Which PS4 Indie Title do you Want the Most?

"Not wanting to be one-upped by Sony and them giving so much attention to the vast majority of indie titles headed to the PlayStation 4, we wanted to give them top-billing in this Ask PSLS: Which PS4 Indie Title Do You Want The Most?" - PSLS

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TrendyGamers1912d ago

It's hard to not be excited for all the ones that will be free through PS+.

Rip-Ridah1912d ago

I am most excited for The Witness & Outlast! Bring on the colorful adventure & dark terror!

dbjj120881912d ago

Whichever indie title puts hair on my face and chest like Kaz.

miyamoto1912d ago

This is why I love PlayStation gaming. It makes me happy and lol everyday.

Kaz face can be slapped on anything and makes sense and humor.

Only on Playstation, yeah!

Cant wait to play Transistor, Mercenary Kings, and Conan O'Brien's favorite meditation game Hohokum.

Wedge191912d ago

So many great indies for the PS4

patsrule3161912d ago

Definitely The Witness for me, although Outlast, Daylight, and Octodad all look like myst play games as well.