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Submitted by ShadowNextGen 957d ago | news

Xbox One headset compatibility confirmed; will have adapter to use Xbox 360 headset

Microsoft has confirmed that they will have an adapter to allow you to use the headsets you use today on XBox 360 on XBox One. (Microsoft, Xbox One)

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DoubleJumpAUS  +   957d ago
So, here we have backwards compatibility for communication, but not for games?
greenpowerz  +   957d ago
So little is known about these consoles. Kind of cold war-ish.
DoubleJumpAUS  +   957d ago
Am I mistaken, then? Xbox One has backwards compatibility?
greenpowerz  +   957d ago
Just said who knows what solutions may be around the corner.

I swear I heard MSFT say they will rework the best 360 games for XB1

We know nothing about these console even less about the XB1
lastofgen  +   957d ago
lol, you're kidding right?
backwards compatibility for communications tech vs bc for previous gen games are two very different things.
Dlacy13g  +   957d ago
^^ this...
JeffGUNZ  +   956d ago
I was about to say the same thing, it's not even remotely close. Also, I thought MS said you can plug your 360 into the Xbox One and go through it that way. I don't really care to be honest, I will still have my 360 hooked up anyway, so if I really have a desire to play a 360 game, I'll jut play it on the 360.
brich233  +   957d ago
When was the last time u played a xbox game on your xbox 360, or a Ps2 game on your Ps3? If u have then ur in that 1%. Keep your old consoles and stop the Waaaaah.
3-4-5  +   957d ago
Whatever...Crimson Skies multiplayer is better than 99% of games ever made.

More fun, more creative, and just better.

That game was released back in 1999-2001 but if the online for it was still active, that is the game I would be playing right now, over anything else I could possibly play.

I'm not alone on this thought. There were plenty of games like this on OG xbox....
Elit3Nick  +   957d ago
OMG I totally remember playing crimson skies at my friend's when we were kids, ahh... the good days...
gamertk421  +   957d ago
Usually I'd agree, but I was playing Armed and Dangerous the other day on my 360, haha.
Nafon  +   956d ago
I play san andreas and that's it lol...

OMG Crimson Skies High Road to Revenge was a f*cking awesome game! never played any others in the series though.
A-laughing-horse  +   957d ago
Is the ps3 backwards compatible?
famoussasjohn  +   957d ago
60GB model was. That's long gone and people seem to have stopped complaining about it.
TheUndertaker85  +   957d ago
20, 60, and some 80 GB models are
RedHawkX  +   957d ago
yep i play ps2 games on the ps3 all the time been playing persona, god of war ratchet and clank and such on both my older model ps3 and newer ones
SwiderMan  +   957d ago
PS3 was backward compatible on models sold from 2006 to 2008. However, Sony axed it in 2008
DOMination-  +   957d ago
Does anyone know if the ps4 will play ps1 games?
DonnieDarko  +   956d ago
Midtown madness 3 xbox original. Classic online!
Belking  +   957d ago
Why would would they announce BC for games right now? That won't happen till they are finished selling the xbox360.
famoussasjohn  +   957d ago
The Xbox 360 "headsets" are now compatible via adapter. Games have already been said to not be backwards compatible.
iPad  +   957d ago
Because of the different architecture.

Like, it's not that hard to figure out.
Why o why  +   957d ago
Nice... I just made a comment on this subject. Is there a price
CrossingEden  +   957d ago
reverse compatibility for games and for headsets are two different things -_- the next gen consoles are running on completely new tech from the game development department, they would have to rework and redo everything if they wanted to have the games work on their new consoles
firelogic  +   957d ago
The adapter isn't free. So technically not BC audio right out of the box.
Cryptcuzz  +   957d ago
What are you going on about?

You are comparing two different things - Games and hardware. Just because a hardware is backwards compatible with a use of an adapter does not mean games would be as well.

I have no idea why they would go about changing the audio AUX connector on the 360 controller for though.

It was perfect the way it was on the 360, since it was using an industry standard with many expensive headsets using it. Now instead of those who have headsets that could easily be plug and play out from the box, they now would have to buy an additional hardware to be able to use their existing headsets that some have invested a lot of money in.
Andronix  +   957d ago
I have an expensive Turtle Beach headset so was disappointed that Microsoft said it would not be compatible with the Xbox One because they are now using a propriety port. So todays news is a good way to appease longtime 360 owners.

But the article is bad because it is not neutral and says that people's concerns about the propriety headsets was based on rumors, this is not true. IT'S ONLY BECAUSE OF THE PUBLIC BACKLASH THAT MICROSOFT ARE FIXING THIS.

Thanks to Kotaku for drawing attention to this.
DoubleJumpAUS  +   957d ago
That may be so, but it's still valid to ask the question when you are talking about a company that has the resources of Microsoft. I'll even acknowledge that it is not a serious fault, just a topic for discussion. Why can I use my Xbox 360 stuff with Xbox One, but not play my Xbox 360 games?

Do you believe that no customer will consider this?
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NYC_Gamer  +   957d ago
It's because these companies would rather have gamers spend money
MegaMohsi  +   957d ago
what NYC_gamer said, they'll now just make "true HD" remasters of older games running at 1080p/60FPS and call it the "definitive" version.
hellvaguy  +   957d ago
As a gamer, its better ps4 and xbone are not bc. The x86 cpu will mean better games with less glitches.
andrewsqual  +   957d ago
Meanwhile PS4 confirmed to have standard Bluetooth and no proprietary headset connector on controller. Sony fans win all round yet again.
CrossingEden   957d ago | Immature | show | Replies(1)
hellvaguy  +   957d ago
Meanwhile xbone controller has the upgraded wifi direct technology and ps4 does not.
PirateThom  +   957d ago
Yeah, because the lag I was getting from the PS3 controller was so bad, we better not use standards like Bluetooth and opt instead for.... wi-fi direct.

What even is that?!
reko  +   957d ago
dude where does it say that it has wifi direct tech?

post a link

hellvaguy  +   957d ago
Greater wireless response times, longer distances, and also improved battery life.
Crillvirus81  +   957d ago
Well to me that sucks I didn't know sonys new controller didn't have a mic port on it like wii u or Xbox 360 I don't like blutooth ones I prefer wired headsets
TIER1xWOLFPACKx  +   957d ago
Ps4 controller does have a microphone port but it doesn't use a proprietary connector it uses a 3.5mm jack
T2  +   957d ago
man you must buy some cheapass bluetooth headsets... I had a motorola HS850 was golden, clear as sitting next to someone, now I have a PS 7.1 headset, the thing sounds almost as good as my Yamaha 5.1 dolby digital surround system.

Why would anyone use a wired controller?
Crillvirus81  +   957d ago
Oh I'm sorry it does have a head phone jack thanks for letting me know and I prefer a wired one cause they weigh less and cost less.. plus I like the fact that I can plug any mic into the wii u pad or any wired mic for phones on my 360 controller Im currently using a mic that cost a dollar on my Xbox and it works great but that doesn't mean I don't also have a pair of turtle beach ones for when I wanna really game online
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Urusernamesucks  +   957d ago
Lol, what ever helps you sleep at night sonny boy.
Septic  +   957d ago
This doesn't really help me because I have wireless turtle beach headphones. Here's hoping rheres a fix for them to work somehow.
Why o why  +   957d ago
Use that on your 'other' console;)..
famoussasjohn  +   957d ago
I wonder if its something that connects to the controller. I don't think it'd be a USB limitation. The 360 required the plug in on the controller for the Mic, so maybe that's why. Perhaps they're using a 3.5MM instead of the 2.5MM plugin.
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TheUndertaker85  +   957d ago
Even if its something that connects to the controller Turtle Beach headsets (at least most of them) won't work. The only exception would possibly be the PC versions.
gamertk421  +   957d ago
All wireless turtle beach Xbox headsets have the ability to use the chat cable, so at least that is an option until TB creates a new wireless puck.
-GametimeUK-  +   957d ago
Deal with it?
Dlacy13g  +   957d ago
@septic its sounding like MS is making an adapter that will work with the 3.5mm jack connector that many current headsets use to plug into the 360 controller.
Cyfyxtfg  +   957d ago
ziggurcat  +   957d ago
... that you have to shell out $10 - $20 for...
gamertk421  +   957d ago
No problem. Worth it for the surround sound.
ziggurcat  +   957d ago
Except you shouldn't really have to buy an adapter for your expensive headset to work.
No_Limit  +   957d ago
My $300 Astro A50 is happy right now. :)

That is another concern that bugged the heck out of me, thank god I can still use my A50. Can't live without it.
Skate-AK  +   957d ago
Seem like an afterthought since people got pissed about not being able to use their headsets.
slazer101  +   957d ago
The Xbox Afterthought. Kinda has a ring to it. No?
theWB27  +   957d ago
I'm learning to just not comment on these machines until they're in my hands...these things will just keep changing up till the last moment.
Whitey2k  +   957d ago
More reasons n9t to get an xbone one more money on top of the console
Morgue  +   957d ago
How much will MS charge for this?
No_Limit  +   957d ago
doesn't matter, the fact is that I don't have to go buy another updated $300 headset is a win win for alot of people already.

Thank the lord!
TKCMuzzer  +   957d ago
It doesn't matter? There is so much wrong with that reply. Of course it matters, the adapter should be free, period, no argument. It's like MS looked at their existing install base and went sod them all, lets bleed some more money out of them.
It shows lack of loyalty to its customers in my opinion but then again after recent events I am no longer surprised.

Please understand I am not against the Xbox one as a console but Microsoft's antics lately have been unacceptable, to justify them is just being blind to what they are doing.

Really, at the disagrees, please leave a reply and justify to me and yourself how its acceptable to be paying for this!
#11.1.1 (Edited 957d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(12) | Report
stage88  +   957d ago
Yeah it doesn't matter, let them milk the consumer even more.

I mean, sure, since its a $500 console it probably wouldn't have been too hard to natively pair the the old headsets but screw that, I'll just give MS more money!

Do you understand how backwards you comment sounds now?
testerg35  +   957d ago
TKCMuzzer, wait.. when PS3 launched they said rumble was last gen. Then a couple of months later they brought out the new controllers with rumble and I had to buy a pair. So was that loyalty by Sony??
Krew_92  +   957d ago
You HAD to buy a pair? You didn't HAVE to. I had my original Six Axis controllers even when the rumble versions were introduced, and I don't remember being forced to buy rumble controllers.

In fact most games didn't even have rumble when the new DualShock controllers came out, and most games post-DualShock 3 still don't even have rumble features.

Although I agree that their decision was stupid in that regard, just we were never forced to buy the new controllers, and when I did finally buy a DualShock 3 controller I pretty much had to since my Six Axis one broke.
#11.2.1 (Edited 957d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report
testerg35  +   957d ago
Krew_92, so are you forced to buy headphones/mic?
Stryfeno2  +   957d ago
Nice...Very nice.
TXIDarkAvenger  +   957d ago
Well this is a relief for many people.
dazzrazz  +   957d ago
I wouldn't be surprised if this piece of plastic will be up to $40 bucks
stage88  +   957d ago
Nail on the head. This is the reason why MS has done this but still, people are rejoicing like MS have done them a favour.

testerg35  +   957d ago
Did the PS3 come with headsets? I remember PS3 fans complaining how chatting sucks and they could always buy better ones instead of the cheap pack in ones.

So now chatting is cool since PS4 has it? And now that XB1 users would have to buy a headset its a horrible thing by MS.
Krew_92  +   957d ago

You just try too hard. No one ever complained about Xbox having cheap headsets, they complained how little annoying brats would ruin games since every console came packed in with one.

Also the heat Microsoft is getting, is because they went backwards in that they could have easily included the headset this time around as well, they're doing everything backwards this time around.

I, myself, think chatting online is a waste of time, since most people pick a fight and you actually feel a few brain cells shrivel and die when you talk to people like that. The only time I chat is with relatives or close friends.
stage88  +   957d ago
@tester Congratulations, you've missed my point completely.
cleft5  +   957d ago
Thats good, some people paid a lot for there 360 headsets.
TKCMuzzer  +   957d ago
Maybe but most of them where included FREE with the 360.

I see where your coming from but it's not nice of them, they are making more money out of something that should not of been a problem, If their creating an all in one machine it should be compatible with existing headsets, I can't imagine it would have been that tricky. If not then the adapter should be included with the Xbox one. Microsoft are becoming like Apple and relying on their customers to play along.
#15.1 (Edited 957d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
cleft5  +   957d ago
Some people dropped like over a $100 on some really nice gaming headsets. All I am saying is that it's nice that those folks who are going to buy a Xbox One will be able to continue to use their very expensive headsets.

No this doesn't make up for not including a headset in the box, all I am saying is that it's nice that they threw there customers some sort of bone.
Funky Town_TX  +   957d ago
Free 360 headsets are trash.
gamertk421  +   957d ago
I myself have bought at least 6 headsets over $100 for my 360. Only one didn't last, as my cat chewed the cable while I was playing, and the rest were upgrades of various types.
TKCMuzzer  +   957d ago
Why are people happy about this? Microsoft are going to charge gamers to buy an adapter that will be compatible with a headset they included FREE with the 360.......No wonder all the Microsoft directors keep smiling..

The adapter should be free with the Xbox one console and there should be no compromise.

So people disagree and think that you should be paying for these wonder they got away with the RROD for so long.
#16 (Edited 957d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Funky Town_TX  +   957d ago
My DS3 should work with a PS4.
Krew_92  +   957d ago
That doesn't really make sense now does it?

Still trying to find out what your point was...
No_Limit  +   957d ago
Dude what is your problem? Both of your posts add nothing to the conversation but hate. I know you are not getting a Xbox 1 so why does this even concern you? Please go away and let others that are interested in this news to have a peaceful conversation without having some fanboy bringing back RROD. It is not your money, so if you don't like it, you don't have to buy it.
gamertk421  +   957d ago
kewlkat007  +   957d ago
Well that's a need to buy an extra headset..besides the kinect communication perks, not bad. Most got free headsets with the 360.

I wonder if 3rd-parties will sell adapters too.

Apple made that new adapter for the new Ipod/pad/phone connections. People just went out and bought it. There is always trade-offs with new hardware.
#17 (Edited 957d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Whitey2k  +   957d ago
Silly people complain about the ps3 being expensive but yet idiots out there are mug enought still buy an xbone and yet its costing prolly twice more then the ps3 did
Urusernamesucks  +   957d ago
Ps3 600$ at launch. nope
testerg35  +   957d ago
Umm.. I paid $600+tax on a launch PS3 and PS3 fans were more that willing to pay. Its a trip... when PS3 first launched with a high price tag, they said its like comparing a Ferrari to a Toyota (360). Of course now that PS3 and PS4 are cheap its all about the price.
Funky Town_TX  +   957d ago
I say all console makers should make every piece of hardware 100% BC between consoles. My DS3 should work on my PS4 and my 360 controller should work on my xb1. You guys are becoming babies now.
hellvaguy  +   957d ago
That would be pretty nice but they do sell 3rd party adaptors. Part of consoles selling point is their controllers. So they don't have any interest in sharing them.
#19.1 (Edited 957d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
No_Pantaloons  +   957d ago
Love how they make a new proprietary plug then sell you and adapter so you can use your x360 accessories... /s
airgangstarr  +   957d ago
how hard is it to add a optic out wtf
mochachino  +   957d ago
So MS is sticking to it's rip off proprietary tactics. GFY
#22 (Edited 957d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
deadfrag  +   957d ago
No optical connection on the XBOXONE??
Supermax  +   957d ago
Great will use my turtlebeach headphones.

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