Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two Vita Review | IGN

IGN: "The Vita version of Epic Mickey 2 adds little to the original but offers a more attractive price."

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swansong1996d ago

I'm enjoying the game on my Vita.

BuffMordecai1996d ago

How's the framerate? I have heard it is kinda choppy.

kB01996d ago

Framerate isn't noticeable because of the gameplay style, but yes its bad..nowhere near as bad as ratchet and clank.

It's very enjoyable, I'd give it a 7.0 though, nothing higher. Everything is top notch..but the game could've used optimizing, not only to frame rate but inconsistent AI faults.

:) I'm actually really enjoying farming simulator

swansong1996d ago

I agree with kB0,the framerate isn't near as bad as ratchet and clank or even Jak:1 on the vita.Maybe I am enjoying it more because I have never played any version of EpicMicky.

Transporter471996d ago

Is the game broken to give it that low of an score?

stuntman_mike1996d ago

this game is a steal at 11.99 on psn.

YoungKingDoran1996d ago

Squint and that article picture becomes Metal Sonic