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DualShock 4 vs Xbox One Pad - Which Is Better?

PS4 and Xbox One have new controllers. We've tried them. We liked them. But is there a winner between the two? (PS4, Xbox One)

KillrateOmega  +   618d ago
DualShock 4 vs Xbox One Pad - Which Is Better?
It really depends on what your hands have gotten used to.

If you've always used the PS controller, then the Xbox controller is going to feel awkward in your hands and vice versa. You can adjust to change over time though.
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buddymagoo  +   618d ago
Added speaker, touchpad and gyro sensors make the DS4 more of a leap from the previous generation than the xbone controller.
hellvaguy  +   618d ago
Improved d-pad, tactile triggers, and superior wifi direct make the xbone my go to controller. You left out the share button on the ds4. I do like that and the bigger size.

Touchpad and nonsense gyro thingys will prolly end up being another gimmick like Kinect that I wont be interested in.
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BitbyDeath  +   618d ago
If PS4 touchpad supports RTS/SIM games then PS4 would be better. Otherwise like this gen they'll be pretty much the same... IMO
wastedcells  +   617d ago
Agreed. The DS4 has the immediate advantage because its more "next gen".
Thirty3Three  +   617d ago

Superior WiFi tech?

Dude you need to stop making stuff up to make it sound better...
YNWA96  +   617d ago
Got to laugh at the complete bollixs being said here, who has touched the controller yet? Also DS4 is more next gen? When PS 1 brought out original DS, it blew me away, but they did not change much for a long time, each incarnation was only a slight improvement. Hopeful DS4 is a true leap. The original Xbox controller was a huge lumbering boomerang, but after a while it was decent for FPS. The 360 controller though nailed it perfectly, though the D pad was the obvious flaw... As for next gen, I really hope they did ot mess with it too much, and hope DS 4 has weight, and a little bigger. But say which is better? Not touched one so how can I, and each to his own... Pointless article really. Share button also has nothing at all to do with controlling a game, so any comments for that is futile.
lgn15  +   617d ago
Sony fans please stop using the "DS4 is a bigger improvement" argument. All that tells me is that the PS3 controller was really, really, shit. How about acknowledging that the DS4 is two rumble triggers behing the Xbox One controller...
Deividas  +   618d ago
Agreed. I pre-ordered the PS4 already so i am a fan of sony more than MS but one thing MS did well is the controller and the XB1 is prob pretty damn good if not better than its predecessor. But from what Im hearing, im excited for dualshock 4, its heavier and feels more sturdy and the trigger buttons i guess feel amazing. Still not a huge fan of stick locations but those you just have to get used to. But you are right, but I think Sony made a huge improvement
Blackdeath_663  +   618d ago
"It really depends on what your hands have gotten used to. " well nobody has gotten used to either of them since they are not out yet. with regards to this gen controllers i've been gaming on play station since psone so the dualshock has always been natural to me. the first time i used the 360 pad it felt awkward i hated the left thumb stick and immediately dismissed it. sometime later i tried it again and i have to say it is indeed quite comfortable on the palms but the massive battery pack that presses on your middle finger can be painful. all in all while the 360 pad may be more ergonomic more practical features on the DS3 like longer battery life rechargeable battery that doesn't need replacing is ultimately more important to me since i never had an issue with the dualshock design. as for the size i preferred the smaller size since reaching the buttons quicker is handy. the triggers on the DS3 is a definite black mark on the controller though again i never had a problem with it since i'm used to it but i know its not the best
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KillrateOmega  +   618d ago
"well nobody has gotten used to either of them since they are not out yet."
I know, but both are more or less of the same general design/shape as their predecessors.

They are not carbon copies by any means, but I don't think getting used to the DS4 will require much time at all if you've been using the DS3 for a while. The equal, opposite applies to the new and old Xbox controllers as well.

But yeah, I've owned both an Xbox 360 and PS3. Speaking from my experience with both, I have to say that I slightly prefer the DS3. I will give the Xbox brand this though, they have a great controller design.
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fermcr  +   618d ago
I wish the X1 or PS4 would support usb keyboard and mouse to play FPS games. I just don't like playing FPS's with a controller.
hellvaguy  +   618d ago
Consoles don't want you doing that. A lot research went into showing how much of an advantage k/m have over controller in gaming tournaments. I don't see why that is, but they must more precise somehow.
S2Killinit  +   618d ago
I'm for PS4 all the way so I maybe biased. But, I think that the DualShock has the most to offer with two additional technologies included (touchpad + motion sensing capabilities) The xbone controller has one new feature and that the new trigger rumble, it all comes down to how good that is, otherwise the xbone controller is just a clone of the 360 controller. If you look closely you see that the differences are aesthetic only. So thats my two cents.
TENTONGUN  +   617d ago
but what about the ds3 to the ds4? kind of biased huh. clone right?
S2Killinit  +   617d ago
I'm not sure if I know what you mean. But, if you are saying that the DS4 is the same as DS3, then I disagree. The DS4 is a complete redesign, in fact in the DS4's case the similarities are only aesthetic (for example the buttons are exactly the same) But the very dimensions and shape (in other words, feel) of the controller are completely new. And then you have the new features to boot.
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CrimsonStar  +   617d ago
LOL How many Fu&^&%$ controller article are we going to Fu&^%$ have ??????? GOOD LORD
EasilyTheBest  +   618d ago
The X1 pad is better!
EasilyTheBest  +   618d ago
The PS4 pad is better!
iGAM3R-VIII  +   618d ago
dkm, the fact you replied to yourself
Chaostar  +   618d ago
I disagreed with both!

What now?
MikeMyers  +   618d ago
I'm going to take a wild guess and say those who like the PlayStation systems better will like the new Dualshock 4 more while those who enjoyed the Xbox systems more will like the Xbox One controller. Eat your heart out Michael Pachter.
EasilyTheBest  +   618d ago

"I disagreed with both!

What now? "

The Wii Pad is better!
MRMagoo123  +   617d ago
i didnt agree with all 3 so ner
SignifiedSix91  +   618d ago
Does there really have to be an article about the controllers every day?

Getting kind of annoying to be honest.

Also, we can't say anything seeing as we haven't even touched the damn things...
BitbyDeath  +   618d ago
They'll go back to top 10 lists soon enough.
tigertom53  +   618d ago
X1 with new sticks that are more responsive and less of a dead zone. new buttons that have more responsive. new triggers with feedback, Led light for player tracking, Wi-Fi direct for better communication and higher quality audio and microphone, new d pad. designed for small and large hands....
FrightfulActions  +   618d ago
Both have features I'm curious about. Rumble triggers sound interesting but nothing too game-changing. The toughpad on the DS4 however looks really promising. I hope its put to good use in games and not something completely overlooked in the same way Sixaxis was.

I'm mostly wondering how the new analog sticks are going to feel. I'm so used to the DS3's triggers I'm not sure how the new concave design will feel. I hear its better and allows more control but I have nothing to base it off of personally so I'm still not certain how I'm going to feel about them.

On a slightly related note I find it surprising that Sony is the only one who listened to fans on the controller. The one thing hated most about the DS3 was the curved L2/R2 buttons. They changed it. One thing people hated most about the Xbox controller was that D-Pad. Yet they still kept it. I don't know why, it seems like it'd be an easy thing to 'fix'.
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Geezus  +   618d ago
MS redesigned the dpad on the One how much better its than its predecessor is still up in the air
tracyllrkn  +   618d ago
The touchpad won't be abandoned like the sixaxis. The touchpad is another form of input. Like in Killzone Shadow Fall, you can control the Owl with the touchpad. Could they have done it without it, of course. But the touchpad will open other buttons for use.
FrightfulActions  +   617d ago
Sure I'm liking what I see so far but its the beginning of the era. The first few games show off what it can do but I'm worried it'll be forgotten after a year on the market. It has a lot of potential though, more than sixaxis ever did IMO. I don't see WHY they'd not utilize it but I'm still skeptical.

Sixaxis didn't have as much potential but it still could had done a few things that it was just overlooked with. Like if someone grapples you in a game and instead of rapidly hitting X or O you could just shake the controller. That would had been a small thing it could do but it was more or less forgotten in favor of buttons.

It's like you said, the things they can use the touchpad for could also be done with the other buttons. I'm just hoping developers don't just get lazy and stick to the buttons instead of using the touchpad. I want the touchpad to be embraced and not treated like this novelty that only a handful of games make us of.
lgn15  +   617d ago
If people can say the Cloud is gimmicky then can you also admit the touch pad is just as gimmicky? Seriously, I hate how they don't offer you a CHOICE to have it on the controller. ARGHHH. Damn $ony.
BitbyDeath  +   617d ago
Have you ever used a laptop or even a mouse before? How are those gimmicky?

RTS games have never worked properly on consoles and if the touch pad can replicate the mouse/laptop touch pad then we will get more RTS games on consoles.

Not a gimmick, real games.
level 360  +   618d ago
Just by looking and reading articles about both in terms of being ergonomically better and revolutionary in design/usage it's quite obvious DS4 control pad is the clear winner, even though only the media and a few had the first glance/touch of both control pads.
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hellvaguy  +   618d ago
Its not clear by any stretch of the fanboy mind. Both controllers look very top notch and full of improvements.
MRMagoo123  +   617d ago
I havent seen an article yet that claims the xbone controller is better than the ds4 so it seems sony have won again.
Krosis  +   618d ago
*sigh. No way of knowing before launch. Idiots.
FrightfulActions  +   617d ago
It's an opinion piece done by someone who has actually used both, though. We won't know what the public majority prefers until launch but that doesn't mean there aren't indivduals who have already used them and already came to a personal conclusion.
PositiveEmotions  +   618d ago
The ds4 made a huge improvement and it looks allot better than the past ps controllers
ScamperCamper  +   618d ago
This isn't going to be a neutral discussion. I love Xbox, so I'll say their controller pwns PS4. There. I said it.
NatureOfLogic  +   618d ago
Xbox controller is uncomfortable and has an unnatural feel in my hands. So DS has always been perfect for me.
Geezus  +   618d ago
i just wish Sony would change the analog stick positioning to match the xbox controller or the wii u pro which are both excellent controllers.
it makes more sense ergonomically because thumbs extend straight from the hand in a relaxed state. Therefore when Holding a controller, your thumbs will naturally rest on the left stick and face buttons on the xbox or both analog sticks on the wii u. This makes gripping the contorllers a ton more comfortable and natural
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MRMagoo123  +   617d ago
in the land of made up spastic hands yes the xbox controller sticks are good, but in the real world the ds4 is by far better.
Fireseed  +   618d ago
Whichever one has Killer Instinct on the other end :D
MRMagoo123  +   617d ago
lol KI was a sh!t game when it first came out it was just a bad clone of MK and it still is sh!t, did you actually see it playing lol its like going back to the 90s graphics wise and gameplay wise.
Fireseed  +   617d ago
Yeah I saw it... oh and I played it too, was fucking incredible. Got a point to make now?
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Supermax  +   617d ago
As always the Xbox controller is the best
MrSwankSinatra  +   617d ago
i prefer the dual-shock. the xbox controllers have been too uncomfortable for me. but as far as the new controllers go we have to wait and see.
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leemo19  +   617d ago
Either one will be fine with me. It's not hard for me to adjust to the dualshock or Xbox controller. Im just glad Sony has conclave sticks again like the Dual Analog Controller when it came out.
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