Project CARS - 60 new screenshots released

Slightly Mad Studios has released 60 new screenshots for its upcoming racing video game "Project Cars", And As always the new screenshots looks so real and all shots show purely in-game footage without any filter.

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theWB271704d ago

Love looking at this games' screenshots. So so pretty.

Testfire1704d ago

My crappy monitor can't even display these in all their glory, but yeah, I love looking at the pics too. How many years had this been in development?

GameCents1704d ago

Makes all those gt vs forza squabbles seem childish don't it?

theWB271704d ago

Idk exactly...I found out about it last year.

It does...but Im a huuuuge Forza fan. I'm hoping 5 approaches this.

Hicken1704d ago

If this was going to be on consoles and look as good, sure.

But it's not, soo...

piffyd1704d ago

this game is on a whole other level

ColinZeal1704d ago

PS4? Please, get on with it. I´ll (among several other racing fans) Kickstart it! =)

Skate-AK1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

They are trying and they have dev kits.

ColinZeal1703d ago

Fantastic! Thanks for the info!

WarThunder1704d ago

This game keeps looking better and better! I hope driving physics for each car are as good as the graphics!

Project CARS - GT6 for me!

flipflopfacts1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

I hope the level of customization matches their screens. If so, I'm sold!

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