory is pricey? O.o

Theire past is full of mistakes but they are taking the right approach, and others like Microsoft take the wrong one and follow right after, this shows the importance of competition, to all Xbox1 fanboys, imagine there wasn't no PS4 you would have DRM restricted console, you could barelly scratch your ass without asking for permission or see if it is allowed, well.. the camera is still built in with the whole PRISM thing not sure wether it is safe

iceman061913d ago

How much were proprietary hard drives on 360? What about a network adapter? Oh...and that HD DVD thing, how'd that work out? HDMI wasn't necessary? I am NOT trying to be a d!ck but seriously!!! Each company has had it's "issues" with peripherals that were overpriced. Don't act like Sony is the only company that does this. Sony gives what it's fans want...Xbox provides for it's fans what they want (I assume since people still buy them)...and Nintendo the same...The End.

chrissx1913d ago

Ps4 the true gamers champion

MonChiChi1913d ago

Because Sony has Naughty Dog.

Devilbringer1913d ago

That reason alone is enough to buy a console

jorellpogi1913d ago

I second that! Topmost reason to buy a PS4.

Kingnichendrix1913d ago

I hope they do a next gen crash bandicoot or jak and dexter

CrimsonStar1913d ago

As fanboyish as that sounds I have to agree . After the TLOU and success with the uncharted series Naughty Dog plays a huge role in which console I want . God I only wish Uncharted 4 was launching for PS4 .

MRMagoo1231913d ago

It may be we have to wait and see what sony have up their sleeves for the other game shows, ND will have something to show i can bet.

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theWB271913d ago

I don't favor the PS...but im not blind and pretend they release some fantastic games. Cant wait for GOW and Uncharted. Hopefully Ill have it before they release.