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Console Corpses and the Xbox One

A History Littered with Console Corpses

It’s kind of sad and nostalgic looking back at some of the consoles we may have loved and desperately defended while arguing with friends only to later face the inevitable truth that they flat sucked.

These days though, creating a console is mega multibillion-dollar enterprise and failure is much less of an option. It takes many years in sales before breaking even is on the horizon and the Xbox One failing is probably something even ol’ Bill would feel as more than just a financial ‘hiccup’.

The Nintendo Virtual boy (extra points for anyone who remembers that thing!), Atari Lynx, N64 Add-on, Sega Mega CD and even the Sega Dreamcast (for all its cult following) sure as hell didn’t cost the same kind of revenue it’s taken to get the Xbox One off the ground. The real question is though, why did these consoles fail in the first place? Is it possible for the Xbox One to follow the same path?

The list of possible reasons is endless... (Dev, Industry, Next-Gen, PS4, Xbox One)

Software_Lover  +   694d ago
Everyone one of those died because of no support. The XBone will have support. It will not fail. Will it lag behind, yeah. But it will not come close to failing.
theWB27  +   694d ago
Idk why so many people want it to either. Sony got relaxed with the PS3 and made a hard to develop for system...Xbox and Wii cut into the dominance that was the PS2. PS4 comes out and gets mega support from people and the public which causes Xbox to change their vision and get in line.

Who knows what would've happened with the PS4 if not for last gen and without the PS4 Micro would have continued on with their vision. In the end...competition is what's best and we should want all 3 systems to strive in order to keep that balance.
darthv72  +   694d ago
the lynx had quite a bit of software support. todd adv in slime world is still a fun game to play.

Add-on dont exactly count as consoles and if they do then even the sega CD had lots of software support. It also used FMV way to much which is mostly what people associate it to. Now FMV was sort of a failure but the format of the Sega CD was quite successful. It essentially lead into the Saturn and ultimately the dreamcast. Both respected systems for their time.

An example of a console failure is the virtualboy, the game.com, jaguar, the phantom...

As for the big name companies, each one of their platforms had success in their own right. Atari never recovered after the crash in the 80's despite making the 7800 fully BC with 2600 games. By then people had moved on to NES and SMS and so on.

A consoles success could be measured by the number of games released for it during its run, not always by the number of backing companies. Even the 3do would be considered a success for its sheer amount of titles released.

They may not appeal the same to everyone but they had appeal to those who were interested in buying them.
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mydyingparadiselost  +   694d ago
I had Lynx, that thing was awesome considering it was a brick with buttons on it.
No_Limit  +   694d ago
Big difference is in software support alone will guarantee Xbox One will be here for a long time. This is just a list of confirmed games avaialble in the first year on Xbox One. What is the author smoking comparing it to the N64 Add-on and Sega Mega CD? Troll bail anyone? smh

1. Human Element: 2015
2. Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6:Patriots :2013
3.Watch Dogs: 11/22/13
4.Star Wars 1313: TBC
5.Destiny: 2014
6. Beyond Good & Evil: 2014
7. Dragon Age III:Inquisistion: 2014
8. Cyberpunk 2077: 2015
9. The Witcher 3: 2014
10.Whore of the Orient: TBA
11. Thief: 2014
12. Battlefield 4: 10/25/13
13. Assassin's Creed 4 10/29/13 U.S.
14. Halo Xbox One: TBA
15. Pro Evolution Soccer 2014:9/20/13
16. Sniper Elite 3: 2014
17. Lords of the Fallen: 2014
18. Metal Gear Solid:Ground Zeroes: 2014
19.COD:Ghosts: 11/5/13
20. Wolfenstein: The New Order: 12/13
21. Forza Motorsport 5: 11/13
22. Quantum Break: 2014
23. RYSE: Son Of Rome: 11/13
24. FIFA 14: 9/13
25. Dying Light: 2014
26. Titanfall: 2014
27. Lococycle: 11/13
28. Dead Rising 3: 11/13
29. Sunset Overdrive: TBA
30. Killer Instinct: 11/13
31.Project Spark: TBA
32. Minecraft Xbox One Edition: 11/13
33. Max and the Curse of Brotherhood: 11/13
34. Crimson Dragon: TBA
35. Below: TBA
36. Kinect Sports Rivals: 11/13
37. D4: TBA
38. Tom Clancy's The Division: 2014
39. The Crew: 2014
40. Mirror's Edge: when it's ready
41. Zoo Tycoon: TBA
42. EA Sports UFC:
43. NBA Live 2014: Fall 2014
44. Madden NFL 25: Late 2013
45. Final Fantasy 15: 2014
46. Kindom Hearts 3: 2014
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Supermax  +   694d ago
Xbox one will be here just as long as the ps4

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