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How Titanfall Taps The Power Of The Xbox One

GameInformer: "In this video interview, Respawn Entertainment explains why it sided with Microsoft and how it plans to use the new features of the Xbox One." (TitanFall, Xbox One)

Lockon  +   642d ago
Infinite power of teh almighty cloud!
Dope   642d ago | Spam
A-laughing-horse  +   642d ago
You are so cool.
Darth Gamer  +   642d ago
Off topic, but can people please stop typing "teh" for "the". Am I the only one that finds this utterly annoying.

On topic, I don't care if it uses all of the Xbox One's or the Cloud's power, I can't wait for this game. I am so sick of COD and this looks to be a fresh start even though the core gaming mechanics are the same.
Unicron  +   642d ago
Nope. It's the same as "teh power of teh cell" last gen. A bunch of silly PR spin amounting to a bunch of nothing, but people latch on to the buzz term when they clearly have no knowledge of the underlying tech.
denawayne  +   642d ago
@unicron - that last sentence applies to you more than anyone else
MegaMohsi  +   642d ago
i'll buy this on PC and save my $500 for an upgrade to my video card. PS4 + PC
MaskedAnus   642d ago | Spam
RavageX  +   642d ago
You PC guys just can't help it can you? Here you are in another article that has very little to do with you considering the topic is about the XBOX.
MaskedAnus   642d ago | Spam
Popoffboy187718  +   642d ago
If cloud so special why put high end specs in your console.they can base the specs per game if Xbox one has infinite power lol.u build a console and it does what u put in it.how bout this cloud gives infinite power we should not ever need a new xbox.all they gotta do is rely on the cloud instead of specs in the hardware lol!!!
Reverent  +   642d ago
If the infinite power thing is true, Nvidia and AMD would go out of business because no one would ever need to buy a graphics card ever again.

The fact that they are still in business proves that the cloud's "infinite power" is total crap.
GameCents  +   642d ago
Because it would require a constant internet connection. Something I'm sure you'd moan about situation reversed. I mean we all moaned about the 24 hour check-in, myself included. Imagine the outcry if it was always online.

So park your rear back down and zip it.
Supermax  +   642d ago
There are only a handful of multiplayer games that have dedicated servers and on consoles it's smaller.gears of war,bf3 dust 514 dcuniverse.all cod games as well as halo do not.
illtownNJONE  +   642d ago
sheeesh ....i laugh at everytime a article is xboxone related its filled with sony fans bashing it gtfoh
jay2  +   642d ago
Because we got paid $1000000000. PS4 does cloud too...........
greenpowerz  +   642d ago
I think you're talking about Sony's *Web services in the cloud*

Azure/XBL uses *Web services in the cloud* as well as *Utility computing*

XB1 is designed from the ground up on the hardware side. In the future it will act as a satellite interface to the real hardware on servers.

Think of XB1 as one piece of the Xbox platform with XBL and Windows Azure being the other parts.

Very soon comparisons will be only Xbox One with Azure vs PC for the entire generation. The local hardware in XB1 already shows its might with its games.

XB1 games speak for themselves and the XB1, the truth is coming
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Vames  +   641d ago
I've heard so much about this truth is coming bs. Stop being a bait, nothing will change with the XB1 specs so accept it or move on, cause you're up for a huge disappointment.
darx  +   642d ago
Just so you know Sony pays for their exclusives also.

I knowTitanfall is on PC as well.
mafiahajeri  +   642d ago
Titanfall looks like a low budget PC game that's free to play, those ones that have no recoil and take no skill.
Loki86  +   642d ago
You are the weakest link goodbye.

Respawn has some of the best talent in the industry, obviously they are going to make a low looking budget game /s, my god do you fail.
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Loki86  +   642d ago
Sorry but your obvious troll opinion is worthless from this point forward.
Popoffboy187718  +   642d ago
U gotta b really kidding me with the cloud thing right? So if its true this shall be the last console ever to be assemble.And just to think ps4 not even out the door yet and it couldn't use cloud features?Sony will be countering this move if its a game changer they got 5-6 months to do it.any body that own Xbox product should have no worries about best graphics because Microsoft system never has the best graphics!and Microsoft has no respect for it fans!they treat y'all like idiots!!!go back to the faulty 360 that they care less about what kid that be piss when it died on him.they knew 360 wasn't ready they think people are dump !!!
SignifiedSix91  +   642d ago
The original xbox had better graphics than any console in that gen, so your comment is nothing but biased fanboyism.
NegativeCreepWA  +   642d ago
Maybe you should go look at the difference between Splinter Cell on the Xbox and PS2, I've never seen such a huge difference in console power.
testerg35  +   642d ago
So exactly what did PS3 fans mean when they said PS3 was/is "future proof"? Why is the PS4 even needed?
Popoffboy187718  +   642d ago
Typing this on my I phone my bad! But Titan fall has no campaign looks last gen respawn did this for Microsoft and there relationship with them: Microsoft doesn't treat everyone bad!! I can respect respawn tho!!!but it be on ps4 within a year or months if Xbox one doesn't sale!!!!
edonus  +   642d ago
What stuck out to me was kinect and smart glass support. We already know how they will use some cloud computing to make a more solid experience.

I can't wait to play this game and see what they do.
knoxin  +   642d ago
Fact not the tech
EA/Respawn Got Paid for exclusive

The Cloud is not the life saver there pushing, come on they said lag free ?????? really,

Cloud will be amazing but I personally think that the tech is 3/4 years off where they need to be, its all smoke and mirrors lets sell you something that does not exist, show me proof that its as good as there saying ?

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