Top 5 Reasons to Use Firefox

5. Originality
In the most recent version of IE 7, you'll find a lot of cool new features - unfortunately, almost all of these features have been in Firefox for years now. With Firefox, you'll have the latest and best features straight out of the box.

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TrevorPhillips3765d ago

firefox is the best internet explorer can go to the recycle bin and get emptied

drewdrakes3765d ago

My favourite things about firefox is the random crashes and memory leaks. yay!

rosebowl233765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

Top 5 reasons NOT to use Firefox (including FF3):

1. Still uses the most memory of any browser

2. Still the ugliest and most cluttered of any browser

3. Adding plugins, themes, etc makes it even lower

4. Having to download many seperate plugins when Opera has everything built in (while still being faster) and IE7 only requires the download of one extension (IE7Pro) to get all the features you need (also, while still being much faster)

5. Open Sores

ianp6223765d ago

Have you tried Firefox 3?

If not, you, and everyone else here, should really download Beta 4. It's the best browser I have ever used, and it uses less than half the memory that Firefox 2 used (and tests have shown. Plus my Yahoo Mail loads much faster, and being able to search your history by the page name is great. I'm not sure how you can say it's cluttered, since you can hide everything that you don't use.

Here are results that show Firefox 3 now uses the least memory of any browser:

drewdrakes3765d ago

I have tried Firefox 3, and it was worse. I had it for 5 minutes and then redownloaded an older version for whenever i use firefox.

Kakkoii3765d ago

rosebowl23: So pretty much what your saying is that Opera has EVERY SINGLE PLUG-IN that Firefox is able to have.. But built in?

Yeah OK there buddy.

The reason Firefox uses plug-in's is so that people can decide what they want. There not forced to use anything. Because Firefox uses plug-in's there is SO MUCH MORE Firefox can do that the other brower's can't.

You should try using Firefox for a few days before yapping your fanboy ass off about it.

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TrevorPhillips3765d ago

internet explorer just give up mozilla has overtaken u now

drewdrakes3765d ago

Mozilla, just give up. You cant develop a decent running product. It like to keep the 1GB of ram youre using.

heyheyhey3765d ago

Firefox 3 uses just 120mb of RAM

and still kills IE in terms of features

ruibing3765d ago

Even Mozilla 2 is still better with free add-ons, built in search engine, and a very fast working browser. I have never gotten a single spyware/adware since I've moved to using Firefox.

Frnicatr3765d ago

Am I one of the only people in this world who HATES FireFox?

Condoleezza Rice3765d ago

Because as a long time IE and Firefox user,I can openly admit Firefox is faster and less problematic than IE,though,it does indeed use more Ram than IE...
So if you're stuck with less than a 1GB of ram,I can understand the hate for it.If not,then you need to install it,maybe then you'll realize why it has been technically proven to be superior to IE.

drewdrakes3765d ago

Get opera, it does everything firefox does, except its better. The functionality is amazing, the quick dial is my favourite.

fermcr3765d ago

I don't hate firefox... i just like IE7 more.

Most people hate IE7 because it is from Microsoft. They have no other justification beside that.

heyheyhey3765d ago


wrong, i don't like IE7 because it's slower compare to FF, and it crashes more often (in my case anyway)

plus FF just provides more features than IE7 in general

haven't tried Opera yet though- i think il give it a shot

rosebowl233765d ago

Nope, I hate FailFox too. Although Safari isn't much better.

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yaf3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

IE7 or Microsoft

Edit: just so you know, i use Firefox (find it deals better with pop ups)

Breakfast3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

Although people do hate on everything microsoft...I find that Firefox is better. Much better IE7. IE7 always crashed on me and even though i have a good computer.

gEnKiE3765d ago

Easy....its not funded my M$..... Plus its just better in every way.

wageslave3765d ago

Welcome to N4G ^^^^^ this is what this site has become. Sad sad sad.

Do you think writing "M$" is clever? How many times do you see people write "$ony"? You dont, you might want to think about that.

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