id Software President Leaves Company

IGN:Todd Hollenshead, president of the Doom and Rage developer, is no longer with id Software.

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NYC_Gamer1307d ago (Edited 1307d ago )

I'm not surprised because ID is just one big failure in the modern gaming industry living off past hits

guitarded771307d ago

I don't know... I'm playing RAGE right now (huge backlog), and I'm enjoying. I know it got mediocre reviews, but it's pretty good so far.

MikeyDucati11307d ago

Despite the game's easy to be overlooked shortcomings, I found Rage to be very satisfying. The combat is excellent. I know it's a little short and the ending leaves more to be desired but overall I really enjoyed the game. No it wasn't absolutely jaw dropping fantastic and it's not a 9 on a scale of 1-10. But a 7.5 or 8 would do it justice.

flipflopfacts1307d ago

It is for what it is for companies who will stick to something that they know will work. But sadly times has changed and as for id software...there is no room for outdated shooters.

Baka-akaB1307d ago (Edited 1307d ago )

Rage was nothing like sticking with what they knew , it was actually a big gamble , albeit a pretty average one in quality and fan reception

cell9891307d ago

I was under the impression that Carmack was president

NegativeCreepWA1307d ago

I'd really like Carmack to come out and say his opinion on the next gen consoles. While he's a has been now, he's never held back on the strengths and weaknesses of consoles.

Anonagrog1307d ago (Edited 1307d ago )

In what way is he a "has been"?

NegativeCreepWA1307d ago

As in, when was the last time he was involved in a good game?

cell9891307d ago

Rage wasn't that good, a little over-hyped

Eiffel1306d ago (Edited 1306d ago )

It was well received as it sits on an 81% on metacritic. It was good.

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Plagasx1307d ago (Edited 1307d ago )

Yea, I'm actually surprised he didn't leave sooner.

Id Soft hasn't really been on the high heels of gaming recently... They really need to release Doom 4 already..

FlyingFoxy1307d ago

The last great ID game i played was Return to Castle Wolfenstein back in late 2001 or early 02 on PC, great game.. one of the first major FPS's i played back then. Online play was really fun too because i'd only just gotten broadband back then. Doom 3 was ok, but not near Half Life 2 quality.

AedanClarke1307d ago

And RtCW wasn't even developed by iD, but rather by Gray Matter (who's team was later thrown into Treyarch, if my memory serves me correctly). I think Nerve did the multiplayer too, so... iD didn't really do anything. :/

Klonopin1307d ago

i just googled his name and found a website ( that appears to have been hacked. Don't know what to make of it.