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Submitted by lifesanrpg 958d ago | news

War Thunder dev: 'PS4 will have greater visuals than average PC'

GameZone writes, "Here at the GameZone office, there's an ongoing debate as to whether next-gen consoles or PC will be the optimal experience for gaming in the future, especially in terms of graphics. I, being on the side of consoles, tend to believe EA when they say Xbox One and PS4 are "a generation ahead of the highest end PC on the market." My co-worker Andrew Clouther, a loyal PC gamer, believes that's horse sh*t (like Epic's Mark Rein who called bullsh*t)." (PC, PS4, War Thunder)

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MegaMohsi  +   958d ago
average PC right now? yes that's a probability. Average PC next year and beyond, doubtful
brbobcat  +   958d ago
What constitutes an "average PC"?
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Aery  +   958d ago
If you start to compare only few simple number you don't really understand nothing about hardware.

Sometime looks like *everybody* have awesome rig, have already played the next PS4 title and know everything about hardware.

There are some fact about Ps4 and PC, but there are too many blind troll here that have time to waste writing terrible post.

In the end this place will turn in a fanboy party.
Have fun guys ...
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MegaMohsi  +   958d ago
to me an average PC when it comes to gaming, which is what I'm assuming they are talking about would be as PC that can run games at medium-low settings. Most 400/low 500 nvidia cards can do that and dual core chips, the PS4/xb1 is better than that. However an average gaming PC by next year will surpass the PS4/XB1 IMO
reynod  +   958d ago
Well considering most PCs are office and home PC which arent ment for gaming yea it will outperform those.

However any PC with a half decent GPU will wipe the floor with the PS4. By half decent i mean anything featuring a 250usd GPU. GTX 760 being an example.

Heck PS4 isnt even out yet, 5 months later by the time it is, PC parts will again give you much more power for lower amount of money. No way consoles can compete and it really isnt about the power either, PS4 hardly launches with 15-20 games. Thats just a handful, many people may not even like all the games. PC on the other hand has thousands of games from over 25 years, add in capability to emulate any console in history(asides ps3 and xbox 360) its a one sided victory for the PC as long as the games are concerned.
decrypt  +   958d ago

Console gamers.. Dont care about graphics.

They care about the games, oh wait not many of those on the new consoles.
luoshuigui  +   958d ago
500 dollars
Kleptic  +   958d ago
^that is where it gets ridiculous...

This guys is saying 'average pc' in...the average hardware inside of the hundreds of millions of PCs out there...not the average PC fanatics attach to it...

the 'average' pc right now can barely play a PS3-like game...let alone anything coming later this year...

I just finished building my PC over the weekend...very above average on the grand scale, and WAY behind what current gaming pc's can do...but, the point, is that it was over $800 before any peripherals or a monitor...and WITHOUT a gpu (has the AMD A10 6800k for now)...

if you just go and click on a premade mid range pc from nearly any vendor...this pc will crush it...but if you are actually building something for gaming, this thing is already taxed...

So yes...there will be parts available, some already, that will trash the next gen consoles...those are NO WHERE close to mid range or average pc parts...those are all very much high won't come close to a next gen console without $1000 spent...I guarantee it...
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IcyEyes  +   958d ago
I'm PC elitist, but I'm not stupid.

Ps4 is an awesome piece of hardware.Period.
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wishingW3L  +   958d ago
an Intel HD 4000 is not even average, that's the absolute low end! XD

Average would be something like a 9400 GT and even then that's still very low end, that card can hardly compete with a PS3 and X360. So let's up it to an 8800 GTX... PS4 is still a lot more powerful though. ;)
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decrypt  +   958d ago

"you won't come close to a next gen console without $1200 spent...I guarantee it..."

1. You cant include the price of a monitor when building a PC, just the way you cant include the price of an HDTV when buying a console.

2. Here is a PC for 650USD that out does a PS4 already. Yet PS4 isnt even out yet. By the time its out you could probably build something cheaper and more powerful.

3. You fail to account PS4 has no BC, while PC has full BC. Hence do account for loss of games you bought this gen. For me i bought over 175 games on Steam, all remain playable if i decide to upgrade(which i dont need to since my PC is already more powerful than the PS4 to boot). If i bought those on console i would have to keep buying a PS3 just to play my old games every time it failed. Same can be said for my previous games IE bought during PS2 days. Yet i can still play those on my PC. Good luck buying a PS2 and PS3 over and over just so you can maintain PS BC.

4. You need to pay go online on console, thats 60usd a year. Online is free on PC. Reoccuring charges make console more expensive.

5. Most importantly console games cost 10-20usd more per copy. Even if you bought 20 games a year you paid between 200-400usd more for the games alone.

6. No Steam or greenmangaming like discounts.

So there you have it consoles have too many hidden costs that you dont calculate. Once you do take those in consideration, consoles all of a sudden become much more expensive to game on vs a PC.

The odds are further in the PCs favor if we consider almost everyone has a PC. To make it into a gaming machine all you need is a GPU. Which costs less than a console to begin with.
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Kleptic  +   958d ago
the month old AMD A10 6800k w/ Radeon HD 8760d gpu is their new crossfireX gaming apu, meant to be pared with a dedicated crossfire radeon gpu...but very much would be an 'average' starter chip set for gaming purposes...won't even run BF3 at 30 fps on medium settings without overclocked ram...

its just a weird spot in the market right now...its hard to target exactly where the new consoles will be'll either be WAY underneath them in power...or far higher, at 4x the either case, by far the most affordable options are the late 2014, that'll start to change rapidly...but i'm fairly sure a lot of the pc guys screaming how 'weak' the consoles are...haven't looked at parts availability and costs right now...
Kleptic  +   958d ago
decrypt...the $1200 was a typo, i meant 1k, and i was not including the cost of monitor...

but...if we're approaching from that angle...keep it even...

consoles come with all necessary peripherals, cables, etc. to play a game...and also come pre-loaded with a full OS...while, some will go the linux route as best as possible, the average pc gamer will require windows...

and're $653 example is NO WHERE NEAR either i3 with 4gb@1600mhz is cost other way to say it...

the gpu is obviously where the money is going, which is needed...and that cpu would be fine for most released stuff so far (who knows about the end of the year though)...but saying that 'out matches a ps4' is simply false...that system would be strangled in resources...and a 500w power supply with seemingly no additional fan support, is again, just looking for areas to cut costs...

and just addressing the limited ram in that say doubling it, or even better to try and approach Ps4 bandwidth...with OC'll take that system over $800, depending on some sale prices...

and still don't have an operating system or a mouse and keyboard...'but, but, but that stuff is so cheap'...keeping your shatty old HP included mouse and keyboard doesn't count...

I get it...that thing would play some games...but a ps4, that is not...
decrypt  +   958d ago

PS4 isnt out yet. Hence essentially we are comparing this PC against vaporware to be honest.

PC parts fall in prices darn fast. 5 months later you can expect 20-30% more performance for the same price. Its just the way things work.

Why would we count an OS? I am still using Vista on some of my PCs, no reason to upgrade. I wouldnt buy a new OS just because i made a new PC. Niether would i go about buying a new monitor, Mouse, Keboard, Casing, hard drive, dvd drive etc. PCs are long term investments, once parts are bought no need to keep rebuying. So really the costs can be significantly lower if you think of it as long term.

Now add in all the other points i mentioned. Console gaming being cheaper is a myth.
AliTheSnake1  +   958d ago
PC Virgin Race
seanpitt23  +   958d ago
I have a top gaming pc $1000 dollar upgrade just this year and iam still looking forward to buying the ps4 like I did when I bought my ps3 and I can tell you now I have never had an experience on pc like I had on ps3 with the last of us wow that game moved me. If naughty dog can make a game like that on ps3 I wouldn't like to think what they can do with the ps4.
I can tell you now that some of the games that Sony showed like infamous second son looked way better than anything on pc max settings right now.

Its not all about the power people its about the talented devs and what they can do and Sony has the best in the business.
isarai  +   958d ago
the most average specs of a PC, so somwhere between a $200 walmart tower and a $3,000 elite gaming rig.
ShinMaster  +   958d ago
"High-end" gaming PCs are in the minority.
So I'm not surprised that the PS4 will outperform the average PC. Especially with optimization.
Speaking of which, I didn't see any PCs with 2005/6 hardware pushing gfx like the ones seen in today's latest PS3 games.

For multiplatform games, next-gen starts when consoles say so.
BitbyDeath  +   958d ago
Go here -


Most popular would be close to average, give/take.
Kleptic  +   958d ago

"Here is a PC for 650USD that out does a PS4 already. Yet PS4 isnt even out yet. By the time its out you could probably build something cheaper and more powerful."


"PS4 isnt out yet. Hence essentially we are comparing this PC against vaporware to be honest."

...its cool...we're not arguing...I'm only saying PC gaming is a lot more expensive than many lead on...while console gaming is riddled with hidden fees...its not a cheap hobby.
blackmagic  +   958d ago
"you won't come close to a next gen console without $1000 spent...I guarantee it... "

Oh really?!

Hate to blow your misconception out of the water but $869 pretty much pulverizes the PS4 and has free online and cheaper games to boot.

PC - 384 bit GPU @ 1Ghz with 4.10 TFLOPS performance, 288GB/s dedicated bandwidth, 2048 stream processors, 128 texture units
PS4 - 256 bit GPU @ 800Mhz with 1.84 TFLOPS performance, 176GB/s shared bandwith, 1154 Stream processors, 72 texture units

PC - 8 core desktop processor @ 3.5Ghz with 16MB cache
PS4 - 8 core tablet processor @ 1.6Ghz with 4MB cache

PC - 19GB total - 3GB 288GB/s GDDR5 + 16GB DDR3 PC2133
PS4 - 8GB 176GB/s GDDR5 shared

PC - 1TB desktop drive (7200rpm with 64MB cache)
PS4 - 500GB laptop drive (unknown but laptop drives are typically 5400rpm with 8MB cache)

Sapphire 7970 GHz Edition -$310
AMD FX 8320 Eight Core Processor- $145
Asus M5A97 Motherboard - $69
Patriot Viper 3 16Gb DDR3 PC2133 - $123
Western Digital 1TB Hard Drive - $60
Optical Drive - $15
Cooler Master Case and 500W Power Supply - $57
Windows 8 64 bit - $90
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starchild  +   958d ago
"infamous second son looked way better than anything on pc max settings right now."

Really? You have to be kidding. Infamous Second Son looks like a high end PC game, period. It doesn't look better than The Witcher 2 or Crysis 3 (or a few other high end PC games). And no way in hell does it look "way better" than any high end PC game. That's just fanboy talk.
starchild  +   958d ago
All this talk of PC gaming being more expensive is not really accurate.

With the cheaper price of games and free online I honestly believe that PC gaming is cheaper over the long run.

But it also depends on where you are coming from.

If you already own a decent gaming PC, next gen gaming is going to be a lot cheaper for you on your PC than on a console.

For example, I currently have an HD 7950 and an i5 2500k. I guarantee that I will be able to play next generation games at a similar level of quality to the PS4 and that is without spending a dime.

I might choose to use a frame limiter and lock the framerate to 30fps, but that's equal to the consoles anyway, only the consoles will probably be swinging between 20 and 30 fps.

What do I base these conclusions on?

Well, first I am looking at the average advantage consoles get from optimization and considering that an 8800gt can run games about as good as a PS3, I conclude that my hd 7950 with 24 compute units (versus 18 in the PS4 and 12 in the Xbox One) should have enough of a power advantage to outperform the consoles.

Second, I am looking at the announced Battlefield 4 beta system requirements which aren't much different than Battlefield 3. I am able to run Battlefield 3 at a steady 60fps, so it seems that Battlefield 4 should play at similar levels of quality and performance on my machine.

Remember that Frostbite 3 not only offers graphical and physics improvements, but it also contains optimizations that allow the same level of graphical quality to run more efficiently. I personally think Battlefield 4 is easily one of the best looking next generation games. If my PC can run Battlefield 4 well, it should be able to run other next gen games at least decently.

And, finally, even if I want better performance than I am getting with my HD 7950 I can always upgrade to a new graphics card.

There is simply no way that buying a new console would be a more economical way for me to play next gen games. That said, I am still getting a PS4 near launch for the PS4 exclusives and console exclusives.
GAMExxOVER  +   958d ago
The one grandma just bought. One that can just barley run the sims, On low settings and plenty of lag. That is your "Average" pc.
JsonHenry  +   958d ago

According the steam the average specs are not much or impressive. So yes, he is right. The PS4 is more than capable of trouncing the "average PC" in visual fidelity.
RandomDude655  +   958d ago hd3000 is the most used?
Truehellfire  +   958d ago
Yeah, but I don't believe that is a fair average. I would say the average PC of a "PC Gamer" is higher than that. Anyone who uses their PC as their dedicated gaming machine is usually packing something better.
GDDR6_2014  +   958d ago
I have a gaming pc more powerful than ps4 specs but also laptops that I sometimes play older or indie games on, so the "average specs" of me is not impressive lol.

We'll find out soon enough with games like bf4 and watch dogs on how next gen consoles compare to a mid range gaming pc (to me this means an i5 and 7950, so about a $700 pc today). I suspect next gen consoles can do "high" settings on 1080p, but won't compare to some ultra settings that more high end pc's can do
mark134uk  +   958d ago
i dont know much about pc specs but would it cost a lot more to build a pc the same spec as the ps4?
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TomOfAllTrades  +   958d ago don't know that
3-4-5  +   958d ago
Not like every single person with a PC is upgrading graphics cards next year just because. People who do that are in the 1%...maybe even less.

I just built(had one built) a PC a few months ago i5 7770 AMD 8Gb Ram and it runs every game on max no problem. ( ibuypower )

I can play Planetside 2 on full settings running as smooth as can be and I only paid $600 for the computer.

The PS4 is supposed to be better than this....So yea I'm it will be better than the average PC.

And it's running windows 8 ( which I was against at first) without any problems.

I feel like these issues talked about a lot are just a bunch of BS.

PS4 is going to look great for a long time.

Compare Xbox 360 games from 2006/07 - to 2013

Notice the upgrade ?

"but how can you get better graphics without upgrading you graphics card!!??" says the internet trolls.
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Snookies12  +   958d ago
They're on par with high end PCs... This coming from a PC gamer. My rig wouldn't be able to run Killzone at highest settings, at least not with 60fps. People always seem to forget that these specs inside consoles are going exclusively to games and nothing else aside from the OS taking some ram.
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Belking  +   958d ago
"They're on par with high end PCs."

Sorry bud, but that isn't true. If your PC rig can't run Killzone, then you don't have a high end PC.
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Doctoglethorpe  +   958d ago
"can't run kz at highest settings with 60fps" =/= "can't run kz at all."
Muerte2494  +   958d ago
this age old argument. Look the easiest way to put it is.

PC = brute force (i.e. Battlefield running on GTX 780 with no optimisation @ E3)

Console = optimization (things would normally be harder to do on PC due to Read/Writing to memory cache and ports.)
cayleee  +   958d ago

We always here console folks talk about efficiency, however its all just talk really.

Most console efficiency involves cheating via Lower resolutions, low res textures, lack of AA, frame rate drops, smaller FOV, poor AF etc.

If consoles are so effiecient why is it the current gen consoles could never beat a 8800GTX?

8800GTX on paper is 2.5x more powerful than consoles and in real terms it plays games in 1080p, while consoles do 720p, thats 2x difference. So where did the console efficiency go?

Please stop kidding yourself, PC being badly optimized or using brute force alone is just console maker propaganda so they can justify selling their old hardware.
edgeofsins  +   958d ago

That is why we see games like Uncharted, Killzone, and The Last of Us run much better on a PS3 then BattleField does on a PC that has "comparable" specs?

That might apply to certain third party games but not the whole library. I'm definitely sure running games that look great that well on 512 MB's of RAM alone sure speaks when games generally use far more then that on a PC.

The definition of optimization doesn't mean they never cut corners to achieve similar results. They do that a lot but you see some crazy results when developers push harder to get the similar product on tighter limitations.

EDIT: And don't forget the price per performance. I know very well how to build a computer and how to get the best you can for a budget. For $400 I would not get the same quality as a PS4. Not counting any of it's included features like Bluray and a high quality controller. You don't have to like it, but quit arguing with it. As for optimization again, they clearly play games with intense graphics very smoothly. You can ignore consoles but don't be ignorant of their positives. I know paying for online sucks in a way but PSPlus is indeed a great deal. IF Steam had a subscription based service it would likely be similar.
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Software_Lover  +   958d ago
It's not running on the PS4 at 60fps.
CGI-Quality  +   958d ago
Define a high-end PC.
JsonHenry  +   958d ago
Seeing as how BF3 has the same visuals clarity as the Killzone game that was shown it leads me to believe that you do not own a high end PC because my old 7850 and Phemon 965 rig could run that game at max settings/1080p rez no problems. And that machine is 3 years old.

I honestly believe however that the games are going to look even better when released than what was shown. But the raw numbers say otherwise when trying to compare them with current high end PCs. (and it isn't a fair comparison anyway)

The truest way to judge the new consoles abilities are to build a PC with as close to similar specs of the console and see how high of a resolution/settings you can turn up and how it compares.

So basically build an AMD system with a 7970 (underclocked) and an underclocked 8350 and see how well, lets say for example BF4, plays running at the same resolution with similar GFX options enabled on the PC version to judge how well the devs are doing at taking advantage of each consoles closed systems.
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givemeshelter  +   958d ago

High End PC's are running GPU's that are 2-3 times more powerful then the entire PS4...that's the GPU alone without factoring in the CPU and memory.
Don't kid yourself. The PS4 is a great piece of powerful technology...for a console.
The_Troll_Whisperer  +   957d ago
I wish I had a gaming rig.
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The_Troll_Whisperer  +   958d ago

Maybe because the 8800 was manufactured in 2008 while the Xbox 360 was conceived in 2005 and the PS3 in 2004... Both catching up to that would be like a turtle catching up to a hare.

PS3 and Xbox 360 CAN do 1080p (barely anyway) with games like WipEout HD, God of War 3, Metal Gear Solid 4, Forza, Gran Turismo, Tekken, NBA Live 06, etc.

And 720p and 1080p is not TWICE the difference. Twice the difference would be 2K resolutions.

Also, a 8800GTX CANNNOT run Battlefield 3, Crysis 3, Metro: Last night like PS3 (look up their respective settings on PlayStation 3) by its own self. THAT'S were optimization goes to.

I could care less if you disagree with me, because PC will always be superior. PERIOD. But I don't like it when their respective fanbase wants to put down console players like that. So if you are mad because I just put you in your place, shove your hate up your ass.

I have spoken.
cayleee  +   958d ago
8800GTX was manufactured in 2006, it released before the PS3 did.

1080p is 2x the pixels vs 720p.

8800GTX can easily run those games in 1080p albeit medium settings, consoles run the same games in 720p or below low / medium settings.
The_Troll_Whisperer  +   957d ago

Once again, it was commercially available in 2007 in the U.S.

720p times 2 is 1440p AKA 2K. It is not 1080p.

I'm calling bullshit, PS3 version of Metro Last Light runs it at an equivalent of medium/high settings. Look at the Digital Foundry article.

Let me quote what you said earlier: ''8800GTX on paper is 2.5x more powerful than consoles''

Now you're telling me ''8800GTX can easily run those games in 1080p albeit medium settings''

So you just said that it it ISN'T 2.5 more powerful. Interesting....

I have spoken

EDIT: I just got done reading a DF article on Crysis 3 on consoles and it says that it is the equivalent of medium/high on PC. And the frame rate is a constant 30 FPS at 720p on the Xbox 360. So that ruins your, ''consoles run the same games in 720p or below low / medium settings'' argument. Think i'm lying? Here's the link:
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jcnba28  +   958d ago
lol no, just no.
Software_Lover  +   958d ago
And it begins.

I like how he said "average" pc, lol. Play with words.

It still probably wont compete with my HD 7950 and Ivy Bridge processor. Still good though.
MegaMohsi  +   958d ago
It comes close to my OC i7930 and OC gtx 660ti but still falls short
Software_Lover  +   958d ago
I've gotten lazy. I haven't overclocked in so long.
MaskedAnus   958d ago | Spam
MegaMohsi  +   958d ago

interesting, didn't know that, thanks for the info!
NarooN  +   958d ago
Well what he said is true, the average PC is the stuff you'll find from OEM's like Dell and HP, not super-impressive but sometimes still capable depending on the "model". On Steam's hardware survey, most people are using Intel HD 3000 and Intel HD 4000 -- in other words, integrated graphics. Most people are casuals who play light stuff.

The people who you see with Intel 3960x's and quad-SLI rigs make up a very very small niche market. Most "serious" PC gamers just buy what they need. PS4's APU iGPU is around the power of an HD Radeon 7850, a card that can run most modern games at 1080p with very playable framerates at high/ultra settings (inb4 Crysis 3).

So yeah, he's pretty much right, lol.
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JAMurida  +   958d ago
After the Digital Foundry article on PS4, I'll wait until it comes out and we actually see the game to be the judge, so far though, not looking good.
CGI-Quality  +   958d ago
"So far, not looking good."

Sure, if you live in LaLa Land. What about the many others that praise the PS4's launch titles? Didn't want to look those up?
S2Killinit  +   958d ago
it makes perfect sense. People forget that even the most high end PCs are bogged down by the fact that they are in the minority and developers focus on consoles and PCs on par with consoles (low end to mid level PCs). If you look at PS3 exclusives right now, they arguably look like good PC games. So yes, PS4 will definitely push the boundaries, but by pushing it, they allow for better graphics on high end PCs as well.
wtopez  +   958d ago
My pc is considered average imo. Just dropped a GTX 770 on it though. I consider that to be a mid-range GAMING pc. And it's for sure more powerful than a ps4. It was more powerful when it had a 660ti on yeah. Average is a broad term.
ded1020  +   958d ago
I know my pc is no where near ps4. I'm looking forward to those blazing graphics on my new 60' tv. I neglected putting expensive parts into my pc because they weren't necessary to run games. My PC might be below average, but I'm right on the line now when it comes to spec req for games today. Which is all the more reason PS4 looks so damn good right now =).
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flipflopfacts  +   958d ago
check out the average PC on steam then comeback and tell us if they can beat the ps4.

I just love how console gamers can't defend themselves and these wannabe know it all pc elites can tout how pc gaming is way more better.

your average budget pc will never beat 7gb gddr ram. the fact that ram and graphics memory is running unified speaks volumes for developers. Your average rig gpu barely have 1gb video memory. Next gen will have bigger larger environments and more characters on screen. Seamless load times and no popins.

the biggest downfall of the PC platform is its fragmented userbase and thats the truth.
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Foxgod  +   958d ago
Well, the ones that tout obviously dont have an average steam pc.

My pc has been at 8 gb for the past 4 years, il upgrade it to 18gb (16gb ddr3 and 2gb gddr5) by the end of the year.

Multi's will look crispier on my pc, and il play the exclusives on the XB1.
BattleAxe  +   958d ago
The only way to know for sure is to do some actual comparisons. I've got an Intel i7 920 (2.27GHZ), with a GeForce GTX 260 and 6GB DDR3 Memory (1066MHZ), and I'm currently running BF3 on generally high settings, and although I haven't tried to put everything up as high as it can go, I'm sure I could put a few settings up to ultra and still run the game just fine.

When I played through Crysis, Crysis Warhead and Crysis 2, I had everything set to very high or enthusiast settings and ran all of those games perfectly, although I find that I usually have to put shadow quality on medium and I usually keep anti aliasing to either 2x or 4x.

I'm willing to bet that my PC will keep pace with the PS4 and Xbox One for the first couple of years, but I'm sure the further we get into next generation games, the more I'll have to lower the settings on many games.
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MegaMohsi  +   958d ago
what resolution do you play at and what types of framerates do you get? Those specs seem generally low for running crisis games at high or highest settings @ 1080p
BattleAxe  +   958d ago
You're going to think this is a weird resolution, but I run my games at 992p because of the 26" HD TV I play on, which I bought back in 2007. I can play in 720 and 1080, but the picture ends up being larger than the screen, so I have to play at 664p or 992p to get everything to fit properly into the screen.

I can't remember the exact framerates that i was getting, but I think I was in the 45 fps range. Framerates, micro stutter, screen tearing and just screen artifacts in general bother the heck out of me, so I push everything as far as it will go, but I adjust everything so that I get the best visual experience possible with the equipment I have.

I want to buy a new monitor, and I will probably get a new one around Christmas or just shortly after. Generally though, I've been really pleased with my PC over the last 4 years, and I'm one of those people who will sqeeze every last bit of usability out of my equipment before I spend the money to replace anything.

I think many people out there rush in too quickly to buy the latest technology because they think their graphics cards aren't going to be up to the task, and I don't want to get sucked into doing that every year or two, and I don't think you need to do that, based on my own personal experience.

Check out my profile picture to see my PC/PS3 set-up.
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flipflopfacts  +   958d ago
BF3 is a last gen game due to the fact that they will have to hold back on because its a console port. Developers will have to cut everything out so it can also run on consoles. I'm almost 100% sure developers will not alienate their user base by cutting content. aside from 64 players the environment and vehicles are still the same. Hence console port. give it 3 more year for cross gen platform games to flush out and you'll see what next gen has to offer.
#10.2 (Edited 958d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Foxgod  +   958d ago
Youl need to upgrade your videocard this november, or the new pc games will be stucked at medium low.
I have the same rig as you, but with a GTX280, gonna replace it with a GTX760.

Depends what vid card you have no, the 760 uses a lot less watt then the 280 i currently have.
This because the transistors have gotten a lot smaller the past years, and thus require less energy.

I am just replacing the vid card, and the memory by two sets of 8gb triple channel kits, memory is not very expensive.
I decided not to go with the 770, because it doesnt add much over the 760, and price difference will allow me an extra 8gb of ram.
#10.3 (Edited 958d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
BattleAxe  +   958d ago
I want to get a 700 series graphics card also, but I'll probably have to upgrade my 550 watt Corsair PSU also. Once I replace one thing, it's going to lead me to replacing a few things :/
WolfOfDarkness  +   958d ago
Sony designed PS4 to last for 8 to years , Hundreds of New graphic cards will be developed through the years and surly it will pass the performance of PS4 and Xbox One , it's really good thing to know PS4 is a generation a head of high-end pcs on the market.

You never know what's the potential for other Companies to join the Gaming console industry , we might see ( I Game Console from apple ) ? Or from Samsung's ? Nivida got shields and maybe it's just a start for them in gaming business ! Maybe we will see AMD them selfs developing a gaming console ! You never know , let's just focus on ( PS4 and Xbox one )

Can't Waite to get my PS4 and Xbox One .
Foxgod  +   958d ago
As much as i am looking forward to the next gen, the Ps4 and Xb1 are not ahead of high end pc's.

I have a 4 year old i7 920 with 6 gb of ddr 3 and 2gb of gddr5, that can currently be considered to be inbetween medium and high.

By the end of the year il add 10 gb of ddr3 and a GTX760, and it will be high end, and have about 3 times the power of next gen consoles.
givemeshelter  +   958d ago
They are not a generation ahead. The are a generation behind. It's actually the first time in a console generation were consoles will launch and have less power then your gaming PC.
CGI-Quality  +   958d ago
"it's really good thing to know PS4 is a generation a head of high-end pcs on the market."
Except that it isn't. My i7 3970X, GTX 690, 32GB of DDR3 RAM won't ever be topped by a next gen console - spec wise. The plus side of the architecture is it will benefit both the PC and consoles. So it's a win-win for everyone.
#11.3 (Edited 958d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
kingduqc  +   958d ago
PS3 was comparable to high end pc, 2 years after mid range pc destroyed consoles.

ps4 is comparable to mid end pc, in 2 year the gap is going to be much much larger.
ded1020  +   958d ago
And yet your games will prolly still have to run on 8 year old hw so that power is going nowhere. You NEED these consoles for your games to get bigger and better.
WolfOfDarkness  +   957d ago
This what I was saying , this what I meant , I agree with u .
bumnut  +   958d ago
war thunder is crap
Virtual_Reality  +   958d ago
How? Is better than War of Warplanes.

Any one that likes combat flight simulators based in pre WW2, will love War Thunder
bumnut  +   957d ago
I played Wings Of Prey and enjoyed it, but war thunder just felt the same so got boring very quickly.
flipflopfacts  +   958d ago
I have a built the top of the line Gaming rig and let me tell you people that it has not changed my gaming experience. Aside from the shiny visuals it has not made the fun factor of gaming any better. (i'm not interested in nude MODs)Everything is the same. I just don't understand how PC guys like to troll console gaming and say that it's miles better.

I am more excited for next gen and I am almost sure that i am going to prefer and i recommend console gaming over PC. PC gaming will not have a leg up over Console gaming. All multiplatform games are going to be the same. I suggest save some extra bucks and get a console. Plus you'll get high profile console exclusive games every now and then. You will also get the same experience no matter what platform you're on.
#14 (Edited 958d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
CGI-Quality  +   958d ago
One has to wonder if you actually did build a "top-of-the-line" PC. Furthermore, doesn't sound like, if you did, that you have much interest in it. Why build an expensive rig at all?
flipflopfacts  +   958d ago
i am a 3d modeler and i also do gaming on the side
starchild  +   958d ago
Just because it makes no difference for you doesn't mean that there is no difference or that the difference isn't substantial.

You are probably also the kind of person who think VHS and DVD are good enough and you can't see much of a difference going to Blu-ray.

In any case, the difference between gaming on a PC versus console is much much bigger than between DVD and Blu-ray.
For perceptive people who care about the quality of their videogames it makes a big difference.

For me the framerate alone makes a large difference. There is an absolutely massive difference for me between playing on consoles at a variable 20 to 30fps and playing on my PC at rock solid 60fps.

The higher screen resolutions, higher res textures, higher quality texture filtering, higher quality shadows, less pop-in, high quality anti-aliasing, and all the other image quality improvements I get on my PC are also very noticeable and appreciated.
starchild  +   958d ago
Also, I suspect that you wouldn't be singing the same tune if I said that Xbox One will allow you to play all the same multiplats as the PS4 and will have exclusives of its own.

Why do so many guys act like they don't care about quality and then turn around and badmouth the Xbox One and cheer the fact that the PS4 will get better versions of multiplat games? It's hypocritical.

Im not sure if this goes for you or not, but I wouldn't be at all surprised.
flipflopfacts  +   958d ago
"Also, I suspect that you wouldn't be singing the same tune if I said that Xbox One will allow you to play all the same multiplats as the PS4 and will have exclusives of its own."

As a matter of fact I don't since Microsoft has changed their policies. The only thing i'm a bit annoyed is hearing the rumor of Xbone downlocking their GPU speed. I mean it's already bad enough 1.2 tflops is holding back next gen gaming but to lower it even more is just a slap in the face to mulitplatform developers. I am actually considering getting an Xbox one, since their exclusive games do look massively better than last gen. Unless Microsoft decides to flip flop later in the consoles life cycle. I will be holding off on buying one.

I am just like everyone else, bias in some way shape or form to items that holds some sentimental value.
#14.3.1 (Edited 958d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
schlanz  +   957d ago
Well it's better with regard to some things like mods, online capabilities, multiple screen setups, unique accessories, and game deals don't get much better than steam and gog. PC gaming can become more immersive than console gaming if you go whole-hog with it.

But I agree in general, the fun-factor of a game doesn't change platform to platform (unless you consider certain mods). There is something to be said for the convenience and economy of a console.

Exclusives are what its all about it my opinion.. you can tout the benefits of PC gaming until you are blue in the face, and you still won't be playing Super Mario Galaxy or The Last of Us on it.
fenome  +   958d ago
I don't care though, I'm a console gamer. Always have been, always will be. I love laying in bed playing on my 60 inch screen. I love my controller, that's never gonna change.

Besides, gameplay is ALWAYS the trump card for me. I don't care how visually impressive it is if the game mechanics are crap. If I wan't visual fidelity, I'll watch a bluray. To each there own though, all gamers are gonna win this next generation though. I'm stoked on it!
GamePeace  +   958d ago
Well, I've bought my Ps4 for decicated exclusive games like The Last Guardian, The Order, new exclusive IP's, many new Japan Studios games, probably a new God of War ecc.
go Play your "average" PC games, which in the most cases will be consolized multiplattform games...
sorane  +   958d ago
So an admitted console fanboy writes an article saying consoles are better. Bored of the jealousy already and these things aren't even released yet......Back to next gen gaming
Tundra  +   958d ago
Well he's right. There's a reason why Microsoft's OS is dominating the market and is considered a monopoly. It's licensed to the vast majority of computer manufacturers. Which in turn skew this statistic. When someone buys a PS4, it has the same internals as someone else's PS4.

Anyone getting mad at this guy stating the truth shouldn't be mad at all.
clouds5  +   958d ago
I dont believe it :) Think about it, basically he said nothing at all...

1. "greater graphics": What ever that is. Higher resolution? Nope. Directx11 effects? Framerate? Polygon count? What exactly are greater visuals?
2. What is an "average pc"? This could mean everything. An average PC could be seen as an intel with integrated graphics and 2gb ram laptop. Or as a medium power quad core with a directx 10 card. Who knows.

There is another point we have to consider as well:
First, this gen almost all games where made for the ps360 platform and ported to PC. That always takes alot of power because the code was written for another system. And its much more difficult and time consuming for the devs to make an Xbox360 game look better on PC.
On the other hand there are few PC games that where ported to Consoles. But take a look at a game like Witcher 2. The PC version is miles ahead of the console port.

-->What I'm trying to say: You can't compare the situation we had this generation with the next. Because next gen everything is x86. There will be NO MORE PORTS NEXT GEN! Thats the most important and simply the best thing for PC gaming. Of course there is always some optimization that will make the games run better on consoles... But i think you get my point :)
-->less work for devs to make multiplatform games.
-->very little power will be lost because of different code for different hardware.

I'm confident my PC will run all next gen games reasonably well (phenomIIx4 @3.8ghz, 8gb DDR3, radeon7870 2gb GDDR5) and i consider this a mid range (=average?) gaming PC. At least for the 1st-2nd year and by then we will have pretty cheap graphics card that are way faster than everything we have now.
#19 (Edited 958d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
susanto1228  +   958d ago
An average PC is a pretty shitty PC

my video card cost more than the PS4

that's how awesome it is it would take a PS6 to

match the power of full blown custom PC's

this story has no merit and it's not relevant at all.
Krosis  +   958d ago
, "Here at the GameZone office, there's an ongoing debate as to whether next-gen consoles or PC will be the optimal experience for gaming in the future, especially in terms of graphics. I, being on the side of consoles, tend to believe EA when they say Xbox One and PS4 are "a generation ahead of the highest end PC on the market."
Note to self: the people at the "GameZone office" and EA are morons. Morons who think the "highest end PC" is a Pentium III and Windows 95.

My computer is two years old and easily wipes the floor with a PS4 or Xbox One. This article was a good afternoon "lol"
Saryk  +   958d ago
My PC could run the next-next gen games. So what!

I have enough games to play until 2015 and never need to buy another one. But since Steam is going to have their DAMN sales next week, I am going to burn more cash and have more games and love it!

That is what I care about!
No_Pantaloons  +   958d ago
Average PC means nothing, if they said Average Gaming PC then that might be something to brag about. Everyone knows the most pc's out there aren't used for gaming thus have no where near the specs needed for running current games at high levels, it obviously throws off the data completely.
isarai  +   958d ago
guess that depends on what the average PC is

Wow can't believe people are getting upset over something so fucking trivial
#24 (Edited 958d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
ninjahunter  +   958d ago
Lol, well the average -2013- PC is a college laptop at like $700 that can play source games. the average PC right now only doubles last gens consoles. the average gaming PC? Thats a bit more in the ballpark of the ps4.
manageri   958d ago | Spam
assdan  +   958d ago
My Pc is a lot stronger than the PS4, and I can almost guarantee that the one the picture is stronger than a PS4. The author also leaves out the major detail that the average PC is probably a little stronger than a newtbook and use mostly for web surfing. Trust me. If you sink $800 into a PC, it will be stronger than a PS4. You will also get all the non-gaming features a PC brings. Price per performance on the PS4 will be better for a while, but isn't that what usually happen?
TXIDarkAvenger  +   958d ago
Not really impressive since the average PC isn't very powerful. Running most games on low to medium.
reaperofsouls  +   958d ago
consoles operate on close systems so they can extract more preformance than a PC with equivalent componentds
piffyd  +   958d ago
average pc grandma has one of what

average gaming!!!

ps4 is low-mid spec at best

a gtx 560 from 2 years ago and costing $139 usd DESTROYS the ps4's gpu, which lets not forget is a mobile/laptop card

and that cpu.....1.6 gigs.......ouch

just wait until you see those native resolutions of ps4 games dropping kiddies

1920x1080 will only be on very old looking games

within a year you'll be back to playing 720p, and if your lucky 800p, 829p, 942p and a bunch of other weird garbage resolution like last gen was

the hardware in the ps4 and xbox1 are already very, very outdated

a single 1 year old gtx 680 DESTROYS everything the new consoles will ever do
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