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Submitted by Lavalamp 956d ago | opinion piece

Microsoft’s decision to remove pack-in headset from Xbox One hurts parents, hard of hearing

The PA Report: "The problem with using the Kinect for voice chat is that other players' voices will be coming out of my television speakers. I have no clue what they're going to say, or when. When I'm online I can't easily pause the game when a kid walks in, and there is no limit to the sort of racial, sexual, or otherwise idiotic things that people say online." (Microsoft, Xbox One)

JsonHenry  +   956d ago
I guess they assume people want to use the kinect for VoIP? I've used mine a few times and it works pretty good for talking. But I much prefer having the incoming voice going directly into my ear instead of through the speaker system.
abzdine  +   956d ago
it's great the PS4 bundle includes a headset!
HK6  +   956d ago
Albeit a terrible in-ear one that looks like those cheap ones they bundle with cellphones.
abzdine  +   956d ago

you can still use your own, it's a universal jack connection.
Utalkin2me  +   956d ago
I don't think is a major problem. But what i do see is a problem, is not supporting current headsets.
WalterWJR  +   956d ago
Clearly Major nelson thinks this is not a major problem.
Cam977  +   956d ago
Kinect is awful for voice chat. Since it comes out of your TV it can be hard to hear in some games causing the user to mess with the audio settings from the game's menu. However, it can be seen as a good thing. Hopefully more children are disallowed mature-rated games due their parents overhearing both the nature of the conversations between friends and unknown users.

Random guy:"You ******* squeaker, **** yourself!"
Parent: "Johnny, what did he say!?"
Johnny: "Nothing."
Parent: "That's the 8th time this week, give me that game!"
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Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   956d ago
*cue kid pulling gun on parents and shooting them according to the American Government.*
ShwankyShpanky  +   956d ago
Funny how they try to assuage privacy concerns about an always-on net-connected camera and mic by saying you can turn it off (via software)... and then leave out a standalone gaming headset and force you to leave the Kinect on if you want to chat in-game.

It will be interesting to see how many menus/options you need to go through to turn the Kinect off and on. It's not uncommon for companies to bury various privacy settings under layers of menus, making it more inconvenient to access if you just wanted to turn it on for brief periods.
MarkM  +   956d ago
Begin to thick that we live in a world where people expect every issue or bump to be solved for them or to never have to be inconvenience for anything.
Bobby Kotex  +   956d ago
That sentence doesn't even make sense.
ShwankyShpanky  +   956d ago
Um... seems like some of the major features of the One are Microsoft's attempt to "solve" the (non-existent) "inconvenience" of having to push a power button or pick up a controller or check your TV guide (or, until recently, putting discs in the console).
Bobby Kotex  +   956d ago
Obvious step backward and another reason to get a PS4.
theWB27  +   956d ago
They could have at least made prior headsets compatible if they weren't giving us one bundled with the X1.
Why o why  +   956d ago
Wow.....I agree. Why cant the old ones work...have they modded the jack or something. Sounds a tad nickel and dime'ish to me
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Skate-AK  +   956d ago
The are comparable now.
RavageX  +   956d ago
So now you have to pay for an adapter to use something you already own? Geez...

MS is doing everything wrong/backwards this time around. They had better get their act together and do it soon.
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Skate-AK  +   955d ago
Haha wow I just realized I said comparable instead of compatible.
Software_Lover  +   956d ago
OMFG. You cant win for losing. I'm sure the "hard of hearing" will have other measures in place. How do they hear the game dialogue and music?
Vip3r  +   956d ago
Why have the volume up full when you can easily just use a headset.

MS screwed up big time by not using a 3.5mm jack.
ShwankyShpanky  +   956d ago
Game dialogue: subtitles
Music: nice to have, but generally not integral to playing or understanding the game

I say this as someone that usually plays games with the sound muted, and use a headset when I really want to use chat.
BabyTownFrolics  +   956d ago
is this really becoming a thing?

is there really nothing more interesting going on right now?
Mustang300C2012  +   956d ago
You have got to be kidding me with this. I don't care what console u praise or who u love this type of crap article crap needs to stop
cleft5  +   956d ago
Actually this is a decent article from Penny-Arcade and those guys are pretty high on the love for Xbox One. Of all the complaining people have been doing of late, this is actually a real issues.
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Mustang300C2012  +   956d ago
No it isn't an issue. It is an accessory so you buy a headphone. If you can't afford it then you shouldn't be buying an Xbox One in the first place. So Sony decides to pack in a headphone that they didn't with the PS3 and now it is just expected? Since when do we worry about strangers and what happens in their home. I would know by now after gaming online for 20 years and as a parent I know how to mute, choose my friends and family who I play with online. If you need a headset go buy headset. It comes with Kinect and the headset is separate. Being included does not guarantee and as parents if you got your kids playing online and unaware or allowing the cussing to spew through Kinect or a mic....then you need to evaluate yourself as a parent.
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cleft5  +   956d ago
The main problem is that when you play mp games over the internet people are offensive and very vulgar. I know I use a headset to sensor that stuff and hate when it comes through my tv.
vikingland1  +   956d ago
But why is it an issue now? The PS3 never came with a headset but I never saw these types of articles. Now the PS4 has a ear piece and it is expected??? WOW just WOW really....face palm. And there is another article stating you can use the Xbox 360 mic with an adapter.This site is getting worse by the day.
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Vip3r  +   956d ago
PS3 allowed for cheap, already used by many people, bluetooth headsets that weren't ridiculously priced.
cleft5  +   956d ago
It has always been an issue, one of the biggest failings on the part of Sony with the PS3 was not including the headset. That's something that everyone who brought a PS3, myself included, disliked about the system. Ultimately, I brought a headset for my ps3 to sensor the stuff other people where saying when it came through the tv.

One of the best things about the 360 was the inclusion of a headset, it meant that you knew everyone at least had a headset. To this day, people still don't talk that much on the ps3, especially when compared to the 360. I own a 360 and a ps3 and I love that when you do want to talk to people for a mp game, most folks on the 360 have a headset.
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MartinB105  +   956d ago
Really? Of all the things to complain about with regards to Xbox One, this is an issue?

If you're already choosing to spend $100 more on a next-generation console than you need to, then what's a little extra for a headset? And if you really can't afford a separate headset, then maybe you should consider a cheaper next-gen console that includes one?

Of all the stupid articles. :p
Utalkin2me  +   956d ago
Its not about if someone can afford it or not. It's about someone nickel and dimming you. You don't get rich by being stupid with your money.

You're the exact person MS want's on their side. No regard for spending and could care less how you're treated.
MartinB105  +   956d ago
Good thing I'm not on their side then. My pre-order is the PS4. :)
PositiveEmotions  +   956d ago
What a idiotic move by ms
xRedline  +   956d ago
If you're going to call someone or something idiotic, don't use 'a' when 'an' should be used.
PositiveEmotions  +   956d ago
English is not my first language :)
xRedline  +   956d ago
That's understandable then.
from the beach  +   956d ago
It's a total non-starter because, as he mentions, anyone who needs a headset can pop out and buy it. No point packing in a junk one just to tick a box.
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Utalkin2me  +   956d ago
Everybody is going to have "pop out and buy" a new headset, cause current ones will not work. Which just shows how much MS cares about the consumer.
from the beach  +   956d ago
No they'll use Kinect which will do a much better job.

..why would you quote me on "pop out and buy", lol?!
CrossingEden  +   956d ago
shows how much you care to actually look up info
yeah, you were wrong
DarthJay  +   956d ago
So I suppose Apple doesn't care about the consumer since they switched to the Lightning connector? Nevermind the fact that people probably had a bunch of accessories based on the 30 pin? It couldn't possibly be that they were trying to make their product better?

Microsoft is doing away with the 3.5 mm connection for chat. They made their product better. I can't even tell you how many times that damn cable has ripped out of the controller and that connection has caused issues with chat. Wireless chat will be awesome. Yeah, Microsoft freaking hates me for giving me the chance at a better experience.
testerg35  +   956d ago
Utalkin2me, hmm... weird.. my launch PS3 controller didn't have rumble because Sony said rumble was last gen. A few months later I had to buy a pair because all of a sudden Sony decides rumble is in. Boy did I feel the love there. Thanks Sony!
Supermax  +   956d ago
Lol now it hurts the hard of hearing
Utalkin2me  +   956d ago
Obviously you have never gamed with a decent headset. Or you wouldn't make such silly claims.
CrossingEden  +   956d ago
so evidently no one here has heard the news that xbox 360 headsets will WORK on xbox one, meaning you don't have to buy a new headset if you already own one for your 360
Utalkin2me  +   956d ago
Thats awesome for people that is going to buy a xbox1. Just seems like a common practice now to do 180's.

Really excuse MS for advancing our hobby? Like, with the 360? At launch of the 360, using Dvd format, no HDMI, no wireless, controllers with no rechargeable batteries, proprietary HDD. You're right they like to push technology....*rolls eyes*. MS likes to follow, why do you think they have done so many 180's?
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RavageX  +   956d ago
No, you just have to buy an adapter, so you are still going to be out money one way or another.
DarthJay  +   956d ago
As someone who has had 12 operations on my ears, including both of my ear drums reconstructed, there is absolutely no possible way I would ever use that dinky headset, and no possible way it would ever help me whatsoever. So no, it does not hurt the hearing impaired. We are used to having to do our own thing, anyway. The headset that comes with the Xbox 360 is not good enough for me, and my hearing impairment is not nearly as bad as others. That said, that cheapo thing should be in the box, regardless of the Kinect.

And the dinkier one piece headset that comes with the PS4 is going to be even worse. It's almost insulting that they put that thing in there. That thing literally costs them a dollar at most and I get it, it's symbolic more than anything, but that thing is going to be terrible and uncomfortable.
dethpuck  +   956d ago
With an adapter. The new controller has a better data feed than the old ones. Get a grip people. Excuse Microsoft for advancing our hobby and making it better. Are you going to complain that the Xbox one doesn't play laserdisc next
vikingland1  +   956d ago
No kidding. I used to come to this site to talk games with fellow gamers. Now all the stories are hate and troll hate and troll some more. Where are all the gaming stories you know, about games.
Supermax  +   956d ago
It's all about hate hear no one reads the articles.
Supermax  +   956d ago
And this is old news a week after Xbox one was revealed it was known they were going to have an adapter for headphones
ironwolf  +   956d ago
Sounds like a typical slanted news piece; "Giant Asteroid to Destroy Earth - Women and Poor Children Hardest Hit".
testerg35  +   956d ago
LOL.. when PS3 didn't come with headsets it was "who cares.. chatting sucks... we can buy better ones instead of the crappy packed in ones."

Now.... LOL
SilentGuard  +   956d ago
This is another step backwards for MS and shows the One isn't designed with gaming first. Kinect might be fantastic with Skype, but it's no way a replacement for a headset in multiplayer gaming. How much more could it cost to throw in a cheapo earbud thing like Sony is doing. I have no problem buying a headset myself: I am glad to see they went back to the old style with the volume/mute buttons at the controller input: but many others will simply opt not to. My fear is Xbox live will become a nightmare with a lot of background noise and people will be muting each other. For a device that MS itself says is essential they should include it. Next gen should have made wireless headsets standard.

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