How Sony's PS4 Beat The Xbox One On Price

Sony‘s PS4 arguably has just one major advantage over Microsoft Xbox One: price. We in the hardcore gaming community can argue DRM and used games policies until we’re blue in the face, but a lot of those broader debates are going to fade when we’re faced with a mass market in the fall

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DoubleJumpAUS1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

One key question that Mr. Thier might have addressed in his column: the strong possibility that Microsoft will quietly reinstitute their DRM policies after launch. While I see where he is coming from, the DRM question, especially in light of the NSA scandal (which he does mention later on in the article), is not restricted to hardcore gamers. Regarding it as such only worsens whatever problem there may be about general user-ignorance.

Blankolf1971d ago

Indeed, a known real matter that should trouble every consumer, but if they allow such, than they should have no problem with it :)

dedicatedtogamers1971d ago

What it boils down to is that Sony is focusing on gamers while Microsoft is (and has been for the last 3 years) focusing on the "Everyone" audience.

Neither approach is inherently good or bad, but it makes my own decision much easier. Sony has explicitly said (via Jack Tretton in an interview) that Sony is going to take care of their core gamer audience first and foremost and worry about the rest later. Microsoft has been wandering around aimlessly after renouncing DRM so I'm not even sure what the target audience of Xbox One is anymore.

morganfell1971d ago

"Sony‘s PS4 arguably has just one major advantage..."

I guess specs mean nothing to the person that wrote this article. It wasn't price that caused a February panic in Redmond.

bicfitness1971d ago

The author of this article is missing the substantial gap in power as well. That's as big as the price difference for early adopters.

wastedcells1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

It's too late to pull the DRM. They (X1) can make it not mandatory but the DRM is there. One system update and its on. After the first hack they will pull the trigger lol.

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KillrateOmega1971d ago

Sony really did make the right decision by making the Eye an add-on, so as to drop the price. At the moment, they're winning the price battle and this is arguably the most important battle to win. It'll net them more sales in the early game.

One of the biggest influences in buying a console is which console will more of your friends be on. If more people are buying a particular console early on, then that means that there is a greater chance of somebody's friends being on that console, thus swaying their decision.

It's hard to go wrong by pleasing your costumers.

Blankolf1971d ago

Indeed, Sony is going so well that I keep questioning myself that they must have to wrong somewhere, but in both the architecture, the bundle, the price, the games, I don't see another console going over it.

I am sure Microsoft will have most consumers, since they invest more in advertising, but I think known and informed consumers will be an easy choice :)

OrangePowerz1970d ago

I can see MS selling more on launch in the States, but I would be surprised to see them beat Sony in Europe with features like TV not working there on launch.

wastedcells1970d ago

Highly doubt Sony ever planned to make the cam included in the launch systems. I think those rumours are just journalist taking sh... And making news.

Mounce1970d ago

I'm just confused with How there needs to be an article on 'How' Sony's PS4 beat Xbox One in price. Isn't that a simple answer?

One console is $499, the other is $399. Why ask How as if it needs a discussion when it is what it is :P

KillrateOmega1970d ago


I was originally planning on posting a comment of the exact same nature XD

Foxgod1971d ago

I can imagine that people who prefer sony exclusives rather go for a ps4.
I can imagine that some people with a tight budget go for a ps4.

I cannot imagine that everybody with a tight budget is jumping to get a next gen console at all.
They will probably wait till both consoles will drop in price.

People lining up right now are mostly hardcore gamers that dont care about the pricetag, Sony is indeed a 100 cheaper, but its still flippin 400$,EU, thats a lot for people on a tight budget.

Like all other gamers that get a console this year, i get it for the games, not for the budget, prefer sony games, so go for ps4, prefer xb1 games, go for xb1.

I seriously doubt that someone who prefers the MS exclusives would go for a sony console this year because its a 100 cheaper.

Why o why1971d ago

Kinda agree with all of that except the last paragraph. It may be factors other than exclusives that bring gamers from xb to ps.

wastedcells1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Ya with all the major 3rd party games coming to current gen I'm sure most gamers can wait and don't care to jump into next gen day one. But for us, this is huge! Can't wait for PS4 on launch day. Calling in sick for sure.

project_pat361971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

ummm... by $100?

we need the article why?

RandomDude6551970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

By having focus on what the product is:

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